Fitness here I come

I started using to do workout challenges! it’s SO GREAT, everyone should try it!!

I’m doing 3 challenges!

30 day squat challenge (started today)

10 pushups for 7 days challenge (started today)

100 crunches for 2 weeks challenge (started today)


I’m going to extend the pushups and crunches challenges to repeat them for the entire month of May! 

The Week That Was

So a new week dawns, and with it new challenges and goals. Im finally beginning to reach financial (somewhat) security - im no longer living by pay cycles. Which is entirely a good thing, since I will be departing the deep south in a few short weeks. I have to make a trip up home to farewell Dad who will be starting a new job in Auckland. Even though its only a short trip, it would be good to have a bit of money saved.

I have also joined a wonderful website called which will be my fitness inspiration while I prepare to join Snap! Fitness. Its got some good challenges and people can encourage you through them and you can post your training data. I suppose its kind of like Facebook for fitness nuts. I aim to post a photo a week with either a nifty tag or i’ll sort out a dedicated Tumblr page so I and everyone else can monitor my progress.

You know, i’ve kinda realised, not a lot of exciting stuff happens with my days/life. You would think with me being gay, I would have so much more to do…i guess real word issues like work and renting can take it out of you.

And to top things off, i’ve realised it will be my birthday in 6 weeks. Now is the time to start planning what I wanna do. And of course if no-one likes it then thats their issue, because it will be my day.

Stay tuned on Sunday (New Zealand Time) for the first photo of my new fitness regime. And as always feel free to comment on anything in this blog, ask any questions, or just say hi :)

~Peace out~