Dino Dogan, one of the founders of Triberr, has invented something which will hit the media in the next few days.

This bright invention allows people to join a tribe where all the people in the tribe retweet each other, meaning your messages are spread incredibly far. The one massive glitch is that you need an invite to become involved. With highly influential figures joining this phenomenon, this concept will grow, and it is actually surprising this hasn’t already been done before, much like with most inventions.

Whatever the case, you are sure to hear more of Triberr in the following months!

Find out how many people listen to you

Do you like Social Media? Are you always checking your phone or computer? I am definitely one of those people, growing my online presence as much as I can. If you use a lot of social media outlets, you may wonder who you influence, how many people, etc. You may have heard about these websites before, if not; here it goes.

I just started using Triberr, however I have a long way to go. Only reason why I joined was to see my reach (how many people I influence). It uses your account from Facebook, or Twitter. Smart systems, that I have NO IDEA how they work, analyze your data, tweets, followers, etc. From that you are given a total number of people you influence. It’s as simple as that!

My total reach is over 150 000 people.

The next website I will mention is:

I’ve been using Klout for quite some time now, a bit different format than that of Triberr. Klout allows you to add a lot of different social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.). From this they analyze your total influence, provide certain people that you directly influence, or those who influence you. The main thing about Klout is your Klout SCORE. This is a range from 1 to 100, obviously the higher, the better. It is tough to have a high score, you must have a very large following. 

My Klout Score is 49.