So I played a lot of ARK recently. Those unfamiliar with it, its a survival Multiplayer where you find yourself on an island with prehistoric animals such as raptors, and mammoths. You can kill them, but you can also tame them.
Of course I called my Survivor “Robert”.
Roberts second tame in game actually was a sabertooth cat.
And this happened as follows.

One day an older tribemate decided “Hey, lets go in the jungle and tame you a herbivore. You know? So you can learn how to use the tranquilizer arrows proper.”
“Alright!…. shouldnt you put on some armor?”

Robert and the other tribemember went into the jungle. And where almost ambushed by two sabertooth cats. They killed the tribemate.
Robert in turn killed one of them and successfully tranquilized the other sabertooth.

Now here is how tameing goes in ARK. You cause an animal to drop unconcious and feed it whilst its unconcious. until a tameing bar is full. …. It takes a while… and Robert was in the middle of the jungle. No clue where exactly because of the fight. So whilst waiting for his tribemate to find him again, he tamed the sabretooth.

WHILST he was tameing the sabertooth, Robert got attacked by two giant scorpions. He killed both, but was stung badly and thus also fell unconcious. RIGHT next to the already unconcious sabertooth….

Both survived this little pyjama-party. And the sabertooth became a proud member of the team.

I’m proud of Robert.