My old Yondu Udonta and Ravagers headcanons

Back in 2014, when I was writing GotG fanfiction and starting to focus more or Yondu and Ravagers, I’ve made couple headcanons. Some of them were proved false by Vol.2, some of them can still kinda work, nevertheless, looking at them now is quite interesting experience.

1. Yondu Udonta is a lone survivor of massacre of Zotoan tribe done by Brotherhood of Badoon. I was one of many people who were combining the MCU!Yondu with his classic counterpart. Some people were going for Yondu being (seemingly) the only living Centaurian in general (as in the comics), but I settled for him to just be the only living Zotoan tribeman. Either way, my idea was that Yondu went to the jungle to perform a ritual of manhood, but when he came back to his village, it was burnt down and all his people were dead. Needless to say, Yondu still has a survivor guilt over it and he sometimes sees his tribe in the night, judging him and asking why he didn’t die with them.

2. Kraglin’s backstory is that he once was a slave, but was liberated by Yondu and then joined his crew. Kraglin also still has his slave tattoo.

(So you see how it turned out: Yondu’s canonical backstory actually resembles my headcanonical Kraglin’s backstory XD.)

3. Ravagers’ ship is full of men so fiercely loyal to Yondu Udonta, they are willing to fight everybody who calls him Centaurian scum; and to help him avenge his tribe if he feels like he wants to pursue the path of vengeance.

(To be honest, once I’ve learned there will be a mutiny on Eclector, I thought this headconon is dead, but then it turned out that there were Ravagers loyal to Yondu, but they were killed off. So technically I could work something out.)

4. Since Centauri-IV is considered a primitive planet, many people are prejudiced towards Yondu and call him Centaurian scum. This is actually another try to connect MCU!Yondu with comic!Yondu. Since in original Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu is Noble Savage and Centaurians are Native American/Amazonian expies, I thought it would be interesting to make them a victims of intergalactic racism.

5. When Peter was just a kid, Yondu tried not to kill in front of him. This headcanon stemmed from a fanfic in which Yondu was killing mutinees, while whistiling to the tune of Peter’s walkman; and Peter was cheering him up on every kill. When I read it, I thought that this Peter could grow up to become a psychopath, so I created a headcanon that Yondu likes Peter’s empathy and doesn’t want him to get used to death at young age and eventually starting to enjoy gruesome deaths.

(I do realize this headcanon is a bit too fluffy for our favorite ragged Ravager, but I liked it. And hey, a girl has a right to shameless fluff.)

6. Peter was regularily sharing information about Earth culture, so Ravagers kinda, sorta, celebrated Christmas and Halloween and knew Terran fairy tales. I just think Peter would get used to his crewmates after some time and try to get them to enjoy his Earthen traditions. And he would probably influance them one way or another.

That’s all I remember for now. As you can seesome of them are good only for AUs. I don’t know if I salvage others, but I do feel nostalgic, thinking about them.


Age: 32

Tribe: Sessi

Family: Gine (wife), Kakarot/Goku (son - made future heir), Raditz (son - disowned), Chives and Paprika (Mother and father in law), Bruta and Rikiko (Parents), Toma (Younger brother), Turles (Nephew)


Chief of the Sessi Tribe, a stern and grumpy man, but also innovative and was one of the strongest saiyans alive, despite his young age. He liked to live dangerously and so still went out hunting like everyone else, even though he was a chief.

Although he was a good leader, he often made bad decisions regarding parenting. He disowned his eldest son Raditz for looking like a Vegeta tribeman, and claimed to only have one child. He was always harsh on the boy and never showed any sign of affection toward him. Even to Kakarot/Goku, he still showed no affection, only that he never punished the child for anything.

While strict toward his children, he ruled his tribe in a rather easy-going way, and would ask his people’s opinion whenever he wanted to make an important decision. He disliked being pampered and thus never made his tribe-members feed him or fan him (like a certain ***hole across the river).

He once helped his tribe take down a T-rex and thus got his dinosaur tooth necklace and dinosaur skin arm & leg bands.