Sad King

First entry in a series featuring myself and tribecalledflex

I have everything I could ever ask for
Yet, is this it?
I’m numb to it all
The people
The gifts
But why is this?
The emptiness
It fills this throne room
I’m numb to it all
My kingdom is slipping out of my fingertips
Everything I worked for: Gone
I can’t let it happen
Yet the motivation to move just isn’t there
Like a moth to the flame
I creep closer to my end
The end of my reign?
The end of my life?
Maybe both
I’m numb to it all….

Do I wear this crown or does this crown wear me?
What have I become in my ascent into royalty?
The descent into destruction
Creation of obstruction
I guess I’m just fiddling your strings playing with the percussion
Do the jesters entertain me or am I the one at center stage?
Who’s really the fool?
I’m numb to it all

boobieberrycereal  asked:

Can we request pics of starbury and his part that divides the red sea?

very rare live look-in to the crib of netscapeshawty stephon marburys part always reminds me that no matter how difficult it gets u can persevere and find the clear path that will lead u to success dont give up on ur dreams and also dont consume vasaline ur throat will still be dry afterwards it doesnt work!! - netscapeshawty

Poets of the Round Table (feat. Tribecalledflex)

The holy trinity of spilled ink
The paper, the pen and my mind to think
With these they make the trifecta
Who you know switch in and out of flows I betcha betcha
Can only think of me
R.E.G. the K.I.N.G.
Haters look down upon like peasantry
Just remember how you got there and know it wasn’t me

The holy trinity my mind the pen the ink
I stay away from bullshit, I
write to make you think,
Only use a third of my brain my will power is enormous,
I got the world in my palm and now my life is gorgeous,
No worries homie catch me floating through life,
Dreaming of being on stages rocking the mic,
I must of been Jimi Hendrix in my past life,
Just know my time coming like its f*cking your wife

Pardon the adultery
Vivid imagery but kinda sultry
Spending these words like currency
Ever so fluidly like a current in the sea
And you may not able to see it currently
But after these two Poets of the Round Table will make you see things clearly