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This was the first of the Some Pygmalion series that got nominated for the 2013 TriBeCa Film Festival’s #6secfilms contest. I wasn’t the winner, but it was exciting for me, and for Vine to be featured in the festival, as Vine was only a few months old. This was back when Vine had no editing tools, and you could not even view the frames you’d taken until it was finished. You could only post it or delete the whole thing and start over. It was the closest to “live” that stop motion gets. It was pretty cool, actually. Most limitations end up having a juicing effect on creative stuff in a way, don’t they?


Privileged and reckless boarding school senior Natasha Tabor (Haley Bennett) is tapped by her secret society to make its annual drug run to Ecuador. She in turn chooses a working-class local boy (Shiloh Fernandez) as her partner in crime, launching a journey with devastating outcomes for everyone involved. Inspired by true events from the early ’80s, Deep Powder is an intense and sexy drama that speaks to the character that is revealed when you find yourself trapped.

TheTribeca Film Festival (TFF) today announced that the world premiere of Mistaken for Strangers, executive produced by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Marshall Curry and produced by Matt Berninger, Carin Besser and Craig Charland, will open the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, presented by American Express. Director Tom Berninger chronicles his experience on tour with his brother, The National’s frontman Matt Berninger, in this funny and affecting film, which will also play during the Festival’s 12th edition. The premiere, taking place on Wednesday, April 17, will be followed by a special performance by The National.

Mistaken for Strangers follows The National on its biggest tour to date. Newbie roadie Tom (lead singer Matt Berninger’s younger brother) is a heavy metal and horror movie enthusiast, and can’t help but put his own spin on the experience. Inevitably, Tom’s moonlighting as an irreverent documentarian creates some drama for the band on the road. The film is a hilarious and touching look at two very different brothers and an entertaining story of artistic aspiration.

Tribeca Exclusive Interview: Evan Peters Talks 'American Horror Story' And 'Adult World'

Since starting in the industry at 15, Evan Peters has immersed himself in the unpredictability of acting. A mild mannered 26-year-old, the St. Louis native got his start by taking acting lessons in Michigan, and seeing where things fall year by year. Crediting luck and opportunity as the perfect recipe, Peters has enjoyed exploring the darker sides of characters throughout his residency in Los Angeles.  It’s that “luck” that has made Peters a break out star in FX’s American Horror Story. In season one Peters played a misunderstood, murdering sociopath Tate, and then threw himself on the opposite end of the spectrum by playing a captive asylum patient in season 2.  It’s not a complete shock that his acting heroes are Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling, who have proven to be the cream of the crop of character-actors with juxtaposing matinee looks. As the years pass, Peters seems to be lining up projects that may just set his career down a mirrored path.

This year has brought the announcement of American Horror Story’s third season, and Adult World. The latter is a film that sees Evan as the love interest to Emma Roberts’ character Amy. The actor proves that he’s not someone you throw in a film as a plot device. Instead he lends himself to be the heart of the story as he aids to Amy’s ultimate self-discovery. (Read more @ The Inquisitr)


“Deep Powder” [Official Trailer]

Tribeca Exclusive Interview: Julianne Moore And Michael Angarano Talk 'The English Teacher'

Julianne Moore is an actress who has shaped the core of her career in the independent film world, so it’s no surprise that she would be returning to the Tribeca Film Festival with a quality film. This year she stars in the charming romantic comedy The English Teacher.

Doing a complete 180 from her character in Crazy, Stupid, Love, Moore plays an endearingly naive 40-year-old English teacher Linda. An unmarried A-type, Linda’s nose is always in a book, and for most of her life has found companionship, and the greatest life lessons in her favorite literature. Never going out of her safety zone to connect with anyone romantically, Linda neurotically has a mental checklist measuring up potential love interests to archaic stereotypes. (Read the rest @ The Inquisitr)


The Director, documentary about Gucci and Gucci’s Creative Director, Frida Giannini, directed by James Franco and produced by Christina Voros.