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“All current art is fake. Nothing is original.”

Cate Blanchett makes another grab for Greatest Living Actress status, playing 13 different roles in Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto, coming to Tribeca 2017 this month.

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2017 Tribeca Film Festival - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (April 28th, 2017)

1. Daveed Diggs plays Kimmy’s love interest

[Executive Producer Robert] Carlock revealed that the Hamilton star was cast as Kimmy’s love interest in the third season in a part that was written for him. “It was very much from the point of view, ‘Daveed likes the show and would like to do it, and well that would be a fun person to put Ellie with,‘” said Carlock while discussing this season’s impressive list of guest stars. “And so there’s a little romantic arc that she has with him. He’s obviously amazing.”


A new short film “Curmudgeons” Directed by and starring Danny Devito.