tribeca canvas

Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Nas and Timbaland, photographed during the recording session of “BBC,” held in the “Penthouse West” studio at Jungle City Studios in New York City, by Lenny “KodakLens” Santiago on June 5, 2013.

Earlier that evening Jay and Beyoncé  had attended a private dinner celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the Billionaire Boys Club clothing line, hosted by co-founder Pharrell Williams at the now-closed Tribeca Canvas restaurant. In August 2011 it had been revealed that Hov and his Roc Nation company had partnered with the brand.

After the dinner Jay, Bey, Pharrell and Nigo headed to the studio, as at the time Jay was finishing up Magna Carta… Holy Grail and Bey was working on BEYONCÉ. In an interview with Zane Lowe upon the release of MCHG Hov revealed the origin of the upbeat “BBC” track: “That ‘BBC’ song happened in one night. It wasn’t planned, it’s great how life works. It was Pharrell’s tenth anniversary of BBC, we went to the dinner. We left from the dinner and went to the studio. So we got Nigo, Pharrell, Bey and me. Justin [Timberlake] was next door [working on The 20/20 Experience], and Timb was meeting Nas. So Nas walks in, I’m like ‘Yo, what you doin’ here?‘ He comes in the room, so now we got seven people around this console. And I say ‘If we don’t make a record tonight, shame on us!’ You can just hear the fun [in the track]. The session was just this party, you know?” Hov has unreleased footage of the track’s recording, which he says is “insane.”