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This just in:

“Gerudo” is actually not the name of the Desert Tribe in the Zelda Universe;

This is taken directly from the “Holy Handbook,” Hyrule Historia. The translation, as seen above, reads “Geldo’s Typography.” This means that the “Gerudo” are, in fact, supposed to be the Geldo.

Because there is no letter “L” in the Japanese language, or, rather, L and R sound phonetically similar, “GEL” would sound like “GERU,” hence the mis-translation between Japanese and American copies. However, with it plainly spelled out, using the Geldo’s own alphabet, it becomes clear.

Of course, what does this mean? Does the name “Geldo” have some special significance? Is the Sand Goddess’ name Geldo, or something similar, like Gel? What other words are mis-translated? Could the Garo tribe from Majora’s Mask is supposed to be “Galo”? This opens up a whole new world within the Universe to explore.


[MONSTER] Me-Gadora-Da.

Japanese name: メ・ガドラ・ダ
Romanized name: Me Gadora Da

Alignment: Gurongi Tribe, Me Group
Type: Gurongi
Inspiration: Tiger
Status: Defeated.

From: Kamen Rider Kuuga - Episode 17


  • Another Me-Gadora-Da appeared in episode 3 of Kamen Rider Decade.
  • The “dora” in “Gadora” is a based on the Japanese word for a tiger (虎; tora).



I’ve played Okami around 15 to 20 times in the long time I’ve owned it (since it came out, technically). It is my all-time favorite game.

SO, when I watched the entirety of @cryaotic‘s playthrough a month or two ago, the first playthrough of Okami I saw from someone else’ perspective without my guidance, and saw THIS EASTER EGG i never knew… (And in general, the ability to bloom people to make them cuddle you ext. Why did I never think of that???)

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