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Top 5 Katara and Sokka (sibling not shipping) moments

(i wouldn’t have answered if it were the other way tbh)


Most of The Painted Lady can be framed as a sibling dynamic episode. We have both the juxtaposition of of Sokka and Katara’s opposing belief systems measured against their loyalty. Sokka disagrees with her decisions for most of the episode, but that does not stand him from standing beside her anyway and putting himself in between his sister and an angry mob. 

this ep is great in general for comparison purposes between them too


That speech Katara gives Sokka in SM is real good shit. Acknowledging his feelings and trying to cheer him up when he’s down, and taking him out to do something he likes to feel better is marks of a good sibling like. (Although everyone helped to an extent–marks of a supportive team–these words hold the most weight coming from Katara, a practical force of nature and Sokka promised to protect her. She needs him and she knows it.)


When they find the intelligence reports on the Water Tribe fleet and Katara tells him to go see their dad, and he’s just so fucking delighted!


When Katara encouraged and believed in him when he took up command in DoBS. They may disagree but at the end of the day, she’ll follow him, and trust him as a leader. 


Every now and then I like to go back to that opening scene when the kids are first introduced, not only to compare how much better Sokka’s become, but to point out that no matter how much they fight Sokka’s been instinctively protective of Katara since day one. 

you see that is instinctive. they get into this position instantly, totally blanking on fighting like two seconds earlier i love it


 they hug a lot? sorry but healthy siblings need to hug sometimes, that’s like a rule

the little moment in the Waterbending Scroll when Katara loses her temper with Aang and catches Sokka giving her that silent disapproving look and she realizes she fucked up and apologizes

synchronized ‘water tribe’ gestures

Feel faded without being faded…the best vibes.

Just a mix of songs. I’ve been vibing to lately and I just thought I’d share it with you guys. I hope everyone enjoys. Leave nice comments, Likes and Love <3. Oh yeah! I named it in the clouds because my mind really wanders when I listen to these songs.

Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (JELANI Remix)
SZA - Babylon (Feat Kendrick Lamar)
KING - Hey
Kendrick Lamar - Chapter Six
Vic Mensa - Holy, Holy (Feat Ab-Soul & BJ The Chicago Kid)
Chance The Rapper - Cocoa Butter Kisses (Feat Vic Mensa)
Menahan Street Band - Tired Of Fighting
Kendrick Lamar - Faith (Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)
PARTYNEXTDOOR - Break From Toronto
Speaker Knockerz - Lonely
Flatbush Zombies - Thugnificense
A$AP Ferg - Fergivicious
Kid Cudi - Girls (Feat. Too Short)
A$AP Rocky - Purple Swag: Chapter 2
Flatbush Zombies- Laker Paper
Nelly - Pimp Juice
Outkast - Spottieottiedopalicious
Capital $teez - Bonified Loving
Wiz Khalifia - The Kid Frankie
Snoop Dogg - Gin and Juice
2-Pac - I Get Around
The Pharcyde - Passin’ Me By
Joey BadA$$- 95 til Infinity
Ab- Soul - Moscato
Chance The Rapper - I am very very lonely
Wavy Wallace - Waste Of Time
Retro Su$hi (Feat Rome Fortune) - Zonin
Kid Cudi - Maui Wowie
Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
Notorious B.I.G - Big Poppa
Pharrell Williams - Take It Off
Kid Cudi - Balmain Jeans
Dyme-A-Duzin - Body On Me
A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way
Blu & Exile - A Letter
Buddy - Inspired
Ab-Soul - My Dream Girl
Sango - Middle Of Things, My Beautiful Wife
Pharrell Williams - That Girl

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I realize

that if the worst problem you have is that you have to get up from your tumbling to go get ready for a school fundraising party wherein a whole bunch of suburban moms start out talking about their kids’ extracurricular activities but then get turnt af on $11-a-bottle chardonnay and end up dancing like a pack of assholes to the kind of music I only hear at the gym, that you’re doing all right, but – godDAMN do I not want to go to there. I have to 1) put on makeup, 2) pretend I give an airborne fuck about soccer vs. gymnastics vs. hockey or whatever else these fuckin people do with their time, and 3) not spiral about XF s11, my Special Feelings about GA, and/or the amount of space Gillovny takes up in my brain. Send me good vibes, y’all … I need your strength to tuck into my party clutch alongside my lip-plumping gloss.

Sokka and Suki are some of my favourite characters, and one of my OTPs and it made me really sad the lack of presence from them in Legend of Korra. Suki didn’t even get mentioned and we don’t know what happened to her and Sokka. So I took the liberty to creating some children for them.

Sashi, daughter of Sokka of the Water Tribe and Suki of Kyoshi Island.
She is their oldest child and a non-bender. She has inherited Sokka’s sarcasm and the love of meat//slapped.
She can be often be embarrassed by her father’s dad jokes, and he has a lot of them.
Both her parents have trained her, and Suki has taught her the way of the Kyoshi warriors along with some chi-blocking(from Ty Lee as well).
She loves the Southern Water tribe and Kyoshi Island, and didn’t enjoy living in Republic city that much.
She loves her family, and loves her grandfather as well.
She can be stern and serious, but enjoys having a laugh very often.
She loved travelling, she went to places such as Ember Island and several places in the Earth Kingdom, but her heart really belonged in the Southern Water Tribe.
She became the leader of the Kyoshi warriors, following in her mother’s footsteps. When she became older, she became the leader of Kyoshi Island. She is committed to her people, and despite being a small island, she tries to maintain the cultural identity of the island, and differences from the rest of the earth kingdom.
Kyoshi Island is an independent state from the Earth Kingdom, and Sashi wasn’t very happy when Kuvira came about.
I really love her design and she has 3 warrior wolf tails //slapped

Doodled Syr’s long-deceased mother~

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Dude, I don't believe for a second that Sokka never had any kids. It's just, kinda unbelievable? He'd be such an adorkable Dad and own those dad jokes while at the same time, be a complete Bad Ass warrior. Family seems kinda important to him. If you had a headcanon about it, how many kids do you reckon he'd have (and what do you think he'd be like)?

i will never forgive bryke for not showing us sukka’s family. it was preposterous and we as a fandom deserved better

i’m inclined to say he’d have two children, a girl and boy, and he’d tease aang mercilessly because “you’re supposed to be the avatar, yet you have three kids? looks like i’m more balanced that you!”

the boy is the eldest with dark skin, dark hair and grey/blue eyes. he’s a waterbender, picked up from sokka’s bloodline, and he trains alongside kya. he also absolutely adores everything space and astronomy, which sokka obviously relishes in. they’d map out constellations together (with sokka’s son being a lot better of a drawer than he is) and watch meteorite showers and he would learn to use sokka’s space sword. he also loves gardening, and in his spare time sokka makes flower crowns with him bc they’re CUTE LIKE THAT

the girl is the youngest, with slightly paler skin (but still pretty tan), blue eyes and light hair. she’s a nonbender, but never goes without because as soon as she was old enough, sokka taught her how to use a sword, and suki trained her to use fans. she loves fighting (so of course, aunty toph loves her) and sokka regularly takes her to pro-bending matches. she gets on well with aunt katara. sokka always takes her to his community visits for nonbenders so she knows how special she is, despite being a nonbender

sokka gives out bear hugs. he’s a hugger. he’ll squish his kids into a huge hug before he goes to work, planting a smooch on his daughter’s cheek and his son’s forehead. they regularly go on trips to the southern water tribe to visit pop hakoda (since they live in republic city) during which sokka and hakoda teach the kids water tribe traditions. they also visit kyoshi island, and kyoshi is 100% both the kids’ idol

sokka would be the kind of dad to absolutely no matter what tuck his kids into bed every night and tell them an overly exaggerated bedside story about his and mum’s adventures in team avatar, with animated eyes as if he was still 15, and there’s no one the kids look up to more than him and their mum. he also makes breakfast every morning, and his awful singing wakes them all up at ungodly hours. he does it on purpose, he likes seeing his kids before he heads off to work


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What If the twins didint understand the concept of the new baby's surrogate mother and thought johan was cheating on unisnav

Usnavi comes home to a tribe of angry kids and his husband hogtied on the couch. 

Yona ch.137 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 137 “To our allies” summary with pics

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Hak the shrewd businessman~

So I’ve been thinking… Hak is really good with money and finances. Like, really good. He is always very practical when it comes to money and provisions. Coupled with his great survival skills (basic cooking, hunting), he truly is a warrior and a survivalist.

Hak never forgets to joke about earning a few easy bucks (when the Wind Tribe young kids were being openly affectionate to him and when Yona inadvertently stripped in front of the Awa pirates).

Talk about bad first impressions: Kija caught Hak rummaging through his stuffs in his room looking for weapons, food and better yet, money.

Apparently he can do quick and accurate calculations on finances and is able to swiftly find alternate solutions for difficult financial situations. He didn’t deny it when his adopted brother asked if he had accepted the bodyguard job just for the money (with Yona right there listening, no less, lol). Of course big bucks wasn’t the real reason he went for that job but it still shows Hak appreciates money. When Yona demanded that Hak come with her on a journey, Hak coldly asked if she could offer any payment for his abilities and skill set. Although he did this to guilt her into staying behind in Fuuga with the Wind Tribe for her sake, it also shows Hak has a practical mindset.

More on that note, Hak also joked with Elder Mun-deok that he deserved a big reward for his service in saving Lili’s life in Sei’s arc.