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gimp or also photoshop if u have it

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gimp is free you can animate on the layers (no transparent animations tho) heres the link…

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you can make short animations on photoshop but ive heard gimp is a great free alternative. do you know worthikids? im p sure he used to use gimp before he got flash and his animations are crazy good

ah heck yis thanks a ton you guys!!!

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Gold: Share a story that makes you smile.

Okokok, this always makes me smile and it’s a story about my brother and I it counts as a family story and a story that makes me smile.

Okay, so I’ve always been the tiniest kid in my family, like, tiny everything too. When I was little my brother used to walk me to and from school everyday until I got into grade 1 and 2. My mom told me I could start walking on my own since I knew the route and it wasn’t a very far walk, only a couple of blocks at the most. I remember not too long ago about a few months ago, I recalled that on many occasions I had seen my brother walking on the other side of the road with his friends. I questioned my mom about this and asked her if it was intentional and she said that for all of grade one she asked him to follow me, but keep far enough that I thought I was still walking alone. The thing I didn’t understand is that, he followed me all through grade 1 and on to grade 2, 3, 4 and 5. I asked my mom about this as well and she said she only asked him to follow along for grade 1. 

When I questioned my brother about this he told me that he was just watching out over his kid sister and that he always wanted to be there in case something happened. Now that I recall it, he always was there. Godbless my bro. Don’t know what I’d do without him. 

BACK FROM VEGAS (two days ago but idc)

helllooooooo beautiful people! :D I’ve been meaning to log on sooner but Pokémon White 2 Version distracted me in a couple of minutes I’m going back to playing it and stuff so idk it’s awesome and I have two badges!

anyways how in the hell did I gain two followers while I was away? I don’t know but you people are beautiful and amazing and awesome and I’ll love you forever and ever



thanks a lot you two! big HUUUUUG and cookies for you!

anyways vegas was awesome and amazing and criss angel is super sexy and amazing I might spam your dashboards with some criss <3 sorry for that!


continue being awesome!

while I continue to play pokemon until 3 am because WHO NEEDS SLEEP ANYWAY

also I will be reblogging things I liked from my phone BYEEE LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL PERSONS

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16: Five favorite seasons

wait a minute

there are only four seasons


in any case I really like fall, ‘specially mid fall *u* all the leaves are so pretty but they haven’t fallen yet, and it’s not too cold, and all the bugs are dead… :’D

besides that, I guess winter comes in second place (so purdy but so cold ;_;), and then summer (no school heck yeah), and then spring (i always get the flu >:'U)

tribbleations answered your question: hmm should I catch a pidove now and spend time…

i caught one early on so i didnt have to worry about it

huh okay

and it’d also help with burgh (I don’t have a fire-type or anything)…

alright, after I get my patrat all leveled up with the rest of the team, I’ll catch one o3o!