11 Questions asked to me

1. If you could choose to own any one car in the world which model would you choose?

I am not big on vehicles, or on material things, and so I don’t have a preference.

2. What is your favorite Disney movie?

I don’t really remember any from my childhood, nor do I know which movies are Disney or not, but one movie I enjoy from my childhood is Space Jam.

3. How many languages can you speak fluently and what are they?

One, and that is American English.

4. Do you prefer tea, coffee, or juice?

I prefer juice (orange, apple, cranberry, grape, etc…)

5. If you invented a monster what would you call it?

“The Yellow Monster” …when I served as an assistant pre-school teacher the kids and I created a monster by that name. I started a children’s book with the Yellow Monster as the main character but never finished it.

6. You are walking to work, and there is a dog drowning in the canal on the side of the street. Your boss tells you if you’re late for work one more time you’re fired. Do you save the dog?

I would save the dog. I’ll have to answer to Allah on the Day of Judgement. He’ll ask me why, instead of seeking out the pleasures of the dunya (work, money, etc…), didn’t I save the drowning dog? A deed that may have been what allowed me into Jannah or not.

7. What’s your favorite song right now?


8. Which instrument would you like to learn to play?

The piano, in sha Allah.

9. Do you want children in the future?

Yes, in sha Allah.

10. What is your perfect pizza?

Cheese (I actually have a box in the fridge).

11. If you could choose to have a element like a avatar such as fire, earth, wind, or water, which one would you choose? 

I would choose wind because you can travel to many places over and over again.

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I cut them like a week ago. I had them for only 13 months and I really loved them, I didn’t want to cut them, but some of my locs were thinning and my hair wasn’t all that healthy so I combed them out.

Ahhh, okay. Fair enough. I don’t know, I don’t plan on cutting them soon, but as the same time I think about it a lot, so who knows. Some of mine have started to thin, so it might be time for a change.

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It’s a challenge but I love it! At first I was sooo confused but it gets better after awhile. Plus its such a beautiful language! I hope they offer it at your next school! Let me know how it goes!!

When I meditate, I am at peace. Just to be able to sit there and have the mindset to be positive. Focus on the good and continue to learn and become a wiser person with more knowledge. My mind vs the universe vs nature vs love. #peace #love #meditate #meditation #melanin #queen #tribalcee

Being forgotten and ignored by the people you want to talk too the most has got to be one of the worst feelings ever. It’s okay though. Life goes on. Usually the people who ignore you be the main ones needing you in the end. 

Speaking Arabic

I’ve been teaching myself to learn Arabic for about a year now. (Baby steps) I’m currently in the Arabic club at my school and I’m enrolling in a class for fall semester. My Arabic teacher is really cool and I’ve met some nice people in the club who are learning or already fluent and trying to help others. I know it’s going to be challenging as it already has been, but what I’ve learned so far has really been a big help and understanding for me. I hope to become better and more fluent one day inshallah. :)