Title:  "Tis where it began"

My 1st Mono-print will be part of the third annual Untitled Monothon.  The Monothon is a juried exhibition of mono-prints by 33 artists selected by a panel of jurors to participate in a marathon of printmaking in the [Press] at Untitled

The opening reception and silent auction will be held @ [ARTSPACE] at UNTITLED September 16 from 5-8 PM and the exhibition will be on view through October 1.

I got a sneak peak of much of the work selected for the show and it’s not one to miss!

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With Cédric’s permission I’m sharing the message that is the catalyst for “Blooming Currents” my first SOLO SHOW since 2007!!!

Show Date: 8/10/12

Location: @1614 in the Plaza District OKC

“Hello Chad! Remember me? I did some couch surfing at your place with two friends of mine un summer 2010 during our road trip!!

I just wanted to tell you that I’m very sad because the painting you did in my book sunk with all my stuff in south korea last september. I did a shipwreck in the middle of the night in the middle of the sea and all my stuff burnt with the boat, so, just to let you know that one of your master pieces is somewhere probably deep in the ocean somewhere between South Korea coast and Jeju-Island! 

And come one of these days in Switzerland, Lausanne, it would be a pleasure to meet you again!”


As many of you already know my work over the last couple years has had a much more direct influence from all things aquatic especially the sea. I’ve even taken up scuba diving as a means of artistic and life study. So personally I love that I plucked my inspiration for that painting from the sea and it just took it back. So much so that I am creating my largest cohesive body of work to date as continuation of this story. However the narrative presented is viewed from the perspective of that art drifting in the currents.

- Tribalbot  aka: Chad Mount