《《Dillon Imagine》》


Dillon has been staying at your house since his flooded last weekend. You guys are neighbors so you and your family decided to be and let them stay while theyre house is getting fixed. You and dillon had never talked before this but youve found out hes super sweet and has the same funny, weird personality as you.


“Dillon!!” You scream down the stairs

“What?! Im making hot chocolate!”

“Come upstairs!!”

“Okay okay im on my way!!”

Dillon runs up the stairs as fast as he can and runs into your room.

“What did you need are you hurt?!” Dillon says coming closer checking you to make sure youre alright

“Yes im fine. Its just we been living together for a week and we havent gotten one picture together!!”

“Y/n what the fuck!!” Dillon yells but hes not angry, he actually laughing “i was so worried. Theres payback coming your way….”

“Just come into the picture dillon.”

Dillon moves behind you and puts his head on your shoulder and gives the cutest smile with his chubby cheeks.

“Thats a really good picture. Im putting it on instagram” you say while looking up and realizing hes gone. “Dillon?” You call out while walking down the stairs. You get close to the bottom and there he is laying on the side, shirtless and smiling like a little kid. “Paint me like one of your french girls” he says to you. You laugh but cant help but stare at his body at the same time.

“Is this supposed to be my payback?” You say confused and laughing.

“Nope i just thought it would make you laugh. Ill get you soon though.” He says with a smirk on his face. “OH FUCK MY HOT CHOCOLATE” he yells out of no where and runs to the kitchen. Hes only lived here a week but has made him self at home.

“HEY DILLON YOU WANT TO GO TO THE MALL?!” you yell out to him


You run up to your room to find a nice outift. As youre going through your clothes trying to find the perfect fall outfit, dillon runs in screaming “RAAAWR” and attacks you and throws you on the bed. You laugh extremly hard. You were not expecting that.

“You scared the shit out of me Dilly!”

“Dilly. I hate when people call me that but when you do its just so cute.” He says while looking down at you.

You imediatly blush and push him off so you can get dressed.

“Dilly let me get dressed”

“Okay y/n. Be ready soon.”

As youre slipping your leggings on, you hear a slight creak. You forget abiut ir and continue to put the blue tribal print leggings on and all the sudden, dillon comes in and attacks you again causing you to almost pee yourself.

“Dilly oh my god not again!” You say laughing hysterically. “Im not dressed dillon!!”

“Its okay you look cute with no clothes” he says smirking while looking down at you.

You bite your lip and all the sudden he starts tikling the shit out of you and you fall to the floor. He runs out of the room laughing and you get up to finish getying ready.

This was actually based on a dream i had awhile ago with dillon in it and it was so cute i had to write about it.

//remember y'all can always ask me to do imagines or you can ask me for preferences or ships or any questions or most likely.. just remember you can ask me for anything.. Im always here!//


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No. I won’t accept it. After all these years, He can’t just suddenly pretend to care. We’re not friends anymore. He ruined our friendship.

“Anymore? What do you mean anymore?” Chris came up to me closer the distance I had set between us. I swallowed hard as I stumbled on my words.

“Wha-What? What are you talking about?”

“You said anymore. I know you, don’t I?” He held my wrist staring into my eyes.

I regained my anger and strength pulling away from him. “No you don’t! If you really knew me-”

My lip quivered and I took a deep breath before continuing.

“You would know.” I spoke. He didn’t realize it but those three little words held so much more meaning than assumed. If he really knew me, he would remember me and our friendship and how much he wrecked me worst than the rest of them.

But he didn’t. And I don’t think he ever will. Which angered me even more.

“So do me and yourself a favor. Don’t touch me or approach me again.” I spat turning on my heel.

“Whatever. You bitter old bitch!”

On impulse, I turned around and my hand came in contact with his cheek. His cheek turned red and my hand started to sting from the slap. My heart stopped at what I had just did. I smacked Chris. I never laid hands on Chris in that manner.

“I’m not bitter and I’m not a bitch! I’m mad as hell!” I snapped at him and walking back to my property to prevent myself crying in front of that dipshit I once called my best friend. Chris would never call me out of my name unless it was Pikachu, the cute nickname he had for me. But never a bitch. It honestly hurt me to the core that this is how we are now. However, it didn’t hurt me that long.

It’s not my fault. It’s his.

The next day, I dressed in my crimson Obey crewneck, black and white tribal print leggings and black combat boots with a black beanie on my head. I walked into homeroom busy on my phone and jamming to Looking Ass Niggas by Nicki Minaj. Looking up, I smiled at the relavance of the song at this moment. Chris and his bitchass crew. I felt a tap on my shoulder and almost clocked the person but saw my annoying ass homeroom teacher. She did a motion meaning to remove my earbuds. I paused my music and pulled them out.


“Beanie too. School rules.” Her grating voice stated.

I rolled my eyes taking off my beanie and made my way to my seat when I heard a wolf whistle. August was looking me up and down biting his bottom lip as Chris watched what would go down.

“Damn Ma, you looking extra fine today. You should slide me them digits.” August casually slid his phone into my hand. I smiled and handed him back his phone.

“And you should go die in a hole.”

August stood there offended as Chris laughed at what I had just said. I felt Chris grab my wrist and before I could react, he slid a gold bangle on it. I landed my eyes on Chris in confusion. By his expression, I could tell he expected me to go off.

“You dropped that in my driveway. I tried to give it to you but you walked away fast.” He explained in a soft tone.

I swallowed hard as every fiber of my being was screaming “Remember me! I’m Karrueche! We were best friends in middle school! I’m your Pikachu!” But instead, I said:

“Thank you and I’m sorry for the slap.”

Chris flashed his winning smile. “It’s cool, baby girl. I disrespected you.”

I felt my lips tug up to form a smile but my anger towards him came back real quick.

“Yeah, don’t let that shit happen again.” I spat rolling my eyes and walking away.

Luckily, I didn’t have that many classes with those idiots and if I did, I wouldn’t have to deal with their basicness. When lunch time came around, I went to the cafe to grab my lunch and scanned the area. To be honest, this is when having no friends really suck. I usually just sit at an empty table and people would just sit with me but we wouldn’t talk. I looked over at Chris’s table where they were clowning as always. Part of me yearned to sit there but the other part didn’t care.

“Kae, come sit here!” A girl’s voice shouted.

I looked over to see Honey towards her table. I went over to her and sat down. She smiled at me.

“Hey girl!” Her greeting was friendly and warm.

I smiled. “Hey.”

Honey gasped. “Girl, I’m not trying to be on any gay shit but you got a really pretty smile.”

I smiled more blushing. “Really?”

“Yeah! But it’s a damn shame I barely see it.” Honey shook her head then looked over at Chris’s table. “Because of those fuckers.”

“How are you not angry? They made our lives hell.” I asked as Honey took a sip of her water bottle. She put the bottle down and wiped her lips.

“I was. I was mad as hell. But i decided to get over it because staying mad doesn’t hurt anyone but myself.”

I nodded understanding what she said. “Fuck that. I want them to be hurt like they hurt me.”

Honey laughed. “The revenge card. I see you.” Honey looked towards the doors and then back at me.

“Wanna go outside? I don’t want to stay here.”

I swallowed my bite of apple. “Sure.”

We stood up and discarded our trash in the trashbin. We made it outside to cliques chilling and talking. Honey ran up to a couple of a tall darkskinned guy and a lightskin girl with blue hair. I noticed it was Trell. One of my bullies. I stayed behind and began going through my phone. Honey may be ready to forgive-

But I’m sure as hell not.

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I didn’t tell Kae this but the reason why I didn’t want to stay in the cafe is because Tyga’s creeping ass was staring mad hard. That fool needs to put his eyeballs back in.his head if he wants to keep them. Yes, I forgave but I didn’t forget shit.

Heather smiled seeing me arrive. “Hey Honey girl!”

I hugged her tight. “Hey Blue Ivy.”

Heather was my girl but due to the bad past I had with her boyfriend Trell, I tried to ignore her as much as possible. Now I’m tired of that.

“Baby girl where have you been?” Heather questioned releasing me from the hug. I looked over at Trell and pointed at him.

“Because of him!” I stated playfully yet seriously at the same time.

Trell chuckled rubbing his chin. “Still mad about Freshman year?”

Heather stood there puzzled.looking between us. “What happened?”

“I use to tease her a little.”

“A little?” I crossed my arms kinking my eyebrows.

“A lot and I’m sorry.” Trell apologized and I smiled. I turned to see Kae had disappeared. She was standing a corner texting. I grabbed Heather’s wrist.

“Come. I want you to meet someone.”

I led Heather to Kae who looked up from her phone scoweling. Heather scrunched up her nose and looked at me.

“Her? Seriously? I already met her and she’s a rude ass bitch.”

Kae stuck her middle finger at Heather. “Fuck you.” And began to walk away but I stopped her.

“Kae, wait. ” I looked at Heather. “Come on, Blue. She’s really cool, funny, and sweet. She’s been hurt a lot. That’s why she’s a raging bitch.”.

Kae scoffed looking at me in disapproval.

“It’s true.” I defended staring at her as she rolled her eyes.

Heather spoke up. “Baby girl, I’m sorry you got hurt but it’s not my fault or Amber’s. You ain’t gotta be rude. But i get where you’re coming from.”

Kae’s hard expression softened as she uncrossed her arms.

“I’ve just been hurt too much.”

Heather’s face softened as she hugged Kae. It made me smile seeing that Kae stopped being mad at everyone. All three of us began talking when Tyga came up to us.

“Hey Honey. You looking fine.”

I looked him up and down. “And you don’t so swerve boo.”

I got up and walked away feeling myself. Who the fuck does Ty think he is? He was the worst of my bullies. I had a major crush on him back then but he didn’t give a fuck about me.

It’s funny how the roles are reversed now.


To Blueberry Bae:

Aight bae about to go sleep. :*

Heather quickly replied:

From Blueberry Bae:

Sweet Dreams, Papi :*

I smiled at my phone and locked it placing my earphones into the jack. After lunch, I got study the moment, I’m trying to get comfortable in my seat in study hall, which was difficult due to the fact this school had some cheap ass plastic chairs that swing back and forth. Study hall was whack as fuck but It’s my oppurtunity to catch some Z’s.

The old gray haired white teacher spoke up in a some European accent.

“Alright you know the deal. I’ll call attendence and you guys say here if you’re here and nothing if you’re not.” He began to let out a weird ass laugh as the whole study room remained. I had to take a sip of my water because that joke was too dry.

Jasmine walked into study casually as if her lightskin ass is not late. The study teacher laid his pale blue eyes on Jasmine.

“Young lady, you’re late.” He stated in disapproval.

Jasmine gave him her wicked half smile that makes her resemble a witch and got in his face.

“But I’m here, sir.”

Some students snickered and others went “Ooh!” And the rest said “Kill em! Feeling satisfied with herself, Jasmine went up to the back, pushed my feet on the chair, and sat down.

I sat up looking at her. “Did I say your lightskin ass can sit here?”

Jasmine smirked. “Didn’t have to. So tell me what to do to get Chris to like me?”

I shook my head placing my black Beats earphones into my ears. “Oh so you do want me to hook y’all up?”

Jasmine rolled her eyes like that answer I gave her was false.

“No. That’s gonna make me look desperate. And I don’t do desperate.”

“Shh!” The study teacher shushed us. “I’m about to take attendance.”

“Then do it.” Jasmine turned back to me. “So what turns him on?”

“What’s in it for me?”

“I won’t tell my sister about how we lost our virginities to each other sophomore year!” She whispered harshly but smirking.

I scoffed shaking my head. “You’re a foul ass bitch, Jas. That was 2 years ago. I didn’t even know Heather. We vowed to forget that ever happened.”

She pursed her bright pink lips. “Well if you dont help me, I’ll suddenly remember.”

I sighed irritated that I was not going to take my nap and sat up.

“What do you want to know?" 

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I furrowed my eyebrows mugging her as she walked away. What’s her deal? How is she gonna just give me an apology then an attitude. Damn Karrueche. Yeah I can pronounce her weird ass name because I swear I’ve heard it before. The question is……How?

August nudged my side knocking me out of my thoughts of Karrueche.

"Yo what was that about?” He questioned looking back at her then at me.

I sucked my teeth. “If your nosy ass must know, she’s my neighbor and she dropped her gold bracelet in my front yard.

“Good. I need to make sure you and my bae ain’t got anything going on.” August replied more relaxed.

I squinted my eyes at her. “Ain’t nobody want her rude ass and Nigga, she ain’t your bae. She don’t want you.”

August smirked stupidly. “Not yet.”

I shook my head and waited until the first period rang. All my periods were live even lunch. At lunch, it’s usually me, Trell, Trey, and Tyga because August got a different lunch. Our small square table only held 4 people. In mid conversation, Heather came up to our table.

“Heather!” Ty yelled getting up and hugging her causing Trell to stand up and break it up.

“Hey that’s my girl. Go holla at Honey. I’ll see y’all later. Deuces!” Trell chucked up a deuce with his arm around Heather walking out of the glass doors. Trey began texting under the table because it isn’t allowed and Tyga was staring hard at some table.

“Ty! Who tf are you staring at?”

Tyga turned around sucking his teeth and pointing. “Honey’s whack ass! Damn I want her bad.”

I laughed and looked over to the table that contained Honey and some other girl. They were laughing and I realized that it wasn’t some girl. It was Karrueche. Smiling and blushing. The first time I’ve seen her smile. Damn she looks so damn beautiful when she’s not being rude and ready to kill someone.

Karrueche and Honey got up and threw away their food and I felt Ty snapping his fingers in my face.

“Nigga, I know damn well you ain’t staring at Honey! I called dibs on that.” Ty snapped mugging the shit out of me.

“Ty, Shut the fuck up. No one was looking at Honey.” I looked over as the girls walked out of the doors.

Shit, shit, shit. I’m late to Oceanography. I’m usually late to class but a nigga is beyond late. I know Mr. Walker is gonna rash a nigga, i know his white ass is.

I slowly opened the classroom door and prayed that he wasn’t in the middle of talking. His back was towards the class and I snuck inside making my way towards my seat.

Mr. Walker dropped the chalk on the ledge and turned around crossing his arms.

“Chris, you’re late.”

I threw a little tantrum. “Damn Mr. Walker. Whatchu got, eyes behind your head?”

“Yes and where is your ID?” He questioned turning all the negative attention on me.

“You see OG’s don’t wear ID’S.” I sat back as the rest of the class erupted in laughter.

“Wear your ID.”

I groaned and pulled my ID over my head and around my neck.

“Like I was saying, Senior Science Fair!”

We all groaned and he continued.

“Stop complaining. I had to pick partners.” He scoffed sitting down at his computer and logged in. “Ok Sean, you’re with Naya.”

Sean, a dark skinned guy, sucked his teeth. “Nigga got me working with this hoe.”

I laughed and continued texting on my phone. Shit’s funny as hell when exes gotta work together.

“Chris, you’re with…….”

I crossed my fingers and quietly prayed. “Please no weirdos. Please no weirdos.”

“There it is. Chris, you’re working with Karrueche.”

I uncrossed my fingers and opened my eyes. I made eye contact with Karrueche who rolled her eyes and continued texting on her phone. Karrueche’s my partner?


You Ask The Father First - OQ Week Prompt #2

This is for the outlawqueen week day 2 prompt Robin and Regina get caught doing something they shouldn’t. In this story they get caught stalking their daughter on her first date. Takes place in the same universe as Rebuilding Her Heart. Might continue. 


He couldn’t believe this day had come so fast.

It seemed like just a day ago he had been carrying her home in that pink hospital blanket. And now she’s getting ready for her first date. It was too soon.
Robin watched from the doorway of his daughter’s room as his wife helped their daughter get ready for her night out. Nearly 17 years had passed since Robin had married Regina and in his eyes she still grew more beautiful each day. She wore her hair longer now, almost past her shoulder blades. Her skin, though aged with a few lines, was still flawless. He told her every day that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. And every day she would chuckle and say that distinction no longer went to her but to their daughter, Raven. She had inherited her mother’s flawless skin and dark hair, but her eyes were completely her fathers. Everyone would say that they both had eyes that mimicked the sky on a day without clouds. While the comments always made Robin swell with pride he would say that they shouldn’t be focusing on her eyes but her smile instead. Her smile was a gift she’d received from her mother. Like Regina, Raven had a smile that could light up a room. Their sixteen-year old daughter was quite the beauty… and her parents weren’t the only ones who had taken notice. 

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