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Pipeline Expansion Means Increased Violence Against Tribal Women
To say I stand in solidarity with Standing Rock is an understatement. The Dakota Access Pipeline starts 17 miles from my hometown, in Stanley, Nort...

I see this needs to be shared again with the latest stunt Mark Zuckerberg pulled when he made a post about fracking, leaving the impression that it is safe while passively mentioning renewable energy. Of course all the Indigenous women had to remind Zuckerbergs audience that we do not “feel safe” around resource extraction sites and man camps. (Most prominently women from Bakken commented, given they have lived this first hand being one of the communities impacted by the “oil boom” even before the increase out west) . I just hope people are paying attention because now that word has gone around that he may run as a political candidate, these dynamics are important. Look at the colonizer stunt he tried to pull with Hawaii and now this? Even if he states these things politely and says hes learning, there still is a need to be critical of acts of colonialism and imperialism, otherwise they continue. I see zuckerberg as being the next polite colonizer like Trudeau, and he will quickly raise to prominence given his hypervisibility and stakes in FB. People will confuse that with expertise or simply yearn to gain proximity to that, so they will root for him. I also forsee the people who will defend him because “hes nice” meanwhile ignoring the ways Indigenous people continue to be erased while fighting to maintain sovereignty and autonomy.

Patriotism vs Nationalism

  Patriotism is very different from Nationalism. Nationalism is the complete subjection of human individuality to the service of an ethnic, racial or tribal group interest. It is itself the ancient echo of  tribalism within the world of the modern political society. In a tribe there is little awareness or acknowledgment of individualism, the group is all. The world in general is divided up simply into “the tribe” and  "outsiders". Within the tribal mentality, the individual outsider is in turn identified completely with a (different) tribe of his own. Just as the tribesman does not see himself as an individual, but as a representation and asset of his tribe, he sees the outsider not as an individual, but as a representation of his own tribe. This helps explain the peculiar nature of tribal violence. To strike down any individual is simply to strike at the tribe of which he is a representation . 

In the contemporary Middle East we find societies heavily steeped in tribalism. What we also find, is the wide use of the tactic of terrorism against the innocent. Terrorism by it’s very nature is a reduction of the individual human being (the victim of terrorism) to nothing more than a representation of a tribal group; specifically, one against which the terrorist has some particular grievance. The fact that the victim has played no direct role in the actions that provide the basis for that grievance does not matter: they are an American, they are an Israeli, they are a Shiite, they are a Sunni, therefore they are guilty. The Individual humanity of the victim is not factored in, because there is no deep concept of human individuality in play.  

We have seen the remnant of this impulse in the Western world in the form of  Nationalist political states, most notably during the 20th century, but of course not restricted to this period. In it’s more extreme forms it has lead to the persecution, abuse and sometimes even the destruction of various “outsider” groups. Again, In these situations innocents are  thoughtlessly persecuted because they are seen not as individuals, but as mere representations of a different tribe toward which there is some particular suspicion, or animus. 

Now as  opposed to denying individualism, Patriotism within a free society actually emanates from Individualism. American society was built from the bottom up, and it was the intention of the framers of it's Constitution that it continue to work in precisely this way. Individual families ventured out as pioneers into untamed land to build a life for themselves. They developed close  relationships and understandings with neighboring families, and began to build communities. These local communities in turn expanded into county, and then finally state sized communities. Eventually, in the face of a foreign threat (Great Britain)  the American states, all sharing a common way of life (which differentiated them from the nation states of Europe at the time) combined into a nation to defend that way of life. All of American society can therefore be thought of as a series of concentric circles, extending outward from the individual. The individual American is uniquely loyal to his family, therefore he is uniquely loyal to the community that houses that family;  a community that does not exist in the absence of the cooperative efforts of the many families that constitute it. He identifies with his state because it, in like manner, is to be an expression of the interests of the various communities and counties that constitute it.  Lastly, the nation itself embodies the interests of the states collectively. 

Patriotism also consists of an attachment to the historical narrative of a country. This is not like a connection to a tribal history, which involves an allegiance to an elaborate set of  cultural elements, permanently fixed in time. It is more like the unwavering allegiance that I have to a close friendship with a very long history.  Such a friendship is marked not only by common values, common interests and common goals,  but by a strong sense of devotion forged by time and a common past.

*history rife with violence, tribalism, empire building, religious devotion, and evolutionarily dictated gender roles*

Progressive Liberal: We’re on the right side of history!

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Do you know any good films/novels about Native American women? Pocahontas was clearly full of shit.

I’m only going to list books because a lot of films like to perpetuate racist/sexual stereotypes of Native women so finding films that don’t perpetuate these stereotypes is immensely difficult. Maybe our followers can help?



If it had happened over here


How would it sound, if African media reported US elections in the same tone as Western media report on polls in Africa and elsewhere?


Pressure is mounting on the Obama regime to allow international observers and peacekeepers after tribal violence marred election campaigns in the troubled north American nation.

In Addis Ababa, an emergency meeting was called by African leaders to demand a return to rule of law in America, after pro-regime militants attacked a rally addressed by popular opposition leader Donald Trump in Chicago.

“Unless America allows independent international groups to monitor the poll and for peacekeepers to move in and restore order, the poll is a sham and cannot be declared free and fair,” the African Union said. 

America refuses to allow independent observers in, only inviting a small observer mission from the EU, a known crony of the regime. “We will only allow friendly states to observe our polls, not hostile nations that come here with predetermined positions,” the White House said.

Bloody clashes have been witnessed in St Louis, a city with a long history of tribal and sectarian conflict.

Raising fears of an escalation of tensions, Trump has threatened to mobilize his youth militia to disrupt the rallies of rival Bernie Sanders, an aging socialist candidate.

Explaining the weekend’s clashes, America experts - based at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique, Southern Africa - say Illinois has longstanding, deep-seated ethnic and sectarian tensions that are sure to boil over if the Obama regime does not allow UN peacekeepers before the hotly contested polls in November.

Witnesses said the militants bused in to attack the Trump rally could be heard chanting “Alright”, a racially charged anthem popular among the minority black tribes. The rap song is by Kendrick Lamar, a radical dissident musician from the restive enclave of Compton.

African leaders have also urged contestants to end hate speech and tone down on any rhetoric likely to incite violence. They cited hate speech by Marco Rubio, a member of the Cuban tribe, targeted at Trump’s manhood. Critics say such remarks may lead to an escalation of tensions and cause violence. 

The election has also been marred by reports of widespread voter fraud. Sanders has complained of voter fraud after a controversial narrow loss in the Iowa region to party rival Hillary Clinton, wife of former regime leader Bill.

Trump himself has claimed voter fraud in the region of Florida, raising serious concern in the international community about the credibility of the forthcoming poll.

There are also concerns over blatant attacks on media freedom. The International Committee for the Protection of Journalists condemned attacks on journalists during the campaign. One reporter covering the violence had been arrested, in a clear attempt by the regime to cover up the sham poll. 

Trump is appealing to nationalist sentiment by accusing the Obama regime of allowing too many immigrants through the country’s porous southern border. His nationalist message has resonated with many among the majority white ethnic group, and especially with the red neck tribes of the impoverished southern parts of the country.

Amid surging support for Trump, many leaders of the Republican Party are plotting to disregard the votes of party supporters and block Trump’s candidacy. 

“Republican party leaders must accept the will of the people,” the African Union said in a statement.


Nod to Joshua Keating’s hilarious “If it happened there” series on Slate.

Tribe gains ability to prosecute non-Indians

Proponents of domestic violence prevention are cheering following the launch of a federal law that will allow tribal courts to prosecute non-Indians who commit domestic violence on tribal land.   “It’s going to be a really good thing for the tribe,” said Bill Boyum, Chief Justice of the Cherokee Supreme Court.

At first, when I heard about Clark Gregg’s insult to the standwithward community, I huffed and then tried to put it out of my mind. But it just keeps rolling around in my head.

For him to make such a hurtful statement about a HUGE swatch of the shows fans is so incredibly mindboggling that I couldn’t even fathom where it came from. I was willing to put it down to a quote taken out of context until his I think he’s dreamy, too “apology.” That’s when I realized he really doesn’t get it.

Now I think it just shows that he’s ended up in that very sheltered population of people that are happy to play at violence in entertainment but really have no comprehension of what it means to live with violence. To live in an imperfect world where people can so easily become monsters, but are still a part of the world we live in and that’s not the end of the story, that after monstrous things happen people have to pick up the pieces and continue with their lives. Victims of family abuse still have to live with their families. Communities torn apart by war and conflict have to rebuild with perpetrators and victims living side by side.

I’m about to head off for a work trip into a region that’s referred to as the “Polygon of Death” because of the spate of tribal violence. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people are fleeing the region; we have no idea how many are dying because it’s such a difficult area to even get into that news is almost nonexistent. This week I was following a renewed battle between a rebel group and a less-than-stellar “professional” army that has its own sins to account for, hoping it didn’t result in civilian casualties. Yes, some of the people responsible for things like this will, hopefully, stand before a court of justice (that hopefully will actually be just) and pay for their sins. But many, many, many more will not, because you simply can’t take that many people and put them into prison. They will one day go back to their communities, sometimes living side by side with the people they victimized. And people will have to live together again. Because if they don’t, it can start all over again. It's heartbreaking to see how often people who are in armed groups or gangs or other violent groups, even after trying to leave and find a different life, end up going back because they are told they aren’t good enough for anything else. They don’t see any other options.

This is why I find it so important to promote the idea that even the worst person can change. That even someone whose past is bathed in blood can make the decision “No more!” and choose to be a better person. That victims can choose to at least forgive enough to let the past be the past, and not renew the cycle of violence through revenge, deserved as it may be. That they can give their villains the opportunity to find a better way so they don’t return again to their violent pasts. That maybe - just maybe - even our own personal villains will one day not be so scary anymore and can become people to us again, imperfect though they may be.

Some of this comes from my Christian belief - that no one is beyond forgiveness, and that it’s not up to us to make everyone pay for their sins. If they need to pay, they’ll do so with or without our help. But some of it is also from seeing the cycles of violence that just spin and spin and spin, and being so tired of seeing “an eye for an eye” all the time. The rest of the saying is true - everyone ends up blind and toothless.

This is why I “Stand With Ward,” because we’ve been given a character who doesn’t want to be that villain, who wants to be something better (even if we’re not entirely clear what his definition of that is), and that is the story I so desperately need to see right now. Grant Ward is the perfect origin for a phoenix story, and what could possibly be more glorious than that?