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  • Biology
  • Creating a Race (2)
  • Creating Animals (2)
  • Disease (2)
  • Ecosystems (2)
  • Evolution (and Space)
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Genetics
  • Inventing Species
  • List of Legendary Creatures
  • Night Vision/Color Vision
  • People

Constructed Language (Conlang)

  • Basics/Phonology (2) (3)
  • Conlang
  • Conlang Guide
  • Conlang vs. English
  • Creating a Language (Revised)
  • Culture + Language
  • Curse Words
  • How to Create Your Own Language
  • How to Create a Language
  • IPA Pronunciation
  • Making Up Words

Culture Guides

  • 7 Deadly Sins
  • Alien Cultures (2)
  • Alternative Medieval
  • Avoiding Cultural Appropriation
  • Avoiding Medieval Fantasy (2)
  • Avoiding One-Note Worlds
  • Avoiding Utopia
  • Change (2)
  • Class/Caste System (2)
  • Culture
  • Designing Intellectual Movements
  • Everything (2) (3)
  • Fantasy
  • Gender-Equal Societies
  • Historical Background for Ideas (2)
  • History
  • Matriarchy (2)
  • Nationalism
  • Nations
  • Slavery
  • Static World
  • Structure
  • Wandering Peoples


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  • Capitalism
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  • Current Global Economies
  • Economic Systems
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  • Economy
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  • Socialism (2)
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  • World Economy (2)

Everyday Life

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  • Family
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  • Immigration/Emigration
  • Literature
  • Marriage
  • Months
  • Music
  • Sex
  • Slang
  • Stories
  • Travel


  • Collective/Traditionalist Societies
  • Creating a Government
  • Diplomacy
  • Empire (2)
  • Fancy Latin Names for Government
  • History and Politics
  • International Relations (2)
  • Justice System
  • Lawlessness
  • Non-monarchical (2) (3)
  • Oppressive Government
  • Political Ideologies
  • Propaganda
  • Republic
  • Rise and Fall of Civilizations
  • Secret Societies
  • Shapeshifter Society
  • Totalitarianism, Atmosphere Necessary For
  • Tribal Society
  • Types of Government
  • Utopia
  • Writing Politics

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Tormanu Growthsinger 

I was inspired by @follower-of-liliana’s earlier post with a custom Faerie commander with the Eminence mechanic for tribal build. Faeries are definitely one of those creature types that I feel are on the cusp of having potential for a strong tribal deck in Commander, but are lacking a legendary creature that really pushes you towards playing a lot of that creature type. 

Another creature type I think falls into that category is Hydras. While there are three legendary Hydra creatures in Magic, none of them push you towards building a Hydra deck. 

To make matters worse, Angels, Sphinxes, Demons, and Dragons all got legendary creatures in the Shards of Alara block that have their respective primary colors and two ally colors in their color identities. Hydra is the only iconic creature type left out of that. (Though to be fair, Hydras weren’t green’s iconic creature type quite yet when the block came out.) 

In any case, the card above is my attempt at building a creature that I think would serve as a worthy commander for a Hydra tribal deck, and also give Hydras a legendary creature in the green-centered shard. 

Flavorfully, I imagine this non-planeswalker Tormanu as still relatively young and wild. They haven’t yet found the harmony between their heads that would cause their planeswalker spark to ignite. But even in their youth, they were a force to be reckoned with. 

Thoughts? Feedback? 

OH!!! And of course I can’t forget to thank @dancing-sword for the awesome art I used for this card! Thanks so much for letting me use it! 

centurosplaneswalker  asked:

Do you have, or can you make, a podcast about mechanics that didn't work out? (I'm talking things like Banding and Landhome and the Tribal card type that existed and then were deemed unprintable later)

I can put it on the short list.

anonymous asked:

oh god ew, how did she describe him? im just convinced Erika is Candy's cousin and Agatha's daughter at this point

“I met a guy last summer. Blond, the surfer type, with tribal tatoos on his body. We flirted for a few days,  but he was a true womanizer. I stopped our “romance” then.”

Request: Juice imagine based on the song E.T by Katy Perry.

I was high when I wrote this so I’m sorry if it’s long or doesn’t make sense lol.

You swayed your hips to the music, alcohol fueling your moves. You raised you hands above your head, letting your hair fall back and you closed your eyes, a smile on your face as you moved to the beat.
Smoke swirled in the air from the joint in your hand and you brought it to your lips, taking a long drag before blowing out a large cloud.
You lowered your body, your legs bending and you grinded your hips to the rhythm.
Juice watched from across the room, sitting at the bar. His eyes never left you as he watched you moving to the music.
“She a croweater?” Juice asked Tig, who sat next to him, watching you as you moved your hips in a sexy sway.
“I dunno, brother. But I call dibs.”
They both laughed and Opie joined them, following their gaze and laughing at them once he saw you.
Tig looked at him, a questioning look on his face.
“She’s Lylas cousin.” Opie explained.
“She’s uh.. Different. She’s been through some shit. Likes to live like she’s dying.’
Juice turned his gaze back to you, the sound of your laughter filling the room as Lyla joined you.
“She’s off limits.” Opie stated firmly.
“Why you gotta do this to me man?” Tig whined.
Opie laughed and slapped his shoulder, before heading outside.
Tig followed him, leaving Juice alone at the bar.

He was hypnotised by you, the way you moved, the way your laughter made everyone around you smile. He noticed how you threw your head back when you laughed, letting your hair fall down your back, the sound like music to his ears.
Your smile was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen, spreading across your face and making your whole face glow.
And your eyes! Full of complexion, like every blink opened a different story, a different moment in your life.
They had such depth, and he felt like you’d dealt with a lot of hard times. Yet they still lit up when you laughed, or smiled.
There was something about you. You weren’t like the other girls, there was a certain mystery about you.
You were confident in every move you made, swaying your hips like nothing in the world mattered more than this moment.
He noticed that every time you spoke to someone you looked deep into their eyes, seeing something in everyone, like all their darkest secrets were lying in front of you.
He watched the way your lips moved, so perfectly, so smooth.
He found himself feeling breathless as he watched you, caught in your trance.

“I think you have a fan.” Lyla whispered to you, a smile on her face as you held her hand out, mouthing the words of the song to her.
You laughed and rolled your eyes, as you slut-dropped, hands above your head, making your cousin laugh.
You grinded you hips as you rose and she pulled you close.
“At the bar. He’s sweet, (y/n). Be gentle.” She smiled at you before walking outside.
You ran your hand through your hair and reached for your drink with the other hand.
You slammed it back, the liquor burning down your throat.
You turned towards the bar and saw a handsome guy sitting alone, watching you.
He blushed as you met his gaze and you smiled at him.
You ran your eyes over him, he had a Mohawk, with some type of tribal tattooes on either side.
His face was friendly and you looked at his brown eyes, full of warmth.
You walked across the clubhouse to the and stood next to him, leaning across the bar to order another drink.
You thanked the strange man behind the bar as he passed you the whiskey, smiling warmly at him as you sat on the stool.
“(Y/n).” You said to the guy next to you, your eyes scanning the room.
“Juice.” He said, his voice was warm but he sounded nervous.
You turned to look at his face, looking over his lips, and gazing into his eyes.
He felt like you were looking deep into his soul and he blushed slightly under your gaze, suddenly self conscious of his thoughts.
“Tell me about yourself, Juice.” You said.
Your voice was like honey and he blushed again, making you smile.
“What do you wanna know?” He asked you, silently cursing as he realised how nervous he sounded.
You looked into his eyes again as you rested your elbows on the bar, leaning back as you looked at him.
“Everything.” You said.
He smiled softly at you. “Uh well I’m the intelligence officer. I’ve been in the club for-”
“No, Juice.” You said softly as you shifted your body to face him fully. “Tell me about you
He frowned slightly, taken aback by your question.
He told you his full name, Juan Carlos, and
told you about his family. He told you about his childhood and growing up in Queens.
You nodded along as he spoke, asking questions about his mother, his sister. He told you about the dog he had when he was young and you asked about his name, his breed.
He opened up to you, feeling comfortable as he talked about his life, his family, his dreams and his fears. He told you about his demons, his regrets, his lies.
You listened to every word, never judging him, never laughing at him.
You made him feel comfortable and he bared his soul to you, telling you things he’d never spoken about aloud.

Once he finished he sighed, shaking his head.
“Sorry, (y/n) I should shut up.” He smiled at his feet.
“Don’t apologise, Juan Carlos.” You smiled at him, squeezing his leg gently.
You raised your glass to your lips, taking a long swig.
You looked at him, a slight smile on your face, encouraging him to continue.
“Why did you ask me about myself? And why did you listen?” His voice was quiet.
You stood and reached your hand up, cupping his face in your hand.
“Everybody has a story, Juan Carlos. And stories need to be told. Sometimes all you need is a stranger to listen to your story. It helps to keep the demons away.” You smiled softly at him as your fingers stroked his face gently.
“Tell me about yourself, (y/n). Tell me your story.” His voice was low, quiet, hypnotised by your voice.
You smiled at him sadly.
“It’s too late to hear my story honey, your not a stranger anymore.”
You pressed your lips to his forehead, before turning and walking to the bathroom.
He watched you walk away, every emotion flowing through him.
Who is she?

The early hours of the morning rolled around and you sat on the picnic table outside, a whiskey in one hand, a joint in the other.
The gentle cold breeze flowed gently against you and you smiled into the fresh air.
The party was dying down and you looked up at the stars.
The door opened behind you and you heard footsteps, before you felt the table shift as Juice sat down beside you.
He’d spent hours searching for you and was about to give up and head home when he saw you outside, his heart filling with hope.
No one had ever talked to him like you had, listened to him talk like you were genuinely interested.
Something about you had lured him in and he was left wanting more.
“You ever look at the stars, Juan?” Your voice broke the silence and he watched you, staring into the night sky.
“Uh no, not really.” He hung onto every word you spoke.
He saw you smile at his answer and you passed him the joint.
“The universe is beautiful, Juan. Everything is so.. Open. The moon is beautiful. The moon dies every morning, so we can live. Our problems don’t matter
to the moon, or the stars. They don’t have secrets, demons, lies. But they have stories, Juan. Like us. They shine for us, so we can see clearly in the darkest time. They don’t care about our problems, our sins. They don’t judge us, they shine for everyone. Isn’t that beautiful?”
Juice shifted his gaze from the sky and looked at you, still smiling up at the sky, the light from the moon illuminating your face.
“It is beautiful.”
You turned your head to meet his gaze, his eyes were filled with passion and hunger.
“I could love you, (y/n).”
“Love is poison.” You told him and stood, moving to stand between his legs.
You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you.
He stared into your eyes, struck by the depth and the beauty you held within.
You pressed your lips against his, gently.
Electricity ran through his veins, each part of him lighting up as you kissed him.
Your heart filled with fire, a burning raged within you, hungry for more of him.
Love wasn’t poison, he thought, his lips moving with yours. But you were.
You were his favourite kind of poison.
And he was your antidote.

me-and-my-gaster  asked:

Hello! It's a first time I even try to ask for something like this, so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right, but I see you're doing a wonderful job here and it looks like so much fun, so I had to join you all! I wonder if you could write something connected to the time BEFORE skellys s/o became their s/o - a situation when US/UF/MT skelebro accidentally sees their soon-to-be s/o practicing tribal fusion (type of belly dance) alone in some secluded place. Gosh, I hope it's not too wierd...

(Hi there new friend! Woah, i googled Tribal fusion and it looks amazing *-* The clothes are cool too, wow )

US Sans: He is on his way back from training when he passes one of the little side caves in waterfall. He hears faint music, and since he isn’t in a hurry he decides to investigate. He sees you dancing to some music coming from a portable CD-Player. His eyes are locked to your moving form, he is completly fascinated by the way you gracefully shake your body. He notices that he was staring for quite some time, so he steps closer and asks you excited about what you are doing. He want’s to learn that too, it’s amazing. Thats honestly how you come closer, you teach him to dance, you start hanging out afterwards, and things don’t stop there.

US Papyrus: He was at Muffets till late at nigth together with Sans, because it was Karaoke night, and Sans draged him along. While his brother sprinted home to still catch Napstatons late night show, he strolled trough Snowdin, not to worried about missing the show. The streets where mostly empty, a few lights in some houses still open, the librarby still open even at this late an hour, so he went there to pick up a book he wanted to get for some time, but was having a bad memory for small tasks he has to do, he always forgott.

He walked in, the librarien was apparently in the backroom, but the main room wasn’t completly empty. You couldn’t find a good place to practice, your living room to cramped to properly dance in, and the outside to cold for the clothes you practise in. So the librarien allowed you to practice there after dark, when almost nobody visited, so you wouldn’t interrupt anybodys reading. Papyrus watched you move your body smoothly to the quiet music, carefull not to disturb your dancing. He lends the book quietly and leaves, but now before asking the librarian if you come here often. He defentily will visit the library more often now.

UF Sans: He is  pretty nice fellow at heart, but he has his creepy moment. Hes on his way home, passing some houses, most people already asleep. One ground floor window still has ligth coming trough it, so he glanzes inside for a second, because he clearly sees movement in there, and he is a bit jumpy that late at night. His head snapps back to the wndow after less then a second and he freezes in his tracks. Woah, wait what? 

You are dancing in your living room, minding your own buisness. Sans comes a bit closer to the window and continues to stare trough it, not really thinking about how creepy the whole thing makes him seem. He watches you for a bit, until your gaze randomly falls on the window and you see his small, shadowy self standing there. He teleports away instantly, while you run to check if the doors are locked. He will try to run into you “on accident” after that, and you start dating soon after. How you will rct to him telling you that he was the one who scared you trough death that one night is up to you.

UF Papyrus: He sees you while he is out patrolling. Beeing the captain of the royal guard, he has to make check-patrolls every view weeks all across the Underground, added to the ones he has to do daily in Snowdin and surroundings. He is about half way trough his patrol trough Hotland, when he hears faint music from a direction that ends in a little plateau above the lava. He walks there just out of curiousity, and sees you dancing, illuminated by the glowing lava below. He stands there, a ligth blush creeping onto his face, he will blame on the heat later on. He is a big fan of dancing, loving Mettatons musical shows the most of all his shows, so he watches you for a bit before coming closer and introducing himself. He will give you his number pretty straigthforwardly. If you decide to call him he will invite you to a few hangouts before inviting you to a date when he starts to low key crush on you. Which will turn into a full blown crush on the date. But you just gotta show him how to move like that.

MT Sans: He was out patroling at nigth, it was his turn this time. Most people are asleep, a few drunks passed out next to an already closed bar. A few of his coworkers patroling a different area. Then he suddenly hears music from one of the usually already closed bars. He peeks inside, hand on his hidden gun, just for safety and then he sees you. Dancing on the little stage where there is usually some singer entertaining the bar patrons. There is nobody else in the bar except for you and him. He blushes furiously at the way you swing your hips, and at how much skin you are showing, this is not a sight he is used to in his kind of work. He scurries off pretty fast, not wanting to seem like a creep for staring at you trough a half open door. He is pretty good with words normally, but when you properly meet for the first time, he will be a sligthly blushing stuttering mess. Give him a few minutes to get his cool back ,you won’t be disappointed.

MT Papyrus: He has a small italian restaurant with a little stage for live music, as a cover for his sexond, more shady job. He is cleaning up the last few spills and drying of the xonter in his kitchen. Most others have left already, the musicians often staying a bit later to practise. He hears music from the main room, not thinking much about it, since he leaves after everybody else and often watched the musicians practise before they leave together and he locks up. So when he stepped outside to tell whoever stayed that he is about to leave and has to lock up now, he didnt expext to see you dancing there. He never saw somebody move so elegantly and his face heats up when he nootices that nobody else is there, and you havent seen him enter. He is watching you move your hips seductivly from the shadows, before stepping closer and clears his troath loudly to tell ypu what he actually came here for. His face is beigth orang the entier time. After you meet again he will be composed enough to compliment you on your dancing.