tribal steampunk

I am a mixed breed person, and I love that about myself, but there is a disconnect from my heritages, because of erasure, of both them, and of myself. I feel almost guilty that I get to experience both sides, but also feel I don’t belong anywhere. I am in the fringe.

Dreads by Dreadfulcat Synthetic Dreads

amethyst choker: Creationsbyacat


Steampunk Tribal Fusion impro 1 (by Mambba)

My very first solo, at a Steampunk party.


Steampunk Tribal Fusion impro 2 (by Mambba)

Niiv and TheseWordsWroteMySoul >Thank you for your kind comments ☺♥

Here is the second solo !


The Aether Nomad project is an invitation to all Steampunks who enjoy being a little exotic. Would you like to create costume, take photos, model, set up a Steampunk tribal bellydancing group - or if you’re already in one, create costumes and a special routine? Would you like to write, adding to the growing collective story? There is a Pinterest board for inspiration, a private Facebook group and we’re working on a public one, too.

  It began as snippets of stories popping into my head as I created new jewellery for The Navigatrix. This illustration was done by Jennie Gyllblad (of The Clockwork Watch, among other works) and it features several items available, at time of posting, at The Navigatrix - see collage! All items are one-off creations, though I do tend to pursue themes, where possible.

• Multiway Hip Chain “CloudDancer Ameera”

• Headscarf Jewellery “The Kraken’s Tear”

• Tribal Feather Earrings

• Multiway Steamhippy chain belt ‘CloudDancer’

• 'Keeper of Secrets’ Necklace

If you are interested in joining the tribe, whether just creating a character for yourself or setting up a group endeavour, do get in touch!