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When the aftermath naming style of “CARDNAME to CARDNAME” was revealed, I knew I wanted to make Ashes to Ashes as a card for my custom phoenix tribal EDH deck project.

While exiling cards from graveyards is typically a black mechanic, it’s not tremendously powerful and has a lot of flavor for the aftermath side of this card because it represents the exiled card being reborn as a phoenix. I also like making this design a bit of a politics card for commander because you can give the token to another player you might want to lend some assistance.

I’m also enthused that I was able to find a single piece of art for each card that showed a phoenix dying on one half and then rising on the other half.

Tribal Book #3, Title and Publishing Day

Today is my birthday, a great opportunity to do my favorite thing: announce the details of new books.

The title of my third tribal novel, a stand-alone, is…

And it will be published on April 23rd, 2018!

It will be available in all the usual formats.

This book is one I’ve been yearning to write since starting the series, and the one I’ve most enjoyed writing so far; it’s a real labor of love, and though it doesn’t continue the story of Winter Phoenix, it fills a void in the series, and I hope you will enjoy it all the same.

I’d also love to hear your theories on what the title might mean!

Thank you so much for your support and for keeping the dream alive!

Love, JV.


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