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Latest haul

I don’t post pictures because it’s too much work and knowing me, I’d forget to get rid of the exif data or whatever the fuck it is. Anyways, I had a freaking amazing ass haul today! I’m thinking I might need to take a break because I think I might be getting addicted. If you want names of stores or tips, you’ll have to dm me.

Store 1
So, I managed to get 2 fans - a pedestal fan and one that goes in the window. Super excited. I live on the top floor so it gets hot up here. Also got the game cards against humanity and a few other health related items.

Store 2
Got some pet food. Whenever I’m out of town near a pet store, I try to get some just in case they run low and I CAN’T lift for some reason.

Store 3
Lifted a z-palette and a bunch of shadows by nyx, buxom, and urban decay. Some buxom lippies too. I’m going to create my own sunset themed palette and it’s going to be better than the Natasha Denona one, since I can’t lift it 🙁

Store 4
Bunch of cute tribal style jewelry. A penguin lunch box for a gift. Cute comfy cold weather socks for a gift a cute tea infuser bottle and some teas from Cambodia. Junk food.

Store 5
Jewelry. Cute sandals. A kimono style wrap. And a new lifting bag, since my current one is big and black and that’s sus.

Store 6
It cosmetics CC cream since it’s getting hot out. Aloe Vera gel. More eye shadows.

Store 7
Another pair of comfy ass shorts (See prev post) and a cute comfy pair of “cooling” workout Capri leggings. Most everything was tagged but this was what I wanted so it’s all good!

Store 8
Hair color developer and 2 tubes of color. Squeeze bottle hair dying kit.

Estimated savings: $1500 - $1700

It doesn’t seem like I got that much.