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Igbo and Romance
  • I want an au where Draco hits on Harry but in other languages (he's had to learn them because he's a Malfoy but literally no one else at hogwarts knows them) like Celtic or Gaelic, even like ... Yiddish. And he does it so flawlessly too and it's working perfectly for a while until Malfoy moves onto Igbo (a South African tribal language), not realizing that Hermione is fluent and she's forced to listen to this poor boy and his comments until one day she gets so fed up she starts screaming at him across the table in Igbo at the top of her lungs and then malfoy just squeaks but Dean hears and all of a sudden their having a three way argument in Igbo and everyone else is just like ...
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Hi, I hope everyone is feeling good! I was wondering what languages the 2ps speak? Like I headcanon that 2p America can speak English and Spanish as well as some tribal languages.

2p!America: English, Spanish, and Tribal.

2p!Canada: English, Tribal, and French

2p!England: English, Welsh, and a little bit of French that Louis taught him.

2p!France: English and French.

2p!China: Mandarian, English, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, and Vietnamese

2p!Russia: Russian, English, Ukrainian, and Belarusian.

2p!Italy: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, and Romanian

2p!Germany: German, English, French, Russian

2p!Prussia: German, English, French, Russian, and Spanish

2p!Japan: Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, and English

2p!Romano: See 2p!Italy

2p!Spain: Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Russian


I’ll just dump this here…

Some concept art for my elf species, from one of my novels. Trying to make them tribal, but not too tribal? (Also good expression practice)

Don’t steal my ideas please and thank you!!!


The Asháninka or Asháninca (also known by the exonym “Campa” or “Kampa”, which is considered derogatory) are an indigenous people living in the rainforests of Peru and in the State of Acre Brazil.

The Asháninka (their name means: our kinsmen) are estimated between 25,000 and 45,000. Only a few hundred of these live on the Brazilian side of the border. That means that among the 300,000 native people from 65 different ethnic groups in the Peruvian Amazon, the Asháninka are the second largest indigenous group, the Quechua being the largest.

Ashaninka Indians apply face-paint each day, in a design that reflects their mood. Made from the seeds of the Urucum plant, the paint has a rich, red color. Men take just as much care of their appearance as women.

I Am Ojibwe

Dear society I am not your mascot. The term redskin dates to the 1700’s when white men paid a bounty for the bloody scalps of Indians. It was not and will never be a term of endearment or honor.  For once we Natives are standing up trying to educate and make a difference. Don’t silence us with your white tears. In the 1800’s the military’s policy toward Indigenous peoples, “the only good Indian is a dead Indian.” This mantra, popular at the time was supported by none other than Theodore Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson. “Kill the Indian, save the man.” The motto of army officer Richard Pratt, founder of Carlisle Indian Boarding School. Ripping young Native children from their mother’s arms; forcing them to cut their hair; prohibiting any tribal language, clothing and dancing. Stripping them of their cultural heritage. They tried to vanquish us, exterminate like a locust. The disease of the western world etched on our very souls.

Genocide. Suicide. Assimilation. These few words root themselves within Indian Country today.

Dear women who dress as sexy Indian girls for Halloween, I am not a costume. Within the last 30 years more than 1,000 aboriginal women are dead or missing in Canada. Native women aren’t sex objects so don’t perpetuate this idea. Real regalia has spiritual meaning. Hearts pound to the beat of the drum. Respect our culture, it is sacred. Stop romanticizing colonization. The actual story of Pocahontas is not a happy one! She was kidnapped and flaunted around as an example of how savages can be saved by the white man, all while her people were viciously murdered. We don’t need saving from a white man, we are capable of saving ourselves. As constant as the sun setting and the moon looming over the night sky we will persevere.

I am Ojibwe. I am educated. I am active. I am healthy. I am still here! 

A poem I wrote for my Oral Interpretation of Literature class. 


idk what I’m doing anymore, but hey this is sort a soulmate au. 

Based on Twilight’s imprinting idea and the Quileute tribe depicted in the movie. 

Waves of heat and anger and fear rolled through his body. His vision blurred and it took everything in him to keep from tearing his room apart. He scrambled out, knocking everything over until he was able to get out of the house and stumble over the yard. Pain was coursing through him, it felt like his muscles were tearing apart, like his bones were breaking, but he couldn’t even scream.

It was the middle of the night so thankfully no one was outside. Suddenly, his body contorted, his vision went white and the next thing he knew he was looking down at a pair of furry black paws. He could smell things, hear things he hadn’t two seconds ago.

His body wasn’t his. He was conscious of his thoughts, but they were vague and choppy, overwhelmed by feelings of anger, an urge to run, and urge to howl and fight. He went with his instinct, not even pausing to wonder what the hell had just happened to him and ran.

He ran fast, his paws throwing dirt up behind him. The forest blurred past him, as he ran wherever his instincts were taking him.

Suddenly a strong force knocked him sideways and he yelped in surprise. He looked up at a large grey wolf, its teeth bared so far back, its bright red gums glistened menacingly. But he wasn’t going to back down to some random wolf.

He snapped his jaw, allowing every ounce of animalistic instinct to take over whatever bit of human conscience he had left. The next thing he knew, his own muzzle was covered in blood, and he was stumbling through the trees, tired and worn out. He let out a howl that echoed through the forest and ended in his own human voice. He was coughing, gasping for breath, wondering why he couldn’t feel the cold if he was completely naked.

And most of all he wanted to know what the hell had just happened to him.


The sun filtered through his room, waking him up barely in time to get ready for school. Will sat up and groaned, rushing to pull on his jeans, a jacket over his t-shirt, and then his sneakers before rushing out of his room.

“Will, sweetheart, wait!” his mom called after him. She stopped him before he bolted out the door and held up some waffles in a napkin. “At least eat these on the way,” she said.

Will sighed and smiled at his mother. “Thanks, Momma. I love you!” He kissed her cheek and ran out of the house, letting the screen door slam a little too hard behind him. “Sorry, Momma!” he called as he raced to the school, munching on his waffles.

It wasn’t until he’d finally sat down in his seat a few minutes before the bell that he took a moment to realize there was a lot of tension around him. A group of kids were huddled together in the back, whispering. Will couldn’t hear them, but they looked tense and upset.

Another girl came in, looking troubled and when she saw them, she sighed in relief. “Hey guys,” she breathed. “Have you seen Bryce?”

One girl stood and furrowed her eyebrows. “Let’s go talk okay?” Will furrowed his eyebrows as he watched the interaction and followed them as they left the room.

Then the teacher came into the room and immediately began class. The entire day, there was a strange sort of unease for a few students. The girl that had walked into the classroom had gone home early, and Will saw her with puffy red eyes as she passed him in the halls.

When school was over, much to Will’s relief because the tension building in the student body was starting to make him panic, he was further confused when he saw his mom waiting at the front. Several parents were waiting at the front of the school, actually. And that’s when Will realized something horrible was happening.

“Mom? What’s going on? Everyone’s freaking out.”

“They found a body in the woods,” she said tensely. “Bryce.” Will’s eyebrows went up, his stomach churned.

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One Day: John Murphy imagine

Ever since the skypeople first came down everything seemed to flip. But somehow you couldn’t stay away from the drop ship. They were so new, so different.

You were a grounder that was hypnotized with what was before. The history of the earth. You’ve read hundreds upon thousands of books. Thanks to your uncle who taught you everything.

You always wondered of what space was. What lies in far beyond the sky. The day the ship came down you found yourself creeping in the trees just to observe them. To see what they where like.

You sat on a branch as you saw all the teenagers on the ground. But only one seemed to gain your attention. He had this dark aura radiating off him.
For weeks John Murphy felt as if something or someone was watching him or all of them. But then he saw you. He wasn’t suppose to see you but somehow he found out about you. 

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3.7 - Low back rounded vowel [ɒ]

Note: light pink refers to this vowel as an allophonic variant. Dark pink is a phonemic vowel. French is represented here, but its vowel is nasal and not oral.

Present in some english dialects, some french dialects, Valencian, hungarian, some norwegian dialects (also formerly in Danish), persian, dari, tajik, uzbekh, assamese, khmer, and other scattered tribal languages.


Happy (late Halloween)!!! Enjoy (or rather, be scared shitless of this scary ass tunnel). (Also, I didn’t take these pictures. They’re from Google Images, and I for one am smart enough to NOT go into a long tunnel, such as the Hoosac (shown in all these images) (which is roughly 4.75 miles long, and at one time in the late 1800’s early 1900’s was the longest tunnel in the world.

(By the way, only the 2nd, and 4th pictures were taken by people in the middle of the tunnel. The other couple of pictures were taken with natural light near the West end, or East end Portals of the tunnel. I only know that because the descriptions explained that.)

The tunnel shown here is the Hoosac Tunnel, in North Adams, Massachusetts, and in Florida, Massachusetts on the other side of the portal. Originally built by the Boston And Maine Railroad, it is now currently owned, operated, and used by Pan Am Railways and Norfolk Southern.

Hoosac means “forbidden” in local Native American Tribal languages. In the construction of this tunnel, over 125 people died due to collapses, cave ins, water leakage (Still a problem today. You can see puddles of water on the sides of the track.)

The original B&M mainline thru Hoosac was actually double tracked, and had overhead wires for electric locomotives because steam engines couldn’t go thru a tunnel this long without possible suffocation of crews and passengers. Too much smoke and carbon monoxide prevented steam engines from going in by themselves so they lashed up electrics which pulled the steam trains thru the tunnels. Quite the unique operation, really. Not a lot of places in the world where electrics pulled steam trains due  to long tunnels.

Because of the high rate of deaths in the making of this tunnel, many people speculate that this tunnel is haunted, and thousands of people have been stupid enough to go into this tunnel and try and get a few spooks.

This may be a cool and potentially scary tunnel, but for your own safety, don’t go in there. There are too many trains that go thru that tunnel every day, and overall it’s simply too dangerous. Suffocation from diesel fumes can also be possible.

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Another hour of failures and cursing in his tribal language. All Rah'kumnatar had was an old manuscript with a basic healing spell. He knew he could do it. The magic was running in his veins. But he couldn't unleash it. He raised his head a bit because he sensed something. He turned around and saw a female Yordle coming his way. He couldn't sense what type of magic she was using, so he stood cautious, ready for a possible fight. (the-fox-archer)

The chanting and failures of the visitor began to annoy kaurai. She exited he house and only had to take a few steps to find him doing his ritual. He got up and was cautious around her as he should be. She glared right at him her eyes peirceing right through him, he didn’t even hear a word form her but he knew she didn’t want him here.

Native women compete in first Miss Indigenous Ecuador contest

A 19-year-old woman was crowned the first Miss Indigenous Ecuador on Friday.
Jenny Guillin, who represents the Puruhá people, took home the title after 11 participants showcased their tribal cultures and languages in the inaugural pageant. Organizers now hope she will secure a spot in the national Miss Ecuador competition.

This much I know is true

1. It’s not surprising to see a goat riding in the backseat of a Ghanaian taxi. 

2. Chickens just might run on court while you play a tennis match.

3. Your plate of food can be served 20 minutes before anyone else at your table receives theirs.

4. A Ghanaian can wear a ski hat on a hot, humid day and still look cool, calm and collected.

5. A foreigner speaking the tribal language of Twi always brings a smile or a laugh from a local.

6. In Ghana, there is the benefit of a neighborhood watch.  A street seller will ask where you have been if you skip one day of a routine walk.

7. Taxi drivers are fearless.  Rules of the road seem arbitrary.       

8. Policemen have no compunction about asking for a bribe.  And do so in order to supplement a meager income.

9. On the streets of Accra, the shortest distance between two points is not a straight line.    

10. A child begging at a street corner never ceases to break your heart.

If Survivor was school
  • Math: How to get the numbers on your side.
  • Science: How to make a fire, and other skills.
  • History: Know everything about everything of the past seasons.
  • English: How to give an effective final tribal council speech.
  • Language: How to read other people.
  • Music: How to sing the survivor theme song.

Celtiberian Bronze Helmet, 4th century BC

This helmet was hammered from thin metal and decorated with repousse designs. Plain bands crisscross and encircle it, dividing the helmet into quadrants. A square opening has been cut away in the front for the face. Each quadrant contains a motif of three schematically rendered men beneath a “sun circle” ringed with dots. These lively human figures with their arms raised and one foot lifted off the ground seem to be engaged in an ecstatic dance. Dances such as these are described by Roman writers who observed the bellicose customs of the Celtiberians. Two projections along the transversal band of the helmet indicate that it once included an attached ornament or crest.

The Celtiberians were Celtic-speaking people of the Iberian Peninsula in the final centuries BC. These tribes spoke the Celtiberian language. Extant tribal names include the Arevaci, Belli, Titti, Lusones, and Berones. Celtiberians were celebrated for their fine weapons and armor.

I love you in every language

Afrikaans : Ek het jou liefe
Afrikaans : Ek is lief vir jou
Albanian : Te Dashuroj
Alsacien : Ich hoan dich gear
Amharic : Afekrishalehou
Arabic : Ana Behibak (to a male)
Arabic : Ana Behibek (to a female)
Arabic (Formal Arabic) : OOHEBOKI (to a female)
Arabic (Formal Arabic) : OOHEBOKA (to a male)
Arabic : Ib'n hebbak.
Arabic : Ana Ba-heb-bak
Arabic : nhebuk
Australian Aboriginal: Kungkungullun Ngune
bari ( A Sudanese Language) : Nan nyanyar do (I love you)
Nan nyanyar do parik (I love you very much )
basc : Nere Maitea
batak : Holong rohangku di ho
bavarian : I mog di narrisch gern
bengali : Ami tomAy bhAlobAshi
bengali : Ami tomake bhalobashi.
berber : Lakh tirikh
bicol : Namumutan ta ka
binary: 01001001 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00101110
(Thank you, Roger)
bulgarian : Obicham te
cambodian : Bon sro lanh oon
cambodian : kh_nhaum soro_lahn nhee_ah
canadian French : Sh'teme (spoken, sounds like this)
cantonese : Ngo oi ney
catalan : T'estim (mallorcan)
catalan : T'estim molt (I love you a lot)
catalan : T'estime (valencian)
catalan : T'estimo (catalonian)
chinese : Wo ie ni
croatian : LJUBim te
czech : miluji te
czech : MILUJU TE! (colloquial form)
danish : Jeg elsker dig
dutch : Ik houd van jou
english : I Love You
esperanto : Mi amas vin
estonian : Mina armastan sind
estonian : Ma armastan sind
faroese: Eg elski teg (pronounced Eh els-cheh teh)
farsi : Tora dust midaram
farsi : Asheghetam
farsi (Persian) : doostat dAram
filipino : Mahal ka ta
filipino : Iniibig Kita
finnish : Mina" rakastan sinua
flemish : Ik zie oe geerne
french : Je t'aime
frisian : Ik hald fan dy
gaelic : Tha gradh agam ort
georgia : Shen me mikvarhar
german : Ich liebe Dich
greek : S’ ayapo
greek : (Ego) philo su (ego is only needed for emphasis)
gujrati : Hoon tane pyar karoochhoon.
hausa : Ina sonki
hebrew : Ani ohev otach (male to female)
hebrew : Ani ohev otcha (male to male)
hebrew : Ani ohevet otach (female to female)
hebrew : Ani ohevet otcha (female to male)
hindi : Mae tumko pyar kia
hindi : My tumko pyar karta hu
hindi : Main tumse pyar karta hoon.
hindi : Ham Tomche Payer Kortahe
hindi : Mai tumse peyar karta hnu.
hindi(Kannada) : Naanu ninnannu premisuththene
hokkien : Wa ai lu
hopi : Nu’ umi unangwa'ta
hungarian : Szeretlek “yes, peter it’s great :)”
hungarian : Szeretlek te'ged
icelandic : M-Ig elska M-~ig
icelandic : Eg elska thig
indi : Mai tujhe pyaar kartha hoo
indonesian : Saja kasih saudari
indonesian : Saya Cinta Kamu
indonesian : Saya cinta padamu
indonesian : Aku cinta padamu
irish : taim i’ ngra leat
italian : ti amo (if it’s a relationship/lover/spouse)
italian : ti voglio bene (if it’s a friend, or relative)
japanese : Kimi o ai shiteru
japanese : Watakushi-wa anata-wo ai shimasu
javanese : Kulo tresno
kiswahili : Nakupenda
klingon : qabang
klingon : qaparHa’ (depends where you are in the galaxy)
korean : Tangsinul sarang ha yo
korean : Nanun tongshinun sarang hamnida
kurdish : Ez te hezdikhem (?)
lao : Khoi huk chau
latin : Te amo
latin : Vos amo
latin : (Ego) amo te (ego, for emphasis)
latvian : Es tevi Mlu (s teh-vih me-lu)
lingala : Nalingi yo
lithuanian : TAVE MYLIU ( ta-ve mee-lyu )
luo : Aheri
madrid lingo : Me molas, tronca
malay : Saya cintamu
malay : Saya sayangmu
malay/Indonesian : Aku sayang enkow
malay/Indonesian : Sayah Chantikan Awah
mandarin : Wo ai ni
mohawk : Konoronhkwa
navaho : Ayor anosh'ni
ndebele : Niyakutanda
nepali : Ma timilai maya garchu, Ma timilai man parauchu
norwegian : Eg elskar deg (Nynorsk)
norwegian : Jeg elsker deg (Bokmaal) (pronounced: yai elske dai)
osetian : Aez dae warzyn
pakistani : Muje se mu habbat hai
persian : doostat daaram (written), dooset daaram (spoken)
polish : Kocham Cie
polish : Ja cie kocham
portuguese : Eu te amo
romanian : Te iu besc
russian : Ya vas lyublyu
russian (malincaya) : Ya Tibieh Lublue.
russian : Y'a liou-bliou tibya
russian : Ya vac loobyoo
russian : Ya tebya loobyoo
russian : Ya l'ubl'u t'ebya
russian : Ju ljublju tebja!
russian : LJUBLJU TEBJA!
russian : ya lyublyu tebya
russian : Ya polubeel s'tebya.
russian : ya tebya ljublju
scot Gaelic : tha gaol agam ort
serbian : LUBim te.
serbocroatian : volim te
shona : Ndinokuda
sinhalese : Mama oyata adarei
sioux : Techihhila
slovak : lubim ta
slovene : ljubim te
spanish : Te quiero (I really-really care for you)
spanish : Te Amo (I love you)
srilankan : Mama Oyata Arderyi
sudanese ( Bari ) : Nan nyanyar do (I love you)
  Nan nyanyar do parik (I love you very much )
swahili : Naku penda (followed by the person’s name)
swedish : Jag älskar Dig
swiss-German : Ch'ha di ga"rn
syrian/Lebanes : BHEBBEK (to a female)
syrian/Lebanes : BHEBBAK (to a male)
tagalog : Mahal kita
tamil : Naan unni kathilikaran.
tamil : Ni yaanai kaadli karen.
tcheque : MILUJI TE^
telugu : Neenu ninnu pra'mistu'nnanu
telugu/india : Nenu Ninnu Premistunnanu
thai : Ch'an Rak Khun
thai : Phom Rak Khun
tigrigna/ Eritrea, East Africa: yefqreki iye (to a female)
tigrigna/ Eritrea, East Africa: yefqreka iye (to a male)
tunisian : Ha eh bak
turkish : Seni seviyorum
urdu : Mujge tumae mahabbat hai
uzbek : Man seni sevaman
vietnamese : Em ye^u anh (woman to man)
vietnamese : Toi yeu em
vietnamese : Anh ye^u em (man to woman)
vlaams : Ik hue van ye
welsh : ‘Rwy'n dy garu di.
welsh : Yr wyf i yn dy garu di (chwi)
xhosa (South African tribal language): Mna Intando Wena
yiddish : Ich libe dich
yiddish : Ich han dich lib
yugoslavian : Ya te volim
zazi : Ezhele hezdege (sp?)
zuni : Tom ho’ ichema

10 Ways to Boost Tribal Language Programs

The traditional arts of building canoes and fishing traps, making rabbit fur blankets, and pine nut picking are celebrated in the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California’s Language Program.Through these activities, the tribe’s youngest children are not only learning their language, they are becoming cultural leaders in their communities.


Arlene Blackdeer, a language apprentice for the Hoocak Waaziija Haci Language Division of the Ho-Chunk Nation, shares her experience and community’s effort to bring back and revitalize the Ho-Chunk language. This story is part of The Ways, an ongoing series on culture and language from Native communities around the central Great Lakes.

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