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Justin Trudeau approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline which will run from Canadian oil sands to the Pacific Ocean. The pipeline, which will put Tsleil Waututh First Nations tribal land at risk of oil spills and contamination, undermines every false promise made by Justin Trudeau to put the environment and the safety of FN people first. Trudeau is literally just a liar who has done nothing but break his most important promises to Canadians and further marginalize already marginalized people

Another Native-led pipeline battle bubbles up in New Jersey. (From Grist)

The Ramapough Lunaape Nation has spurred the charge against the proposed 178-mile Pilgrim pipeline, which would transport Bakken crude oil from Albany, New York, to New Jersey’s Linden Harbor. The pipeline would cut through forests and a critical drinking water reservoir.

Last week, the town of Mahwah, New Jersey, issued summonses against the Ramapough Lunaape for establishing a campground and protest signs without permits — even though they’re on tribal land.

Unlike the federally recognized Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, the Ramapough Lunaape Nation is only recognized by New Jersey and New York. The federal government isn’t bound by the same obligations to non-recognized tribes, meaning this fight is more complicated than the Dakota Access Pipeline resistance.

In 1993, the nation’s bid for federal recognition crumbled — thanks in part to Donald Trump, who campaigned against the Ramapough Lunaape to stamp out potential casino competition in Atlantic City.

This isn’t the nation’s first brush with environmental racism by a long shot. In the mid-20th century, Ford Motor Company dumped thousands of tons of toxic paint sludge on Ramapough ancestral land — the same land Pilgrim could trespass. The area became a Superfund site after years of soaring cases of cancer and birth defects within the community.


Protesting the Dakota Access pipeline, Native Americans march on Washington, D.C.

American Indians and their supporters are rallying in Washington against continued construction of the disputed Dakota Access pipeline.

A federal judge this week declined to halt construction of the final section of the $3.8 billion pipeline, meaning oil could begin flowing through it as early as next week.

The Standing Rock Sioux and other tribes have tried to stop the pipeline, saying it threatens their sovereignty, religious rights and water supply. The final, disputed section of the pipeline would pass under a reservoir that provides water to tribal reservations. The pipeline itself is not on tribal land.

On Friday, protesters marched from the Army Corps of Engineers headquarters to the White House. With the encouragement of President Donald Trump’s administration, the Army authorized construction of the pipeline to start again. That move canceled an environmental study ordered under the administration of President Barack Obama. (AP)

(Photos: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, Kevin Lamarque/Reuters, Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images [2], Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP)

See more images from the protests on Yahoo News.
Department of Interior Cancels Oil Leases On Sacred Tribal Lands In Montana
The end of the Reagan era deals is a victory for the Blackfeet Nation.

yo yo guys check this out

okay so here’s the skinny far as I could tell from the article:

  • Back in the 80s, under Reagan, a bunch of land in Montana was leased to major oil companies in case they wanted to develop there. This was done without consulting the local Blackfeet, who would not have okayed it because this land is sacred to them.
  • The land didn’t get developed, and the Department of the Interior has been slowly canceling the 47 leases. They whittled it down to 17, and 15 of those were held by one company, Devon Energy Corp.
  • So on Nov 16 the CEO of Devon Energy Corp sat down with Sally Jewell, the Secretary of the Interior, and with several leaders of the Blackfeet tribe, and signed away the leases. These 15 have now also been cancelled.
  • Said CEO says he did this because it was “simply the right thing to do.”
  • Devon Energy Corp: Not That Bad™
  • Trump and/or his shadow government hasn’t nominated a new Secretary of the Interior yet but the options include an oil executive and Sarah Palin. It’s not like they’re going to prioritize this.
  • So Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior, is pushing this to happen as fast as possible so the leases can be canceled before the year is up.
  • (she did not say this explicitly I’m reading between the lines here)
  • There are still two leases in place; the Dep. of the Interior says it has to track down the leaseholders before it can cancel those too.
  • Sally Jewell says she and her team have demonstrated “the right path forward” for whoever ends up as the next Secretary of the Interior.
  • She also said what’s happening in North Dakota is proof you’ve got to do these things right from the beginning, aka actually talk to the native tribes who live near your giant oil projects.
  • Sally Jewell: Knows What’s Up™
  • The chairman of the Blackfeet Nation called this “a victory for the people of Montana, it’s a victory for the people of the United States and the world.”

During the Bush War, cattle rustling was a major epidemic.  First, it led to starvation in the Tribal Trust Lands; second, it negatively affected the economy of Rhodesia. Because the army and the British South Africa Police were overstretched on three fronts, mercenaries were hired to confront the rustlers. They were called “Range Detectives”, and most of them were Vietnam veterans, some of them members of “The Crippled Eagles”. Payment was roughly seven Rhodesian dollars a day, and a 750 Rhodesian dollar bonus for each rustler caught.


Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Momoa and other Hollywood figures are speaking out against the Dakota Access oil pipeline, which — if built — would cut right beneath the Missouri River, the main water source for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Rather than make his own sign, DiCaprio amplified the message from a woman and her daughter in his Instagram post.
American Indian tribes plan to make marijuana a cash crop
As more states legalise the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana, American Indians are looking to grow the crop on tribal land

From The Telegraph​, “American Indian tribes plan to make marijuana a cash crop”.

Due to tribal land’s unique legal status, many Native American tribes are now looking to grow and regulate cannabis through the same mechanism they can operate casinos.

Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director of NORML, is quoted in the article saying “It is certainly significant, America has seen some tribes go from being economically disadvantaged to becoming powerful economic and political players through the introduction of one industry, gambling. Now the same could be happening with marijuana.”

Do you think this is a good development for legalization? Tell us in the comments!


“Never laugh at live dragons.” - J.R.R. Tolkien

The Dragon-Ruler, Dragon-King or Lôke-Khan are the titles of the leader of Sauron’s great eastern Host, the Golden Army. Morhinetar tried to prevent the domination of Sauron fall back again on the Easterlings and began to cultivate the seeds of a religious sect known as the Lôke-Egleria, who worshiped dragons. It was so Bountîg, one of his servants, became the first Lôke-Khan in Bozorganush (one of the three successor kingdoms of the Balchoth Realm). The Lôke-Egleria was governed by the Dragon-Priests who chose their leaders. It was so the influence expanded by all the tribal lands of Rhûn and even further to the south, to the land of Khand. But when Sauron was driven out of Dol Guldur by the White Council and he hid in the east near cracks of Illuin, the Blue Wizards tried to end with the Dark Maia, but they were defeated. Roméstamo fled south and Morhinetar was corrupted. It was so the land of Rhûn slowly became a place of pilgrimage for worshipers of the cult of Melkor.

(Third Age 2768-2801) Lôke-Khan Bountîg
(Third Age 2801-2889) Lôke-Khan Yuktîr
(Third Age 2889-2945) Lôke-Khan Zôr
(Third Age 2945-3004) Lôke-Khan Borthand
(Third Age 3004-????) Lôke-Khan Margöz

Source: MERP fan module “The rise of the Golden Army”, by Christian Haas.

Closed Omegaverse RP

Arthur Kirkland shifted anxiously, the necklaces and bracelets adorning him jingling with even the slightest shift of his weight. The handsome Omega was dressed to the nines in the finest robes his tribe could make, and ornamented with every sparkling jewel they had. He was the son of his clan’s chieftan, but since he wasn’t an Alpha and had no claim to inherit power, he was being married off to a neighboring tribe. To put it lightly, the Omega was very, very nervous. The Alpha he was promised to was rumored to be one hell of a man, tall, strong, and more dominant than most. Arthur was worried their personalities would clash, since the Omega himself had a bit of a rebellious streak in him. Fate or not, he wasn’t ready to just roll over and spread his legs for some brute of a chief he’d never met. As the entrance to his tent opened and Arthur was walked out to meet his future mate for the first time, he swallowed and held his head high. He wanted to impress the man, but he wouldn’t sacrifice his pride for it. Either the Alpha would love him as he was, or he’d learn to put Arthur in his place.


Important Shadowrun facts made up by me Gregg

-The Megacorp that owns studio ghibli’s name rights cloned hayao miyazaki’s brain to keep making movies, but isao takahata’s body got lost during the eruption of mt fuji. There are multiple freeware attempts to create an isao takahata AI all over the Matrix.

-The Ares Predator pistol’s design and blueprints got put on the matrix and now everyone can 3d print the best smart pistol on the market if they want to. Everyone’s pretty sure someone got executed at Ares.

-There are now 12 banksys.

-Haiti finally got its restitutions from france. Due to interest, Haiti is now the richest country in the Carribean league.

-The Eastern Cherokee band threatened long, horrible, magic fueled guerilla war on North Carolina if they were not granted the rights of a free county to all tribal land in the Appalachians When the CAS was formed.

-No one knows what megacorp owns In N Out Burger, but to this day there is not one restaurant anywhere on the east coast.

Friendly early reminder not to celebrate Columbus Day. Several major cities now celebrate Indigenous People’s Day instead, but no state governments have expanded this change beyond individual cities.

Instead of celebrating Columbus, maybe you could try contacting your legislators to condemn Columbus Day, educating yourself on the specific issues faced by American Indian nations on and off tribal land, and maybe donate some money to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s protest efforts.


Raging Grannies at the Stop Dakota Access Pipeline demonstration in San Francisco August 24. Hats, scarves, and berets kept us warm in the chilly city! We stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux who have stopped construction of a dangerous oil pipeline that runs very close to their tribal lands. 

The tribe is suing federal regulators for approving permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline that will move oil from North Dakota to Illinois.
Standing Rock members say the pipeline’s route under the Missouri River could threaten its water supplies if the pipeline leaks or breaks. The chairman of the tribe said the Corps of Engineers failed to do proper consultation with his tribe before granting federal approvals for the pipeline.