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Star Trek Characters Considered as Survivor Players

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I spend my days at work at a sewing machine.  As everyone knows, the human race invented sewing as a venue and excuse for gossip; but as most of my coworkers’ gossip is in Cantonese, I have a lot of time with my own thoughts.  One such sewing machine thought was, “I bet Captain Kirk would be pretty good at Survivor.”

I am a huge Survivor nerd and a medium Star Trek nerd, and soon I was going over in my head which Star Trek characters would be good at the game.  Here is my list of some Star Trek notables, ranked in order of their Survivor skill, with commentary.  (I can only rate those I know; I haven’t seen most of Voyager or any of Enterprise, so you must forgive the lack of Seven of Nine and Dr. Phlox.)  I apologize in advance for the fact that much of this may be opaque to non-Survivor fans; I will try to keep it friendly to laymen, but I will probably fail at times.

32. Neelix
It is a truism in Survivor that placement in the game does not reflect ability.  Neelix has two possible fates in Survivor: either he goes out first, or he makes the final 2.  But in either case, he belongs here at the bottom of the list.  Obnoxious and useless in everything, he might be taken to the end as a goat (Survivor fan terminology for someone deliberately brought to the end because they’re impossible to lose to.)  It doesn’t matter who you are.  You could be Gul Dukat.  You will beat Neelix at the final tribal council. 

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(An exclusive interview with Melvin Tordecilla)

What is this event all about? When and where is this happening? Who are the organizers and the expected participants/attendees? Why did you choose this concept for TAEMU 15? How is it different from the past TAEMU and other Tumblr Meet Up?

TAEMU stands for Tumblr Ala Eh Meet Up which is a gathering of Tumblr bloggers mostly from Batangas. TAEMU happens twice to thrice a year. This season, on its 15th installment, TAEMU is back to change the face of Tumblr meetups in the Philippines. This time, we will do it in Jeff Probst style. We will be playing Survivor on October 24-25 in a resort (which we cannot name at this point) in Batangas. 

The main organizers of TAEMU15 are also the ones who brought TAEMU12 - Amazing Race: Batangas last year, me and Pael, but this time, one of the racers, Cyd joined to help us both. The expected participants of this event are the fans of the US reality show; some who want to experience the TAEMU moments. We also invite some TAEMU12 racers to play again for second chance. We chose this concept for TAEMU15 because Pael and I are superfans of Survivor.

Last year we did the Amazing Race, and it was succesful, so we decided to play Survivor this year, and I know this will be more exciting than of TAEMU12. TAEMU15 is different from past TAEMUs because this meetup is not open for everyone, meaning the participants who will join are only exclusively invited by the organizers.    

Walk us through the mechanics, rules and regulations, twists and prizes, just so they can have a vision of what to expect for TAEMU15: Survivor.

The game mechanics is the same as the reality TV show Survivor. There will be three tribes fighting for the tribal immunity to save from elimination until there will be one at the end of the day to fight for the individual immunity necklace. The losing tribe will eliminate its one member; he or she can be the weakest link or the biggest threat. It depends on who will vote. 

For the twists, there will be immunity idols to be hidden around the camp or at the middle of challenges and other twists that cannot be watched on Survivor such as Double Elimination and the power of jury to vote out.

You’ve mentioned before that this is probably your most favorite TAEMU yet. Why is that?

TAEMU15 will be my favorite meetup that I’ve organized because as I said, I am a superfan of Survivor. We have five months to prepare this epic meetup. Lastly, we put so much effort for TAEMU15 to be the biggest and most exciting TAEMU to date.

TAEMU keeps on revolutionizing the definition of a rad meet up. What are your future plans for TAEMU? Any plans yet for the next one after this?

I will be resting in organizing TAEMUs. That’s why I put so much effort on TAEMU15 because this can be my last (but hopefully not). I have other priorities to focus on next year. However, I am thinking of TAEMU Gives Back meetup on Christmas season where the participants will be visitng an orphanage or home for the aged to entertain the benficiaries and give them gifts.  

Why should we anticipate, participate and join TAEMU15: SURVIVOR?

You should participate TAEMU15 because this is once in a tumblr lifetime opportunity!  

Where can we follow you guys for inquiries? Any shoutout or announcement you have? Sponsors you’d like to thank?

For now, thank you Monde MY San specifically Skyflakes for sponsoring TAEMU15! They’re so generous! They will be giving so many freebies for our survivors! For more details, inquries, further announcements, tumblr ask the organizers or follow our TAEMU Twitter Account @tumblralaeh.

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