tribal colours

I have found that moods and attitudes are contagious and so I live in the awareness of my own power to transform our shared reality. And no I haven’t always been a positive and happy soul but indulgences in negative emotions are merely that, indulgences .:. I hope your weekend is filled with love and light : : : :
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Our current roster of Commander decks.

  • Kaseto - Snake tribal
  • Sygg - Merfolk tribal
  • Depala - Dwarf tribal with vehicles
  • Meren - Graveyard recursion
  • Alesha - Small critters
  • Phelddagrif - Group hug
  • Ghave - Fungus tribal with saprolings
  • Nekusar - Wheel and deal
  • Horde of Notions - Elemental tribal

Building and refining tribal decks is what I enjoy most about Commander. My Horde of Notions deck is my oldest tribal deck. Through years of playing and updating the deck, it became quite the machine.

I made it a long-term aspiration to make a tribal deck for each colour combination. I have hopes for Amonkhet to have new snakes and for Atlazan to have new merfolk. If not, I’ll build something new! Krenko goblins is high on the list to make. And zombies, and angels, and eldrazi, and elves.

i hate that my cousins can dismantle me so well. a girl today managed to take me apart by asking after my claddagh ring, then my evil eye bracelet. my wawa says that’s because i wear all my loyalties. that even when i buy nice lingerie it’s in bridal colours, because i’m bound by old world rules. true enough i suppose, how can i resent that? but it’s hard. mostly coz i ain’t got no tribal colours to wear and red and yellow don’t flatter me.