tribal beading

The Apache Sunrise Ceremony celebrates a girl becoming a woman. Girls prepare for the ritual for six months or more. During the ceremony, which can last four days, the girls sing, pray, run, and dance, often for hours without stopping. Here, a girl from the White Mountain Apache tribe in Arizona is blessed with pollen, symbolizing fertility.

piningmarco  asked:

revali the ravioli. discuss

*insert detailed mental image of an overstuffed ravioli with blue feathers sticking out of it in random directions screeching “I’M BEAUTIFUL” while a plate of plain spaghetti with gray tribal feathers and Rasta beads sits motionless nearby, because I’m not an artist but I sure as hell wish I was*


High quality handcrafted pouch from up-cycled genuine leather and cinnamon bark. Rough from the outside and smooth from the inside, this little bag is perfect for keeping coins, your pet’s treats, tobacco, seeds, dice, MTG creature’s counters, and any amount of tiny things you may need to carry! Get your unique pouch here
Seed Bead Necklace - Beaded Tribal Necklace - Pastel Necklace - Tribal Pendant - Boho Necklace - Beach Jewelry -Ethnic Necklace
A little bit tribal, and a little bit boho queen, this necklace is the ultimate statement necklace. With a design of apricot pink , blue, white, golden and cooper brown seed beads this necklace is perfect for brightening up any outfit. This beautiful pendant measures approx: 4cm x 19cm (7,5) including tassels The length when dropping down - 53 cm ( 21 ) with pendant Made by high quality gorgeous acrylic seed beads. All my pieces are made from the heart and carefully handcrafted with attention to detail from start to finish in a smoke free environment.