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Cherokee D'Ass

  • Also known as: Cherokee, Cherokee Dass, Cherokee D Ass
  • Birthday: February 11, 1976
  • Astrology: Aquarius
  • Birthplace: Southern California, United States
  • Career started: 1999
  • Career ended: 2015
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: American
  • Hair color: Black
  • Height: 5 feet, 3 inches (160 cm)
  • Weight: 149 lbs (68 kg)
  • Measurements: 36D-30-52
  • Tattoos: “D’ASS” on right buttock, Tribal band on lower back, Right shoulder
  • Piercings: -
  • Websites:

I can’t stop thinking about the fact that I got to watch the entire Monchele love story unfold. I saw Cory and Lea meet and falling in love, everyone encouraging them to be together because we clearly saw the spark and that there was something special between them. I saw them sneaking around and freaked out over the tweets of sightings and lea talking about the tall, handsome, Canadian with the tribal arm band. I saved all the photos of them holding hands shopping, at airports, at the amazing Canuks match, and cried when Cory said “of course” when Ellen asked if they were a couple. I paused and rewatched all the interviews of Cory lovingly rubbing her leg and Lea looking up at him with her eyes GLOWING. I took very fond note of everytime they uttered the words ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’. And I mourned with Lea when we lost him. I genuinely got to watch two people I adore fall in love and experience a love story. I watched a couple form based upon true love, and I watched a woman pick herself up and carry him in her heart everywhere she goes. I am so thankful that Cory Monteith and Lea Michele loved each other and allowed me to be a part of that.

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Other than them REALLY oversexualising Starfire, I kinda liked RHatO; I liked the relationship between Roy and Kori though I stopped reading around the Tamaran arc because I couldn't afford anymore issues. What did you dislike about it?

All of it. Not specifically RHATO but new52 as a whole.
The fact it literally made a mockery of everything Roy Harper ever was. Treated addictions as interchangeable, made him the comedy relief of the whole series despite how inspirational his prior growth had been. Erased his Navajo heritage and even went so far as to replace his tribal band tattoo with a skull when association or contact with the dead is a taboo in Navajo culture.
Had him act like a bumbling idiot who looks and acts like a mindless grease monkey, and the fact all of it was only ever done to make Jason look better by comparison because DC refuses to get out from up the Batfam’s ass.

They literally made Roy Harper STUPID. Roy who was an active anti-drug advocate who went to schools to educate children about the dangers of substance abuse and volunteered at soup kitchens. Roy who was a doting single father who took responsibility for his short comings and bettered himself. Roy who was an undercover agent for Checkmate and a master in the art of Moo-Gi-Gon, the ability to utilize any household item as a lethal weapon. They took all of that and instead gave us a trucker hat wearing hot mess who POSTED A PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT OUTING HIMSELF AS A HIRED GUN.

They took all his prior relationships from him in order to emphasize the blooming relationship between him and Jason, once again throwing Roy under the bus for Jason’s sake, even going so far as to make Fucking KILLER CROC his sponsor instead of one of his ACTUAL FRIENDS.

That coupled with the fact the plot progression was non-existent, the developments were pointless, LobHELL only ever cared about Jason and he couldn’t get his character right either, it sexualized Starfire and treated her like the trademark eye candy for the male gaze when her character had the least progression throughout the run, and is full of queer baiting.

Hobgoblin (AD&D)

Hobgoblins! Like goblins, only…hobbier?
Or rather, they’re bigger and stronger and…more orange than regular goblins. And I hear they’re highly militarized in structure.
But only the parts of the military that make them more evil.
Let’s take a gander, then!

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Presenting «Ariun» (RP FC, Balmung)

Prior to the Calamity, siblings Xiulan, Aiday, and Dayiir served in the Ariun Hounds sect within their village—a group of priests and warriors dedicated to ancient magicks and superstitions revolving around the god of the red moon. Following Dalamud’s destruction at Carteneau (of which they had little knowledge), the three—spearheaded by the eldest, Xiu—traveled to Eorzea on a sacred pilgrimage to recover a fragment of their fallen deity.

Misfortune followed them, and with the untimely disappearance of Dayiir, Xiulan turned away from the resurrection of their tribe’s sect. Instead, they have committed themselves to continuing the work the original Hounds had begun by purging the land of otherworldly entities through any means necessary. Fanatically loyal to their ancient beliefs, Xiulan has begun to dabble in arts ancient and forbidden. Those that follow them take upon themselves the same risk: that they may lose themselves in the never-ending Hunt.

The Ariun Hounds are a True Neutral tribal band of auri hunters and mercenaries seeking only the deadliest prey: those beyond the realm of mortal men. Led by a spiritual leader, the High Diviner, devout to Nhaama and reverent of Azim, they possess at their disposal the might to seek out spirits afoul and those harmful to the living. 

We are looking for lore-abiding, medium-to-heavy roleplayers that value long-term character development, mature and dark themes (such as violence, gore, eldritch horror, body horror, and the occult), and story-driven roleplay. You do not have to be a Xaela, or au ra, to be a part of the company: the High Diviner takes beneath their wing all those that seek power and knowledge and would offer them the means to attain it.

About Us ❧ Rules ❧ Ranks Leadership ❧ Photo Gallery

  • Shirogane housing
  • A small, close-knit community of mature roleplayers
  • Cohesive, lore-abiding plotlines with a focus on the arcane and the eldritch
  • Integration of each and every member into the overarching story of the Hounds
  • Assistance with character development and the creation of character-centric stories
  1. Healers (both magical and non-)
  2. Fortune tellers and diviners: those that possess or believe themselves to possess a connection to the gods
  3. Warriors: experience with battling the otherworldly is not required
  4. Scholars and those predisposed to research: knowledge of the arcane is a plus
  5. Shamans, witches, mystics, etc.

If your character does not fit into one of the aforementioned categories, feel free to apply anyway! More likely than not, we will be able to find a way to integrate your character into our theme and setting!

All inquiries can be directed to this blog through either Tumblr IM or the ask messaging system (asks may be published publicly, so private inquiries should always be conveyed via IM).

In-game, you may contact Xiulan Dalamiq, Batbayar Ghalkir, or Ataashi Dotharl.

Our application can be found here, at the bottom of our rules page.

Meet Zane Pittman

Meet Zane Pittman, a 31 year old, self employed tattoo enthusiast from Greensville, SC that truly has a smart ass.

(IFAR) How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
(ZP) 22

(IFAR) What was it of?

(ZP) It was a sad tribal band

(IFAR) Sad as in a poor excuse for a tattoo?

(ZP) Ha yes

(IFAR) Ahh, a tattoo lovers worst nightmare, bad ink.

(ZP) Ha yes

(IFAR) Was it covered up for fixed?

(ZP) I went through it on my sleeve

(IFAR) How many tattoos do you have?

(ZP) Ehhhh about 160 hours. Not sure the number. I have went 73 weeks straight letting my friend tattoo my left leg.

(IFAR) Thats very impressive!

(IFAR) What’s your favorite one?

(ZP) I have a portrait of einstein on my right butt cheek he’s my fav. Because im a true smart ass.

(IFAR) HA! Clever.

(IFAR) Is there any part of your body you wont get tattood?
(ZP) The main part of my face

(IFAR) Ive yet to interview someone willing to get their genitals tattood. Are you saying you would?

(ZP) Yep i have plans to tatoo the base of mine and possibly my balls. Im tattoing my gooch as well (the area between your asshole and balls)

(IFAR) What are you getting tattood down there?

(ZP) “Almost there" around the base. (for deep throaters) gooch is still undecided

(IFAR) You lived up to your word as a smart ass haha

(IFAR) What tattoo hurt the most?
(ZP)  Armpit or sternum

(IFAR) Sounds painful for sure

(ZP) Ive been in my armpit area 4 times now

(IFAR) Keep going back for more pain?

(ZP) lol touchups and color

(IFAR) Got it

(IFAR) Do you think tattoo’s contribute to sex appeal?
(ZP) Not sure about sex appeal, maybe it gives some people confidence and confidence defintely equals sex appeal.

(IFAR) Good answer

If you want to get a hold of Zane here’s some social media information

And as a bonus, here’s the smart ass for real

Imstagram: toothlessterror

Facebook Zane Hammer (page) Zane Hammer Pittman (personal)

Twitter: tooflessterror

La France aujourd'hui : une profusion de créations artistiques. Un dispositif d'accès à la culture pour un prix modique. Un débat intellectuel ouvert. Un climat tempéré. La paix. L'intégralité du patrimoine littéraire de l'humanité disponible en livres de poche. Une nature parfois préservée. Le droit à la création d'associations. Une école gratuite. Des montagnes où grimper librement, des océans où nager sereinement, des forêts où s'enfoncer sans péril, partout des chemins libres d'accès. Partout, l'eau potable. Pas de fauves, peu de bandes tribales. Et, pourtant, des esprits chagrins pour seriner sans cesse qu'il est épouvantable de laisser vivre la jeunesse dans pareille société qui ne lui laisse rien espérer.
—  Sylvain Tesson, Une très légère oscillation (Journal 2014 - 2017)