tribal baby

roots of your craft: day twenty 🍂

20. What are your general thoughts about newer magical traditions such as pop culture spells and technowitchery?

I think it’s a product of a developing age, and as all kinds of witchcraft, has its place in practice. I think technowitchery could be great for a closet witch or someone who is constantly on the go.


So I saw both Nailuminium and Coewless’ wooden and aztec print nail art, and I knew I had to attempt it. The wooden background was definitely my favourite part of these nails, and it was the quickest nail “art” I’ve ever done.

Base: OPI- San Tan-tonio
Dark Brown: OPI- Suzi Loves Cowboys
Pink and black are both acrylic paint

Thoughts on this watermark? Should I go back to the old font?