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A LOOK BACK at the beautiful documentary photography of Hans Silvester’s stay with the Surma and Mursi people of the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia from 2006 - 2007. Focusing on these tribes’ ancient traditions of temporary body adornment via mineral paints and floral headpieces, Silvester created this portfolio as a means to “save… as much as possible of this truly living art, which is mobile, changing, subject to infinite variation, and whose constituent elements… form a link between man and nature.”


Suri mother and children

Location: Kibish, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Photographer: Fabio Marcato

Surma is the official Ethiopian umbrella term for three ethnic groups in South Ethiopia: the Suri people, the Mursi people and the Mekan people. Very often the name ‘Surma’ is used for the Suri people as well, but this is wrong, a Suri would never call himself a 'Surma’. The Suri people are semi-nomadic cattle herders and live on the west side of the Omo River in the southwestern part of Ethiopia. This area is still much undeveloped, only an unpaved road leads to the heart of the Suri settlements: Kibish. 

31 - “MASK”

Inktober 2017 complete! A big thanks to my followers for supporting me all the way!! 

I’m glad I took part in it, even though it was super challenging for me. I usually don’t imagine my drawings in lineart, but in colour - so I had to change my way of thinking entirely. Still I learned so much from it, my line work has improved massively and I spend way more time planning out my drawings - I’m usually really impatient and like to jump straight into the final thing, but it helps to sketch some thumbnails and experiment with different compositions beforehand.

I will shift my focus back to my art course now, so you probably won’t see me posting art as frequently - I really want to push myself to get better before committing to full blown illustrations. Although you may see small stuff in the meantime :)