I have my dream job designing #EnduranceCouture for badass women all over the world. Women who kick ass totally rock! Sometimes I pinch myself because I also get to design for some of the best athletes in the sport. I’ve been working with @linseycorbin the last two years designing kits to match her custom painted @trekbikes. Linsey knows how to pull it all together and look not only professional, but #stylishAF. Yeah, I admit, I’m a huge #fangirlof this athlete who never gives up. Her determination + tenacity are truly inspirational and I can hardly wait to see what she does next. I was absolutely giddy when I found out her sponsors gave her the green light to toe this year’s Kona start line in the #CoutureCustom kit I designed. Heck, I even got to do a beer can label for her happy hour at the @clifbar house. If you were in Kona, I’m sure you didn’t miss Linsey. That was the idea. Trek’s colors were neon yellow + red and we needed Linsey to own those colors and make them shine. Mission accomplished. Linsey, I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work with you. “keep on knocking” (Matthew 7:7) Your time is coming. All photos from her talented hubby @corbinbrands