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UPDATE! Went to the Big Ticket on sunday and it was AMAZING AND OMG LOTS OF OMGS because I saw ADTR again and they were even better than last time and also Dirty Heads and Pepper were super awesome. Also it’s finals week and that’s something to freak out about especially since I can’t go home until Friday (lots of sad) but my week was made when Claudia told me that Alex and I are going to be LEADING TRIATHLON CLUB NEXT YEAR AND IT’S OUR JOB TO MAKE TRIATHLON CLUB AWESOME OR IT WILL GET CUT CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I AM LESLIE KNOPE. I’M BUILDING MY PARK. AM I going to make it awesome? You bet your behind I will. It’ll be the most awesome club on campus. Just you wait.

Wear your helmets - and wear them CORRECTLY.

About a week ago, a member of our triathlon club got into a horrifying bike accident. The details of what happened are unclear - the roads were wet, he was alone, and it appears that something happened to his rear wheel or tire which caused him to fall. At some point, it appears that his helmet either slipped back or completely came off his head and he broke his fall on his forehead. 

He was airlifted to the nearest hospital and has remained in ICU, totally unresponsive, for the past week. He has multiple broken bones and a very serious brain injury. It’s unclear at this time what the outcome will be, but it looks fairly grim.

He was an experienced cyclist (a multiple Ironman finisher) and in excellent physical shape. 

Just because you “know” what you’re doing doesn’t mean you’re immune. Even if you’re wearing a helmet, it doesn’t mean you’re immune. Please, please, please take the time, EVERY TIME to be sure your helmet is on correctly.

Here are some tips in case you’re not familiar (or could use a refresher!) on the proper bike helmet fit:

1. Make sure your helmet meets the basic requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Buy from a reputable brand. Look for a CPSC sticker inside the helmet. If you don’t see one, don’t buy it.

2. Most helmets are made from EPS foam, which is designed to crush on impact (absorbing the shock in place of your head). These helmets are SINGLE USE. If you have an accident and your helmet gets any impact, it is done. Get a new one.

3. Most helmets are very adjustable in sizing, but TRY ONE ON before you buy it! The key to a fit is your helmet should sit LOW, LEVEL and SNUG.

4. The front of the helmet should cover your forehead. If your forehead is exposed, you are vulnerable.

5. The chin strap should be snug beneath your chin - you should barely be able to fit a finger between the strap and your chin. Adjust the side straps so that the point of the V sits just below your ears. Many, many people wear the straps too loose, which can cause the helmet to slide out of place if there is an accident.

6. Push the helmet back and forward on your head - if you can move it more than an inch, it is too loose. Adjust the straps and test again.

7. CHECK YOUR FIT OFTEN. Helmet straps tend to loosen, you might be wearing a cap or wearing your hair differently - so your helmet may fit differently from time to time. EVERY TIME you put your helmet on, give it a good wiggle and check.

I know I sound like an overly concerned Mom, but this is serious stuff. Please be careful and protect your brain! It’s not “cool” to ride without a helmet - it’s just stupid.

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