What a supporter Malaquo Maegyr, the current ruling triarch of the Tiger, would wear, Gucci.

Volantis is ruled by there elected officials of the City who are called triarchs, they are neither kings nor princes, and any freeborn landholder, regardless of gender can vote for a triarch, who are chosen from amongst those noble families who can prove unbroken descent from Valyria. A triarch’s term lasts for one year. However, a triarch may run for re-election for the post as many times as they wish. The elections last for ten days at the beginning of each new year, and Volantis becomes filled with torchlight marches, speeches, mummers and minstrels and dancers, bravos fighting duels for the honor of their candidates, elephants with the names of would-be triarchs painted on their sides. Some candidates have slave girls and boys lay with voters to win votes. The triarchs are considered so elevated that their feet are not allowed to touch the ground during their year of service, instead, they ride everywhere atop elephants.