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Tibetan sand foxes are famous for their distinct look—square-molded face and little, triangular ears that are situated near its head. They form life-long partnerships and live, hunt and share the responsibility of raising their young together. Tibetan foxes are not overly territorial and many pairs live in close quarters and share hunting grounds.

Area Kitten Pretty Jazzed About Snow Day

When Floof awoke on Wednesday morning, the first thing she saw was a yard blanketed in snow. The next thing she saw was her local news broadcast.

“School was cancelled almost immediately,” says Fiona Teagen, the kitten’s friend and roommate. “Floof went bananas, she was so excited. She was doing laps around the apartment.”

A day without pencils, books and teachers’ dirty looks was music to her fluffy, triangular ears. Sources close to the situation tell The Fluffington Post that Floof spent most of the day ogling the snowy landscape and sipping hot cocoa in front of her comic books, quietly snickering to herself every other page.

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„You- You have cat ears-“

“Shut up.”

“Cat ears! Oh my God-“

“I said shut up!”

“But- Cat ears, Tony! And they move! You’re angry right now, right? They’re all flat against your hair.”

Tony whirls around, glaring, and Steve drops the hand he’s raised to reach out and touch the pair of black, triangular ears sprouting from Tony’s head. The cat ears twitch in annoyance, pointing briefly towards Steve, then they lay back flat as Tony grumbles.

“Yes, I am angry, but you don’t need these- these- abdominations to tell!”

Steve barely stifles a laugh; especially when he also spots a black sleek tail that now puffs up in response. “Don’t say that, Tony. You look cute.”

And his lover does. It’s adorable to watch these big ears react so honestly to Tony’s emotions.  Of course Steve can understand why it pisses the brunet off; he’s taught himself for years how to hide behind a practiced mask and now these new appendages give away how he feels all the time.

“Cute!”, Tony repeats with a hiss that sounds a lot like a cat’s. “I’m not- cute, cute is the last thing I want to be! I want to get rid of these things!”

That could be a bit difficult, Steve muses. The reason Tony even has cat ears and a tail currently is a magical one, after all – and since they aren’t an immediate threat for anyone, it’s not like they’re on a time limit to find a cure.

Steve tries to approach Tony again, places one hand on the back of his lover’s neck and rubs gently. Tony tenses at first; turns to make an escape, but Steve simply catches him with his other hand on Tony’s waist, keeping him in place while he rubs soothing circles into the tense muscles.

“Come on, sweetheart”, he murmurs lowly, watching the brunet shiver. “You really look cute. And Thor said this spell should wear off in a few days. Bear with them, hm?”

He can feel how Tony tenses up again, gets ready to argue and fight back – but in the end, he gives a noisy sigh and slumps backwards against Steve’s chest, ears now hanging down. Steve smiles into brown hair and moves to press a kiss to Tony’s temple.

“There you go. Now, what do you think about taking a nap?” His hand wanders, from his lover’s waist over his side, to his back and then further up, fingers closing gently around one of Tony’s new cat ears and rubbing. The effect is immediate; the brunet shudders and relaxes even further, even though Steve can feel his tail slap against his leg in annoyance.

“Let’s go take a nap, Tony”, Steve suggests again – and smiles when Tony turns around in his arms, kisses him and nods.

I… have no excuse-…. random Cat!Tony feels because why the hell not!

Tony with cat ears is so cute-

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Triangle Shaped Plugs - Introducing you to the GeoGauges line (1 of 5)

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Do you guys trust me?

Of course you do. Take my hand, I’m going to take you on a journey.

Imagine with me. You don’t have to believe me, but I want you to imagine with me.

Oregon, the late 70s. There’s a knock on Author!Stan’s door. It’s his twin brother, haggard and distraught and rambling about hypnosis, about Carla running off with a hippie out of fucking nowhere, and you need to help me, you get this stuff, you understand it, come on, bro, you gotta help me, I love her.

And for a moment, Author!Stan reaches for his coat, of course he’ll help, of course he will- except. A little yellow triangular voice in his ear says no. No why help him? When does he ever help you? He spends all his time with that lil’ jitterbug in the hot pants, you don’t owe him anything. You don’t have to help him- and besides, your work is so critical. The portal is soooo close, just so close. Abandoning it now? Foolish. Silly. BORING.

The Author puts his coat back.

No, I’m not going to help you.

Who would sacrifice everything they’ve worked for just for their dumb sibling?

And later, when Stan’s dragging himself back home smelling like smoke and aching from that crash into the ravine, maybe that little triangle is just so SO pleased with himself. It was EASY to hook that hippie up with a little brainwashing music, easy to send the two on their way, easy to break apart the mystery twins. 

Easy to isolate them. 

They’re so much easier to toy with when they’re all alone.

but what if

elezen babies are born with small triangular scottish-fold-ish ears in order to make it through the birth canal, and their ears growing long and stiff is a development marker like teething