did anyone notice this lmao
(SMA- Bermuda Triangle)

Me trying to explain the TVD love triangle to my mother. True Story.
  • Me: OK so Stefan and Elena were together first. And see here, he literally caught her when she fell off the bleachers and he fought compulsion --
  • Mom: What's compulsion?
  • Me: Basically it's mind control but vampires do it.
  • Mom: I thought he was a vampire?
  • Me: Yes, but he can be compelled by an Original vampire, which is that dude, Klaus. And Klaus compelled him to bite Elena but Stefan loved her so much he fought it.
  • Mom: Oh OK. Wow.
  • Me: RIGHT? And Elena basically did the same thing later when they weren't together and she was with Damon and --
  • Mom: Who's Damon?
  • Me: Stefan's brother.
  • Mom: Wait what? She WHAT? But Stefan did the swooping saving thing and fought that compulsion whatever.
  • Me: I know, Mom. I know.
  • Mom: Wait, I've seen him on TV before. Doesn't Damon kill people? Kill people Elena knows? Like all the time?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Mom: But she's with him? And he's Stefan's brother? Do they hate each other?
  • Me: Well, they did, but now--
  • Mom: And no 'and now'. No. This is stupid. How does it end?
  • Me: Well, Elena is in a coma for sixty years and her choice when she sleeps is Damon and --
  • Mom: Wait, why is she in a coma for sixty years? Will she stay young? This is stupid. Just kill her. I don't want to hear anymore. SHE CHOOSES DAMON? No. This is dumb. And Stefan is hotter anyway.

issac asimov and you ||| a mixtape for robots, androids, cyborgs, ai and other synthetic kids

fresh, never frozen - coda ♦ automate your soul - the derevolutions ♦ bizarre love triangle - computer club ♦ midnight harvest - unicorn kid ♦ the holograms - fol chen ♦ video girl - slime girls ♦ scary monsters and nice sprites (8-bit remix) - skrillex ♦ connect me - christopher norman ♦ digital love (sabrepulse chiptune remix) - daft punk ♦ brain in a jar - azureflux ♦ you will not fix me - daniel michael ♦ the disappearance of hatsune miku - vocaloid ♦ remote amber - squarepusher x z machines ♦ hidden track



Two interesting tidbits from Alex Hirsch’s recent interview with the AV Club. I’m especially interested in the bit about Bill - those answers were sent via email, so he definitely had time to think about the phrasing (and so, an implication that Bill’s plans might not be the true villainous core of the show).

And I spy another implication of Dipper starting to take Stanley’s path of mistrust and isolation.

Fish, honey, fish. Well...not really.

God, I just saw the pictures of me in drag from the SU drag show and I look like a hot tranny mess. My make-up was all wrong, my hair was not right, and the dress that had me wear was tore up. I may or may not look like my grandmother during the 50’s. The only thing going right was the heels they had me wear. Those 3 inch heels made my legs look like fire. FIIIIIYUUUUUURRRRRR girl.