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PHILOSOPHY DI LORENZO SERAFINI One-shoulder ruffled mohair-blend sweater | ISABEL MARANT Lysett buckled leather & suede boots | ISABEL MARANT Lynne patent leather skirt | CÉLINE sunglasses | LOUIS VUITTON Petite Malle in Noir epic leather | SHOP VIVALUXURY Three pearl ear cuff, Pearl & triangle ear jacket, Drop earrings & Diamond & pearl spiral ring

To Transcend (2/?)

Guess what guys! I finished this one! And I’m almost done with number 3! Links on ao3 once my account is up and running.

Outside the Mystery Shack (in need of major repair), Mabel was panicking. The Stans, as she was beginning to think of them, were watching her pace back and forth as she muttered to herself. Every time it looked like she was going to make a break for the shack - damn the consequences she needed to make sure Dipper was okay - Soos would dart forward with surprising speed and put a hand on her shoulder. Mabel would deflate and start pacing again, more worried than before.

Pounding footsteps and heavy breathing alerted her to the arrival of Wendy Corduroy, who looked and sounded like she’d run all the way from town in her effort to check in on the kids she’d gotten so attached to. Wendy looked up to see the same thing that her boss and his look-alike were steadfastly trying to ignore.

The Shack was twisting into itself, grayscale and real colors dancing around each other in their effort to calm themselves. All around her, the woods were alive in ways she’d only seen glimpses of. More pixies than she’d ever seen in her life danced around the  clearing, glowing every color of the rainbow. Firebirds and dragons zoomed past over head, and a grinning she-wolf winked at her before turning and walking away, her fur melting into the visage of a white maiden in an ethereal gown. If she hadn’t been de-sensitized to the strange things that happened around the Pines family, she’d have been seriously weirded out.

“Okay Mister Pines, what happened. There was a huge light coming from this direction, and everything started floating away like gravity turned off or something, and suddenly there’s more crazy things around town than ever before! What-” Wendy cut off as her phone buzzed in her pocket. Her cousin Henry, normally pretty chill, had sent an alarmed text about brownies in his bedroom, along with an accompanying photo to make it clear that he wasn’t talking about the dessert. She sent off a quick reply, something along the lines of ‘just make sure you leave out some honey or maybe porridge for them and you’ll get along fine’ and tried to return to her conversation.

Then she stopped and blinked because  there weren’t any brownies outside of Gravity Falls. She stared at her boss, then looked at Mabel who was more miserable than she’d ever seen. Something clicked and she asked one more question, much more hesitant than before.

“Mabel? Where’s Dipper?” Mabel just started crying.

When Dipper woke up, it was to the feeling that something had gone horribly wrong. He floated uneasily off the floor, yelping when he realized he wasn’t touching the ground anymore and flipping over a few times in an effort to stabilize himself, waving his arms like a lunatic and almost hitting himself in the face twice. Looking around, he found that he was in the ruins of the Portal room, and also that his clothes had been torn to shreds. Frowning, he eyed the remains of his vest with a critical eye before a burst of magic settled over him and his old outfit was replaced by a respectable black tuxedo, complete with black vest and gold cummerbund. There were gold triangle cuff links and triangle-shaped buttons on his neatly pressed white undershirt, and after some debate he decided a simple black bow tie would be coolest. He caught a blurry glimpse of himself in a ruined sheet of metal and poofed a black top hat over his head to complete the image. Somehow, it just felt right.

His next order of business was to figure out how to get out of the basement. Considering that a brief once-over told him he was still in the mindscape for some reason, just not his mindscape, he opted for floating through the ceiling. It worked, and he found himself amid the ruins of the gift shop a minute later. He saw figures in the distance, five of them. Each was radiating a blue-ish yellow fire-thing (Blyellow? Blellow? What even?) that he knew meant they were upset, so he floated through the door and over to them, mentally berating himself for forgetting to grab one of the leftover sock puppets so he could at least talk to them until he figured out what was going on.

Mabel looked up from her pacing to ponder making a rush toward the  house and figure out a way to save Dipper when she noticed a figure floating toward them. Distantly, she felt Soos’s hand on her shoulder again, but she paid it no mind. She stood, wide-eyed and shaking, as her brother (in a suit? where’d that come from?) floated towards them, equally wide-eyed and looking for all the world like he’d only been gone for a second and hadn’t been in the center of the biggest explosion of magical power she’d ever witness in her life.

“Dipper…?” She ran over to greet him before anyone else could stop her, and tackle-hugged him so hard that they both fell over. He was okay! He was really okay! He-

Her excitement dulled a little when she saw that he sunk into the ground a little bit and that his eyes had changed. Where once was white with brown so dark most thought it was black, now lived a black so deep her brain actually couldn’t understand how dark it was and a terrifyingly familiar gold that glowed softly in the fading light of dusk.

“Dipper what happened?! Are you okay?! I’m sorry if I made you mad but I trusted Grunkle Stan and when Pap-pap-” In the distance Stanley Pines mouthed 'Pap-Pap?’ at his brother who just shrugged in return. “-came out of the portal I was so excited that you might meet the author but you weren’t moving and then you were screaming and I didn’t know what to do but you were on fire and everything was exploding and you kept screaming and-”

It was at this point that Grunkle Stan finally blinked out of his confused stupor enough to do more than shrug at his brother out of habit. “Kid? Who’re you talking to? There’s no one there.” Mabel got up from where her tackle landed to glare at Grunkle Stan.

“Of course there is! I know its been a long day what with you getting arrested and all-” Stanley gave his brother a bewildered but resigned glance before deciding he should just let his granddaughter continue, “but how can you tell me that you don’t see Dipper! I tackled him for goodness’ sake! I know he’s not a ghost, since those’re blue and glow-y and stuff, but he was even floating! How do you miss that!?”

Silence. Everyone stared at her with wide-eyes, even Dipper, who had gotten back up and floated closer to the rest of his family and friends, snapping his fingers in front of their faces and frowning when he got no reaction except a bit of a shiver from them when he got to close.

“Ỳou ͘reaĺĺy͜ c̷ań'͢t ̴se̸e͜ ̧me̢?” Mabel started at the same time that he jerked back with his hands covering his mouth. “What did I just-” Dipper turned to look at Mabel, fear and confusion all over his face. “What’s going o̧n?”

“Dipper, I-” Mabel moved closer to him, to try to offer some support.

“I'̢͜͢l̀l̵͠” He cleared his throat before continuing. “I’ll be right back.” And Dipper floated off, deaf to her pleas to stay.

Grunkle Stan had spent the majority of his day worrying about the kids’ reaction to the portals, worrying about not making it home in time to see his brother step out of the portal, and now more recently worrying that the hole he’d punched through the fabric of space and time had killed his great-nephew. All in all, not the best day so far. Well, he had his brother back, but that was about the only good thing that had happened besides the water balloons and fireworks.

To tell the truth, he was absolutely terrified when the same blue fire from so long ago started pouring off of Dipper, and even more so when he swore he could hear Bill’s obnoxious laughter. It was all he could do to drag Soos to his feet, hoist Mabel up under his arm, and make a break for the emergency exit before the portal exploded and took everyone in the basement with it.

Mabel’s pacing after they got outside and her anger subsided was only grating on his nerves worse. Stan could sense the unease coming off his brother, but was grateful that he (like always) had the tact to wait until Mabel could start grieving or rejoicing, depending on how the rest of the evening went.

His heart damn near broke when she stood ramrod straight and whispered her brother’s name under her breath, almost like a question, a plea to whatever gods might be listening that her brother was okay.

His heart damn near stopped when she bolted towards the house with her brother’s name escaping her delighted lips and she tackled the air in front of her and she fell in slow-motion. He previously would have attributed that to the gravitational anomalies that had peppered the town since the portal neared total activation, but with its destruction nothing could have caused that now.

Then Mabel started babbling at the ground beneath her and Stan knew she was smart, that she wasn’t the type to go insane or start hallucinating if and when something like this went down, and another horrifying thought broke into his already exhausted mind.

Was Dipper dead?


It couldn’t be.

Ghosts, as Mabel was saying, were visible unless they didn’t want to be and they glowed blue and how did Mabel figure this out? He shuddered briefly as an unseasonably cold wind washed over him, along with a sense of foreboding he’d felt too many times today, except this time with a new, undefinable twist.

Then he heard a faint voice in the wind, warped and echoing and oh god that sounded like Dipper but his voice was different oh god. Mabel started more violently than he did, so she must have heard it more clearly. A few seconds later, a fragment of a sentence drifted back to him, and then suddenly the air shifted and the clearing was inexplicably warmer than it was before.

Mabel waited as patiently as she could, but Stan saw her all but vibrate with anxiety. She looked in the direction of the attic window, and Stan chanced another question.

“Kid? What just happened?” She finally tore her gaze away from the shack and turned back to her understandably confused family. She sighed and thought for a moment before answering.

“Dipper looks different and none of you can see him, and I don’t think you can hear him either. I think he went to get a sock puppet to talk to us with like what happened when Bill pulled him out of his body.”

Okay. That wasn’t what he was expecting to hear. He also didn’t think he wanted to hear the rest of the story. But she’d trusted him about his brother, so he figured he’d better return that trust.

“I believe you kid.” He couldn’t see it, but Wendy and Soos were nodding along behind him. Even if they had been in front of him he wouldn’t have noticed they stood together in their belief because he was so focused on the child in front of him.

After all… neither of them would ever even consider lying about their brothers.