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bad | 04

 he was the cliché bad boy. he was the guy you couldn’t stand. he was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. he was a brat. you had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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TITLE: bad | 04

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: romance, future smut, badboy!jungkook

WORDS: 3 155

WARNINGS: cussing, mature

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A/N: this part’s kinda weird. it’s more of a build-up chapter. there might end up being about 8 parts lol. thank yOU FOR 900, OMG


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Sometimes I just have to pause, take a deep breath, and pinch myself in order to believe that Roslin and Adama exist. Like this is actual canon shit in which two fifty-something people are allowed to be beautiful, flawed, powerful, broken, decisive, confused, in control, drowning, honest, terrified, intensely sexual, 100% deeply and irrevocably in love, and there aren’t even any love triangles or bullshit misunderstandings thrown in to create fake drama.

This is a canonical thing that actually exists.

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The more I think about this the more upset I get tbh like those sh@llura scenes that CLEARLY had romantic undertones........what was the point??? If the writers knew she's a teen why'd they do that???? Mouse washing was going to be in there??? But it's also clear they're angling for k@llura endgame. Now I'm worried they're gonna pull some love triangle bullshit and I suffered enough of that in lok I don't need that here too (but hey same writers so would it truly be shocking?)

I posted abt my fear of a k*ith/sh*ro/*llura love triangle but then deleted cuz i was scared i would jinx it but @ dis point i think they’re playing a game of “how much fuckshit can we pull in the shortest amount of time possible” and the next stop is shitty love triangle town, population 3

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If you don't mind me asking was there any reason as to why you added Ursula to the Vlad/Nathan dynamic?

The story was always intended to be a poly romance, it was set out from the very start with the intent of being an Ot3 :) It was always Vlad/Nathan/Ursula, even if Ursula doesn’t appear at the very start for plot reasons.

Part of this came from the long running joke in the romance/erotica industry, that if there is a straight plain Jane in a fantasy world, she’s in want of two supernatural male lovers to fight over her.

Another huge part of it came from a discussion I was having with some other writer friends, about how love triangles are utter bullshit, and just for once, it’d be nice not to have bisexuality/pansexuality demonized in an erotica story.

I had to edit a lot of stories back in the day that portrayed polyamory and ultimately bi/pan individuals as unhealthy, usually because they were being written by people who regarded it as a form of cheating. Inevitably one of the characters would be portrayed as villainous and removed, leaving the one “true” pairing behind. Usually either the m/f couple, or the m/m couple—with long monologue screeds about how the person is so happy that ‘phase’ of their life was over and now they could settle down and do ‘the right thing’. Or where the female character was just there as an oggling enabler (you see it in a lot of Avengers fic where Nat is reduced to “oh my goodness you silly boys just kiss!” and then is removed to the background as a voyeur—and if that’s not a manifestation of problematic slash writers idk what is) for the two guys to realize they actually loved each other then nope out once her work is done.

Cause I hate that shit.

So after some not so gentle nudging from friends who kept telling me I should write my own stories, I am.

Hunger Pangs was initially conceived as a fun exercise in flipping some tropes on their head, but is now very deeply vested in the portrayal of a healthy poly-romance between three sexually fluid individuals who like each other very much, where no one has to die or become the villain for the sake of their sexuality.

Another TFLN Meme

[text]: Just please try not to piss _____ off, I really can’t afford to find a new drug dealer again
[text]: Well I’ve made a drinking game out of the Wiggles but I think I’ve got this babysitting thing down
[text]: Haha never eat brownies from a guy with batman pajamas
[text]: He puked in the middle of it and I still wasn’t disappointed.
[text]: alcohol and riverdancing are a dangerous mix. have a sprained ankle. i die now
[text]: Psycho is an understatement. U were running around the house screaming I’M UNDER THE IMPERIOUS CURSE
[text]: This ER has an aquarium in it!!!
[text]: I’m fucking a man old enough to be my father who is also dating my boss. What have you done with your life?
[text]: You should hear the lecture my mom just gave me about cooking pizzas when I’m drunk because “I could have died”.
[text]: He’s tying my arms above my head and all I can think is that I should’ve shaved my armpits
[text]: You guys bombarded us in the bathroom and that kid whipped his dick out and peed in the sink.
[text]: i have a feeling he has a nice dick. i can just sense it.
[text]: anyone who buys me chipotle gets an automatic hj
[text]: Someone said we’re out of ice. You collapsed on the spot and started sobbing, saying ‘but where will all the polar bears live”. That drunk.
[text]: I ordered a million chicken go wraps and they gave me five. Even when I’m drunk I can count to a million and know its not five. They fucked me.
[text]: He woke me up at 5am to recite nursery rhymes to our fictitious unborn child.
[text]: I need you to be best friend brutally honest about whether or not I can go into public like this.
[text]: At what point in my life was I not hugged enough to be on my fourth walk of shame in half as many weeks?
[text]: Quick question. What’s the protocol on going back to a bar after going home with one of their bartenders?
[text]: Go back and try to find another to go home with.
[text]: I will gladly accept you into my home with open legs.
[text]: Ah, but I don’t wear underwear. Every day is Commando Wednesday.
[text]: I found an industrial strength sharpie in the drawer so I started writing BONER JAM 2014 on everyone’s foreheads so they kicked me out
[text]: This love triangle bullshit is getting out of hand. It’s now a love polygon and I want out
[text]: You pretty much lost your mind. Your ego has gotten ten time the size of your balls.
[text]: There’s so much mac and cheese stuck to my foot right now
[text]: Just told myself the phrase “You’re not THAT single” while dressing myself
[text]: who are you and why are you in my phone as Dr. Seuss
[text]: so explain to me why i woke up in jail this morning
[text]: you tried to order a margarita mcflurry and when they said they didn’t make those you tried to call 911
[text]: all i remember is you climbed in a garbage can and said you were trashed
[text]: not sure how we got back down, broken rib says we didn’t use stairs
[text]: I wonder if wearing only a tiara counts as being clothed.
[text]: Some lady just walked up to me in the bar and proclaimed that I looked like a “shady motherfucker.” Can’t argue with that one.
[text]: thanks for bringing me home and putting me in my bed. the pillow fort your built around me is also appreciated.
[text]: I just sneezed alcohol in a candle and started a fire.

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Oh come on a Claire Frank kiss after she gave birth and with Jamie's baby in her arms. .. this is such disrespect.. the show never understand the guilty feeling of Claire, totally différent of their bullshit love triangle.. I bet we will have a very explicit nursery scene. .. ugh....

Nursery scene aside (let’s not freak out now) this is the way that the story was written. Yes, they are going to focus on Claire and Frank in the beginning, but remember that this is what Jamie made Claire promise that she would do. She has to try for Jamie and Brianna. I don’t really want to see it either, but I guess we have DG to thank for that.

Yoongi loves Hoseok’s basement parties because Hoseok is his friend and they have similar music taste and he knows he can expect good music to be playing the entire night. He loves the basements parties because Namjoon always gets the best weed and Seokjin buys the best beer and he knows if he really wants to get fucked up he can without worry because he’ll always have quality stuff to help him lose his mind. 

He loves the basement parties because Taehyung always dresses his best in his tightest/ shortest clothing that hugs his body in all the right ways and no matter what it is the younger has on it will for sure leave Yoongi with a dry mouth and a half hard dick. He loves that he can just sit and watch his boyfriend look hot as fuck as he drinks or smokes the best stuff while his favorite songs play. 

Yoongi also hates Hoseok’s basement parties. 

He hates them because Hoseok’s parties always include a big dance floor that will have Taehyung pouting and asking Yoongi to dance until the elder turns him down for the hundredth time. He hates how he’ll have to watch Taehyung look sad all for five minutes until Jimin pulls him away to the dance floor to grind together and probably make the guys and girls around them cry because they want to touch but know both Namjoon and Yoongi will fuck them up if they do. 

Tonight is different though. Tonight Taehyung doesn’t take no for an answer. 

“You know i don’t dance, Taehyung.” 

Yoongi keeps his eyes on Taehyung’s exposed stomach rather than the younger’s face because he knows if he looks at his boyfriend’s face the younger will be pouting and everyone on earth knows Min Yoongi cannot say no to a pouting Kim Taehyung. 

“I know, baby but i promise, you’ll like this dancing!” 

Yoongi pretends to look annoyed as Taehyung steals his beer before he pulls the grumpy elder up from his spot on the couch. He’s hoping Taehyung won’t pull him right to the center of the dance floor but of course Taehyung does exactly that. 

“Just follow my lead okay.”

Taehyung has that mischievous look in his eyes that Yoongi loves as he positions himself to stand in front of Yoongi until they are pressed together back to chest. It’s the same look Taehyung had when he smiled right before he gave Yoongi a hand job in the back of their math class as the teacher went on and on about triangles and other bullshit and it sends a shiver down Yoongi’s body in anticipation. 

Taehyung closes his eyes, almost as if he’s feeling the beat that is playing from the song, and Yoongi groans when the younger moves his body in a way that has his ass pushing against Yoongi’s dick slowly. Yoongi feels lost on where he should be holding and Taehyung seems to notice as he giggles and uses his own hands to lead Yoongi’s so they slide down Taehyung’s chest until they stop to rest on the younger’s pretty hips. It’s easy enough to move his hips so they can follow Taehyung. The friction is just so fucking good Yoongi pushes himself closer to his boyfriend trying to get more as they move together. 

“See i told you you would like this dancing!” 

Taehyung tosses his head back so he can turn it enough to suck at Yoongi’s neck and he knows by the end of their dance there’s going to be a dark purple mark he’ll have to hide from his parents for days. Right now though Yoongi doesn’t give a fuck. He’s already half hard on his way to full boner and he has no problem with grinding against his boyfriend until they cum in their pants like the horny teenagers they are. 

“Is this dancing or dry fucking?” 

Yoongi moves one hand from Taehyung’s hip to let his fingers slip under the waistline of Taehyung’s leather pants and the younger thrust against the air in hopes of pushing Yoongi’s hand further against his dick. Yoongi follows his move and pushes his own dick against Taehyung’s ass pulling a hiss from his mouth. 

“Does it matter?”

Yoongi notices Taehyung is panting and they’re both sweating, if it’s from the heat of their teasing or the bodies surrounding them on the dance floor, Yoongi doesn’t know but it makes everything that much better. 

He’s manages to get the button of Taehyung’s pants open and the younger’s zipper pulled down so he can grip Taehyung’s dick and the moan Taehyung lets out at the first up and down movement of Yoongi’s hand makes Yoongi groan himself. There he was in the middle of a crowded basement jacking his boyfriend off as they grind against each other and people around them danced and probably watched them and Yoongi was moments away from just saying fuck it and fucking Taehyung right there when the younger seems to read his mind. 

Taehyung turns around, pulling Yoongi’s hand out of his pants, and giggles as he pulls Yoongi away from the dance floor and out of the basement, no doubt to one of the bed rooms upstairs. Yoongi manages to lock eyes with Hoseok as he walks by and his friend wiggles his eyebrows as Yoongi rolls his eyes. 


Hoseok screams and Taehyung laughs before moving to whisper into Yoongi’s ear.

“Let’s fuck on Hoseok’s bed, hyung.” 

Min Yoongi was in love. 

wanna know the literal funniest thing about people who still wanna say “Yuri on Ice” is queer-bating? the show managed to “straight bait” in the very first episode:

we are introduced to Yuuko’s character in episode 1

she is obviously happy to see Yuuri again after a long time

and after Yuuri performs for her, her reaction is this:

she even nearly dropped his glasses!! and then we meet her daughters

and then her husband comes along too

and instead of making some kind of love triangle bullshit with a married person with children the show does this:

and this is true all the way of the show 

even into the finale

look at how proud Yuko and Takeshi are!! their baby rinkmate just broke a World record and it brought them to tears!!

the Nishigori’s interaction with Yuuri sold me on the show in episode 1 ok, the friendship among these 3 is in my opinion, under-rated. I love Viktuuri, but I wasn’t fully sold on that one until episode 3 maybe 4. 

So yeah, please let this become the next trend: more male-female friendships that are treated as something important without having to have romantic undertones.

characters we definitely need more of:

1. noah. a whole redemption or a 0.01 second cameo to have him come on screen and say “ok i’m not straight last season was a joke haha”


3. Katie and Sadie. Big chance for gay.


5. eva

6. team escope

7. fuck i dont know, not duncan

8. just eva will be good at this point

9. tyler!!! ???


11. eva. please i need more give her a chanc

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Plz try and explain to me how he ISNT a fuckboy who led two girls on ????? I'll wait.

HA. Okay I’ll play along.

For starters, a “fuckboy” is a callous loser who thinks he has entitlement over women/ their time/ their body/ their affection etc. etc. The kind of guy who is a womanizer who believes he deserves women and is completely appalled at the prospect of putting in any effort. Lucas Friar is not that guy. 

I don’t know what show you’re watching but that isn’t at all what happened? For starters, he was confused because the girl he does like is all of a sudden trying to push this sibling like relationship on him when that’s not at all how he feels and the girl who he thought couldn’t care less about him apparently had “feelings for him.” That’s enough to do anyone’s head in.

Lucas, just like Riley, was trying to do what was best for everyone involved. He repeatedly said “if this is what you want [about being platonic].” and later on he makes freaking flashcards to emphasize his feelings “what about what I want” and how he didn’t want this bullshit triangle to be the end of their friendship. 

A fuckboy doesn’t care about friendship. Lucas did. A fuckboy doesn’t care about hurting anyone’s feelings. Lucas did. A fuckboy doesn’t talk to the girl he’s not going to choose beforehand to make sure they’re okay. Lucas did. A fuckboy would try his very best to keep both girls. Lucas didn’t. He chose because for him there was only one choice to make. 

The only reason it took him so long to make a decision is because he didn’t want anyone to get hurt and that’s completely understandable. 

Is he a flawless character? No, of course not. But he’s also not who you’re trying to make him out to be.