triangle top swimsuit


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 5.29.17

lace-up retro bikini styles by ktrcollection

ktrcollection’s bikinis are available in a TON of different patterns and solid colors, too — just pick your fave silhouette and choose your own adventure. these high-waisted suits have lace-up sides and teeny triangle tops for a retro look.

Exact wardrobe matches from 'THE UNINVITED

I love this 2009 reimagining of Korean horror film ‘Tale of Two Sisters’, boasting a talented cast and a thrilling plot, I was smitten immediately. I also found myself in love with Anna’s (Emily Browing) wardrobe. For years I scoured the internet searching for replicas, and until recently, my results were fruitless. Most of these are eBay finds, and are not easy to find, but hopefully with brands and photos, other fans can find their own match. 

Anna’s swimsuit:


American Apparel nylon tricot triangle top one piece swimsuit 

Anna’s Nightgown:

Hanro brand nightgown. FOUND:

Anna’s 'Confronting Rachel’ blouse:

Banana republic sheer blouse FOUND:

Anna’s funeral dress:

(in the film the dress is slightly altered) Lucky Brand embroidered peasant dress. FOUND:

Anna’s 'get the necklace’ top

(the top is slightly altered in the film) Abercrombie and Fitch

Anna’s 'Out in town’ top

Joie striped fray edge button down top FOUND:

I will keep searching for more exact matches of different pieces from the film. Hope this was helpful!