triangle rice


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Bento Usui style! (teriyaki chicken)


-Chicken Breast


-Seaweed paper

-Assorted Greens (spinach, lettuce etc etc)

-Oyster sauce


-Soy sauce

-Dragon Fruit

-Vegetable oil


-Red/Yellow Pepper


1. Get some rice and season well with salt and pepper.

2. Get shaping! mold the rice into a triangular shape! You can also go for an oval shape or any other shape you want.

3. Cut up some Seaweed paper and make the eyes, mouth, and whiskers!

4. Stick them onto the riceball and let it rest for a minute.

5. Get out that bento box!! We’re gonna start decorating!

6. Lay out some assorted greens at the base of the box! This will be the start of your color!.

7. Carefully lay your rice ball onto the greens!

8.Time for the chicken! Mix together oyster sauce, vinegar, and soy sauce and make the marinade.

9. Marinate the chicken! You can use your hands or just submerge it in the marinade.

10.  Grill the chicken and prepared the dragon fruit!

11. This fruit is very similar to a kiwi. Just think of it as an oversized kiwi lol.

12. Cut it in half and cut a circular piece. Then cut that circle into 6 triangles.

13.  Lay the triangles around the rice ball and make it look cute!

14. Take the chicken out and place it next to the riceball on top of the greens.

15. Next for some color! cut up some onions and peppers!

16. Arrange them however you want around the bento!

17. There you have it! The usui style bento! Depending on the size of your bento box you can play around with the portion size. 

Bad Boy, Good Heart (IKON // BOBBY)

hi ! can i request a bad boy bobby ? where he’s like super badass but he has a soft side for you and the members of ikon get shocked when you come over to see them practicing and fall asleep then bobby carries you to the couch ? and they tell you about his soft spot and how he will do anything for you ?

You hummed your favorite song as you continued to pack lunch for Bobby and his members. Finally, you were going to meet the rest of the iKON members, and you were more excited than nervous. You could not help but wonder what kind of people hung out with your cool and charismatic boyfriend. Bobby had told you to stopped by so that he could finally introduce you to his friends, and you only hoped that those friends would like you.

After you finished shaping the last rice ball into a triangle and placing into the lunch box, you closed the lunch box and got ready to leave your house to head to where Bobby practiced.

Sweat dripped down Bobby’s face and body as he continued to run through the choreography for iKON’s latest song. He was able to keep up with the movements, but after practicing for two hours, he already had buckets of perspiration. His powerful moves felt through the song and once the song ended, Bobby was finally able to take a breath.

“Let’s run through it again after a five minute break,” B.I said, clapping his hands together.

Everyone groaned as they sat down to rest their tired bodies. “This is probably one of our most difficult dances so far,” Jinhwan said in between breaths. “I’m practically bathing in my own sweat.”

Bobby watched his other members in their own zone before he decided to speak. “Hey guys, I’m having somebody visit us today. She’ll be here in a little bit,” he explained.

All of a sudden, no one felt tired anymore. They all sat up straight and looked at the rapper, eyes widened. “Your girlfriend?” Chanwoo asked. After Bobby nodded his head, conversation became louder.

“What the heck? I thought you were kidding when you said that!” Junhoe exclaimed. “You really have a girlfriend, Bobby hyung?”

Then Yunhyeong bombarded with questions. “What’s her name? How long have you been with her? Does she know what kind of person you are?”

Bobby scoffed and looked at Yunhyeong. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well…” Donghyuk interrupted. “If you didn’t know, you were kind of a player back then. You know, charming girls here and there only to break their hearts in, what, less than a week? Don’t forget how you almost caused many scandals if it wasn’t for the company taking care of that. Also, that time when you-”

“Alright, cool. Thanks Donghyuk,” Bobby sarcastically replied. “But I really like _________. We’ve been dating only for a month, but I think you guys will like her, too.”

The rest of the members showered Bobby with applause. “Wow, a month. Our Jiwon has grown so much. We can’t wait to meet her.”

“Yeah,” B.I agreed. “I want to ask her how she’s able to handle this bad boy who doesn’t care what the world thinks about him and just does whatever he wants… Anyway, five minutes up. Back to practice, guys!”

The seven guys reluctantly stood back up and moved to their positions. When the music played again, the only thing that could be heard from the song was the squeaking of the floors and stomps.

“This seems like the right place… The staff member did say it was around here,” you told yourself as you read the sign outside of the room, practice room. You could not look inside, for the window was more opaque. The song was the only thing that confirmed that it was Bobby and his group in the room.

You tried knocking at first only to remember that the music was very loud, so you slowly pulled on the door handle and pushed it open. The music was now very clear. You found seven guys focused on their reflections in the mirror, dancing really hard. Then you found Bobby near the back of the formation. You watched as your boyfriend looked very focused working and found it admirable. It was the first time you saw this side of him.

Just then, Bobby glanced at the door in the mirror and found you looking in. He stopped right away and hurried over to where you stood. The other members looked back to see what caused Bobby to stop practicing though they continued to perform the choreography.

“You’re here,” Bobby greeted before leaning in to kiss you on the lips. Electricity shot through your body. Bobby was a good kisser. He took a step closer to you, and your heart was racing. It was not even first time he kissed you, yet it always felt he did when his lips touched yours.

Remembering that there were other people in the the room, you moved a hand to his face before pulling away. Bobby took a step back and stared at you and your flushed cheeks. “Your friends,” you reminded him.

“They don’t mind,” he assured before slipping his hands into yours. He then walked over to the music and paused it, causing the other members to stop and turn to both of your directions.

“Hey guys. This is my girlfriend, ________,” Bobby announced.

You then stepped forward and bowed. “It’s nice to meet you guys. Um, I know you guys are practicing for long hours, so I made you all lunch. You can feel free to grab a box when you guys have your break.”

The members also took turns to introduce themselves to you. You were able to memorize their names. A part of you felt complete to finally meet the other people who were important to Bobby. “I’m not sure if you’ll like what I made. It’s just triangle-shaped rice, stir-fried cucumbers, sweet and salty lotus roots, and zucchini pancakes,“ you told them.

“Don’t worry, babe. They’ll eat all of it. Right, guys?” Bobby asked the members. It was sort of a passive-aggressive question, and the members could tell that Bobby wanted them to finish the food.

“Thank you for the food, Sister-in-law!” they shouted in unison.

“We’ll it all of it!” Chanwoo assured. “We surely don’t want Bobby hyung to kick our-”

Junhoe quickly nudged the younger one hard in the stomach, causing him to groan his pain and clutch his stomach. Junhoe chuckled, embarrassed.

“Sister-in-law?” You could not help but laugh at the nickname. It sounded funny and weird at the same time, but not that bad.

“Alright, guys. Come on,” B.I said. “Let’s practice for another half an hour and then we can have lunch. Sounds good?”


Bobby lead you to a spot on the floor and told you to sit down. “You can watch us practice here. Actually, don’t look at anyone else. Just me, your hot boyfriend.”

“Wow, what an ego,” you joked, hitting his chest.

“What?” Bobby laughed, his eyes turning into half-moons. “Don’t tell me you don’t think I look good while I’m sweating and moving my body. I saw you watching when you opened that door.”

You could not find a comeback, so you were only able to laugh out loud. Bobby found it cute and leaned in to kiss you on the cheek. “Watch me, okay?”

Watching the boys practice was fun at first until they kept doing the same thing over and over and over again. You were on the floor, observing Bobby as he listened to B.I’s critique, but then your eyes started to grow heavy. Your head leaned forward before you jerked back up only to have it slowly lean forward again. You were tired. All you wanted to do now was just sleep…

After B.I had given corrections about some of the members’ timing, Bobby looked over to where you sat to check up on you. You had fallen asleep with your head leaned on your knees and arms wrapped around your legs to keep them standing. Bobby’s expressions softened, and his body was no longer tense as he kept it when he danced. “Just a second…” he mumbled to the members before making his way towards you.

He carefully moved your head to his chest and placed one arm under your body while his other hand under your legs. Standing up, he walked over to the couch and laid you quietly on it.

The other members watched him and exchanged glances as they watched Bobby move a piece of your stray hair behind your ear. It was an image that was new to them, for they have never seen Bobby act so nice and just so subtle around anyone except for you.

When you woke up, you could not believe that you had fallen asleep. You did not hear any music at all, only chattering. Your rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and sat up straight. Your hand felt the material under you. It was the couch. You wondered if Bobby had carried you there.

You noticed that the other members were eating the lunch that you packed for them and sitting around in a circle. It made your heart flutter, knowing that they seemed to have liked the food. Jinhwan was the first one to spot you awake. “_______, come here and sit with us,” he invited.

“Where did Bobby go?” you asked them as you walked to them and sat down next to Jinhwan.

“Restroom,” Jinhwan answered. “Are you hungry?”

“No, I made them for you guys so enjoy it. I ate before I came,” you replied.

You watched as B.I put a piece of pancake in his mouth and ate it before speaking to you. “Bobby’s really lucky to have you,” he told you.

“Really, why?” you asked, curious.

“You’re someone who is able to let him be himself,” B.I explained, eating another piece of pancake. “He has a soft spot for you.”

The others nodded their head, agreeing with the leader.

“Bobby might not have told you, but I’m sure you were able to tell from his aura that he’s not the nicest guy,” Donghyuk commented. “He’s gotten himself in trouble quite a few times. With girls and just with other people who had different views than him. We noticed from when you walked into the room that Bobby would do anything for you and that you’re important to him.”

“He is pretty tough,” you admitted. “He has such confidence that people can mistake for arrogance. He also does whatever he wants despite what others say. I have seen that, but I also think it’s because that he has you all that he’s sort of grounded. I’m glad that you guys think that he sees me as someone he can lean on.”

You heard the door open, and Bobby returned from the restroom. He was surprised to see that you had woken up but was happy to come and sit next to you. “Why didn’t you sleep some more?” Bobby asked.

“This isn’t my house, babe. I can just sleep when I get home,” you laughed. You then grab the lunch you made for Bobby and opened it, handing it to him. “Here, you should eat, too. You need all that energy.”

Bobby snapped a pair of wooden chopsticks and picked up a triangle-shaped rice, taking a bite out of it. You watched as he ate and smiled. You then grabbed a towel that was right by you and began to wipe away his sweat. “Don’t want to make the food really salty,” you joked.

“Wow, when can I get a girlfriend like Sister-in-law?” Junhoe questioned out loud as he watched you and Bobby.

“You can’t. She’s one of a kind,” Bobby answered with a smirk.

“Oh my- Look,” Yunhyeong stated as he pointed to his arms. “I’m getting goosebumps. I didn’t know Bobby was so cheesy.”

“Shut up,” Bobby chuckled before he fed you some of the food you made.

Yunhyeong looked offended and placed his chopsticks down. “You can act all sweet around your girlfriend but wait until I reveal all your secrets to her! You can scare so many people, but I’m not one of them, KIM JIWON!”

Bobby shook his head and turned to look at you. “You see what I deal with?”

You burst into laughter with the rest of the members. Maybe Bobby did have a soft spot for you but you were glad that you were able to see the side of him that most people could not. His past was not going to affect your time with him now or in the future.

- Fany ♡

Pocky game

A/N So I’m tired and hyper. Definitely not a good mix. I’m doing a little (huge) go at doing LL pairing doing the pocky game. Wish me luck and I’ll see you on the other side!


“Umi-chan say ahh~”

Just as she turned her head, the second year felt a small object being forced into her mouth. The weird sensation caused her to look away from her friend and towards the small treat placed between her lips.

Confused and looking for an answer, the archer looked back towards Kotori. It seemed the other wasn’t going to give an answer by speech, instead she was met with playful golden orbs, as Kotori bent down and placed a strand of her hair back behind her ear.

Kotori placed her lips against the other end of the stick and sent her friend a playful smile.

Umi was about to open her mouth to speak when all of a sudden Kotori pushed forward on the treat, the pocky breaking at the impact and falling back into their mouths.

Umi’s mind took a while to comprehend what had happened until the warm sensation on her lips sent her into a fainted heap on the floor.


Eli pulled out the last stick out the box just as Nozomi was about to reach for it.

“Elichi~ mind sharing?”

Looking at her friend with an questioning glare, she tore her gaze away from those emerald eyes and to the sweet in her hand.

“Hm? oh sure”

She snapped the stick as close to half as possible before handing one side over to Nozomi.

Nozomi took it with a smile “thank you~ but that’s not what I meant”

Eli’s brow raised “then what did you mean?” she regretted that immediately when her friend drew closer, a sneaky hand circling around her back and to her waist.

About to voice her confusion, azure eyes widened when Nozomi suddenly leaned in to claim her lips, a sneaky tongue forcing its way in.

Flabbergasted, the blonde sat there for a few moments frozen. Her body unwilling to move as Nozomi deepened her advances.

Pulling apart, the third year grinned at the other’s reaction.

“Thank’s for the meal”


How and why was I dragged into this mess…

Nico’s mood became more sour as she stared at the girl across from her. Twirling a strand of her red hair between her fingers.

She then averted her glare to the box of unopened pocky that had been placed on the desk between them.

The last thing I want to do is be so close to that rich brat but Nozomi said this was another step at being a true idol. I just wonder why I’ve never seen anything about this before…

“Lets get this over with” she heard the other mumble as she reached out towards the box, her eyes watching every move as Maki drew a stick from its packaging.

She stilled a gulp when the other slowly placed the stick in between her lips and looked back into her eyes.

“Why you little- you did that on purpose!” she yelled while grabbing onto Maki’s shocked face and forcing their lips together, stopping Maki’s speech in its tracks.



“Kayo-chiiiin~ Rin wants to play a game~”

In response to her friends sudden outburst, the first year to to her curiously. “What game Rin-chan?”

The cat like smile appeared on the others features as she pulled out a bento from no where. Placing it onto her lap and lifting the cover, revealing two rows of steaming white rice.

Hanayo couldn’t stop the drool if she tried, hands clasping together as if she’s just witnessed a puppy taking its first steps.

Rin placed the lid back on from the flowing rice, but not before taking one out. She placed the box onto the desk and turned towards her friend.

“Kayo-chin say nya~”


At that moment, Rin placed one side of the triangle shaped rice into the others mouth before biting the other end. She had made sure to squeeze it together extra tight so it wouldn’t fall apart.

Despite having heaven’s food placed in her mouth, Hanayo’s attention was on how close Rin was to her, the detail’s of her friend etching there way into her mind.

Then, out of no where, the space between their mouths got smaller, then again, then smaller still. Until she could sense the soft lips of her friend right against her own. Hanayo’s cheeks exploded with color until her mouth became fully enveloped.

Some one help me!



The A-rise memeber looked back from her position on the carpet and at the beaming ginger sprawled out on her sofa.

“Yes, Honoka?”

The other grinned while pulling a familiar looking box out from her pocket “look what I got~”

Tsubasa’s cheeks turned a few shades of red when she got the hidden message within the others eyes.

Looking back at her book, the brunette ignored the conversation ever happened.

The reaction - or rather lack of - was enough to cause the other to pout “aww come on Tsu-chan~ I hear the’re better with some one else…”

Sighing, Tsubasa dropped her book and turned until she was fully facing the other girl.



Sitting in a better position, Honoka took off the outer packaging and took out one of the treats. She placed it between her grinning lips and leaned slightly forward.

Gulping back a lump in her throat, Tsubasa slowly leaned forward and took the smallest part she could.

Her body became frozen when Honoka started to happily much on her end of the pocky, a satisfied grin on her features.

Tsubasa’s temperature started rising the more Honoka got, the hairs on her neck standing at full height.

She so close! I can’t take this anymore!

She snapped the treat and pushed herself against the sofa, the force enough to send her flying backwards and hit her arm against the coffee table.

Honoka blinked a few times in surprise;




The petite third year averted her gaze from the laptop screen and towards the only other member in the club room.

It seemed Nozomi had only stayed to annoy her.

Her face flattened once she turned back to see Nozomi, blazer and bow placed on the floor with her shirt undone a few buttons. Upon closer inspection it seemed she had placed a stick of pocky in between her cleavage.

Nico didn’t want to ask, but only in boredom did she go against her instincts “what are you doing?”

Nozomi grinned “why, making sure you get daily treat”

Nico turned back to her laptop “no thanks, not hungry”

She heard the other make a surprised noise before flinching when two hands placed themselves onto her shoulders “aw come on~”

Nico sighed what a troublesome woman. Looking at the pocky and then at Nozomi, she gave an un-amused look before giving in and taking the treat from in between her friends breasts.

“There, happy?”


Umi stared at the stick that was currently taunting her.

It sounded funny really, how something so small and delicate could force her into a aroused state.

Eli wasn’t making it much better, with her little noises that she made while thinking, then as her lips moved the pocky around in small circles and ultimately making Umi’s head spin.

Umi gulped and tried to avert her attention elsewhere.

In doing so she failed to notice the blonde grin as she looked at her through her fallen hair.

“Umi?” she called once finished her treat.

“Y-yes?” the other answered, making sure to look everywhere apart from the other female. She wasn’t an idiot, the blonde had put her in this position many times before.

“Would you like one?” Eli asked innocently, holding the box out towards her.

Finally looking at Eli, she blinked in mild confusion. Looking at the box suspiciously before slowly taking one.

“T-thank you” she mumbled while placing a small part in her mouth, a red hue spreading right back to her ears.


Looking back towards Eli, she screamed when the blonde had pushed her back onto the bed, hair sprawled out in every direction but pocky still somehow in her mouth.

She looked up into those azure pools as Eli gently grasped the treat and pulled it from her lips, claiming them with her own shortly after.

“I prefer Umi to chocolate anyway”

Well… you can definitely see what pairings I prefer from the length of the paragraphs. 

The reason on why Eli, Nozomi, Nico and Umi appeared twice? Nico threatened me, Nozomi washi washi-ed me, Eli teased me and Umi’s my favorite bun bun~

If anyone anywhere wants me to do other pairings doing the pocky game then let me know!