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5 Expressionist Buildings in Los Angeles

Expressionist architecture was designed to elicit inner feelings and emotions—here are five buildings you can see in LA county to spark inspiration.

  1. Pereira & Luckman, Theme Building, LAX, 1961
    Built as a smaller version of the airport’s original domed design that was scrapped by the airlines, the futuristic construction of the Theme Building welcomes travelers to LA, “the City of Tomorrow”.
  2. Chancy Miles Lott, Culver Federal Savings Bank (now Chase Bank), Manhattan Beach, 1965
    Inspired by the nearby ocean, the bank resembles a clam or scallop shell with sand colored glass reflecting the sea.
  3. Sidney Eisenshtat, Sinai Temple, Westwood, 1960
    Eisenshtat used stained glass and triangles as motifs—reflecting his belief that synagogues had a horizontal, rather than pyramidal, organization—in the Sinai Temple, which houses the oldest and largest Conservative Jewish congregation in Los Angeles.
  4. John Gougeon, Pasadena Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, 1976
    From bustling Colorado Blvd, the church looks like your standard church. But when viewed from the smaller Madison Avenue, its dramatic, swooping façade is revealed. 
  5. Frank Gehry, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Downtown, 2003
    Originally, the Concert Hall’s façade was intended to be covered with stone, but over the decade-long development, the stone was replaced by its now-signature brushed steel. 

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