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I'm faceblind (can't recognise faces without a lot of effort and being really familiar with them) so I still can't the boys apart. I get hate and called a fake fan a lot for it so do you know any guides to getting to tell them apart. I know names, birthdays, hobbies etc and yet for the life of me I can only recognise JinJin and thats only half the time help.

Okay it took me way too long to get around to doing this, but I hope you don’t mind!

I went ahead and made a basic guide showing all of their facial features, so hopefully this alone can be of some help!  But, I will continue and go more in depth.

MJ has very straight brows, and hooded eyes.  His eyelids have a bump in them below his brows and the shadow is usually stark enough that you can see it (like in the photo above).  He has more of a “square” upper eyelid line.

Jinjin’s eyes are more “droopy”, and his aegyo sal is really only noticeable near the inner corners of his eyes.  His eyebrows are also rather straight, but they curve all together?  I hope that makes sense.

Eunwoo has a slight double eyelid, and he has the most prominent aegyo sal.  Eunwoo’s eyebrows are very “feathery” I guess you could call it?  They are uneven on the bottom side.

Moonbin’s aegyo sal is the second most prominent.  His eyes are rather round and follow the sterotypical “almond” shape.  He has pretty thick lashes on top and bottom, and sometimes it can be mistaken for being eyeliner.

Rocky has the smallest eyes among ASTRO (when their faces are relaxed).  His eyes are more elongated, and he has a double eyelid.  His brows are the fullest, and they arch upward.  The arch is thicker than the start and end of his brows.

Sanha has the roundest eyes in ASTRO, and has very long upper lashes.  We don’t see his eyebrows much (I couldn’t find a front facing photo where his eyebrows were showing), but his eyebrows are more arched than the other member’s.

MJ has a “flat” nose when it comes to height of his nostrils.  They’re also very defined. The bridge of his nose is thin between his eyes and gets wider closer to the tip of his nose.  His lips have a wide cupid’s bow, and the upward points of his cupid’s bow actually looks like they’re legitimate points.  His lips are one of the fullest in ASTRO.

Jinjin’s nose looks almost all like one triangle shape, as his nostrils don’t have very much definition.  His nose is rather flat in reference to the ends of his nostrils being pretty much equal in line with his septum.  His top and bottom lip are about the same thickness, and he has a small mole/freckle under his lip that you can spot if he isn’t wearing makeup (or minimal makeup).

Eunwoo’s nose has a very round tip that sticks out from his nostrils.  While most nostrils have a line that goes inward towards the middle, the line of Eunwoo’s nostril’s goes outward and up.  He has heart shaped lips, with a thicker lower lip and a smaller upper lip.  He also doesn’t have a prominent dip in the bottom of his upper lip, giving him a straight line between his upper and bottom lip.

The septum of Moonbin’s nose dips down, which is probably the most notable part of his nose.  His nose also has an almost straight line from the bridge down to his nostrils in the shape of a triangle.  Moonbin has “M” shaped lips, and they are rather thin.  (His upper lip “disappears” almost entirely when he smiles).  The corners of his lips are further down than the middle.

Rocky has a very strong nose that turns up at the tip, making his septum slightly higher than the ends of his nostrils.  His nose bridge is also rather straight.  His lips are also fuller than most other member’s, and the corners tilt upwards more than the others (even when he isn’t smiling).

Sanha has large nostrils.  His nostrils end lower down than the middle of his nose, and his nose is turned upward.  He has a straight bridge.  Sanha’s lips are very round, and the bottom middle part of his upper lip dips down quite significantly, giving him quite full looking lips.

I went ahead and made diagrams of my explanations, to try and accentuate the shapes a little more.  They’re under the cut.  I hope this helped!


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pls talk about Xiumin's nose.



i first want to draw your attention to the curvature of his nose against his round cheeks

omg i can talk all day about xiumins nose juST FUCKING LOOK AT HOW HIS NOSE ACCENTS HIS CHEEKS

FuCK GuUUh his nose just creates this little valley with his cheeks anD HNGhN IT JUST POPS UP FROM HIS FACE LIKE A LITTLE MOUNTAIN OF CUTE SQUISHINESS HANHn and the arch of his nose is so perfectly curved hNAhGN its just so smoothly arced

and those nostrils too dAMN LIKE


and omg look at how perfect his nose is from the side

if someone were to actually allow me to kiss xiumin i’d totally go for the nose like im being 100% serious here

its just a little mountain of happINESS AND IT JUST MAKES ME SO EMOTIONAL

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I've always been curious... Whats the backstage behind the names Squeeks and Boogie? Are they real nicknames, or internet only? Any cool stories there?

We do call them Boogie & Squeaks on occasion. Boogie more so than Squeaks, I would say. Boogie is a pet name (much like little monkey or sweetie), that we started using with our son when he was tiny. As soon as he could stand, he was dancing to music. Everywhere there was music, there was Boogie dancing. Additionally, he was born with my nostril shape, where one can see if you have the tiniest speck of…um…a booger. Is that terrible? We have triangle nostrils & we are proud!

Squeaks was born sounding like a squeaky fan belt on an old car. She didn’t coo or gurgle much. Just all sorts of tiny, bird-like squeaks — awake or asleep. At each & every stage, she has different sound effects that she masters & prefers over others & they all could be classified as squeaks :D

Thank you so much for the question! Take it easy :)