triangle headed

Xolotl, god of death and husband of El Muerte.

Bill used this as one of several ‘humanoid’ forms he would take whenever he interacted with his subjects back in his days as an Aztec God. Different forms tended to go with different gods he represented or different regions of the Aztec empire, but this, along with the triangle-headed blue God, was his preferred appearance for Xolotl.

so im watching the first episode of phineas and ferb with my little brother and this is an incredible experience

-they really enjoy clarifying that ferb is their step brother and that he doesnt talk much
-they go to new york, rushmore, france, and SPACE, on their coaster
-their mom is really oblivious to everything??? the tree explodes and she doesnt believe candace
-the scouts call their mom mrs fletcher, but is that her maiden name or her new husbands name, bc ferb and his dad arestep-relatives
-are candace and phineas fletchers? is ferb a fletcher? what’s going on
-the boys defaced a national monument and a professional orchestra played dramatic music for it
-how old is candace
-isabella has the entire scout group helping her try to woo this triangle headed fuck
-they blow up the tree in ep1 but you can see in ep3 that its holding perry’s ship
-hey why the FUCK is no one getting news coverage of this

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"Harry Styles spotted singing with a mysterious yellow triangle-headed puppet. New Couple Alert?" <---the headline, probably

“Ever since meeting on set, the wild haired pair have been rumored to be simply smitten with each other, even spotted leaving the same members only club minutes apart. Could this finally be Styles chance at love? Maybe it’s the stripes, maybe it’s the fact that they have both been linked to their roommate’s, but it seems that ‘Berry’ is really heating up! Just look at this chemistry!”

“Stay tuned for more on this developing story!”