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Serious Young Man

I wrote this fic for @inknose​ who has been my Yuri on Ice enabler for a few weeks now and I love Yuri on Ice, which as we all know saved 2016, cleared up my skin, paid my taxes for me, and restored my faith in humanity… It’s Otabek and Yurio and IDK I’m new here and I love everyone on this rink ok bye!!! (~1200 words.)

Serious Young Man

The first time Yuri Plisetsky sends Otabek a picture of a cat, Otbaek wonders if it’s a mistake. Was this image meant for him? What is its meaning?

That is a cat, Otabek writes. 

Yuri agrees: Yeah.

Yuri Plisetsky is fond of cats. When he sees one on the street, his face changes, and it takes him longer than usual to realize it, to change it back. When he pets one, his shoulders relax. 

Now, he’s sharing pictures of them with Otabek. Only one picture.

It seems cute, Otabek writes. 

Yuri agrees: Yeah.


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Companions AU Chapter 2

(Ha it rhymes!)
Have more of this, because I can’t seem to stop for the life of me-
Chapter 1-
“Lance, give me one good reason why I’m not slaughtering you right now.” Pidge grumbled, arms folded over her chest as she leaned against the pristine white wall of the Hybrids Hospital, in the room where the Cat Hybrid Lance had found a while ago was getting examined.

Lance smiled sheepishly. “Umm, because I had no idea you’d pulled an all nighter again and called you down here anyways?” He asked nervously, sweating slightly under the Halfling’s intense predatory glare. Hunk raised his head from where he was examining the Maine Coon Hybrid’s ears.

“No arguing you two. Especially not at this time of day.” The big human scolded lightly, before turning his attention to the infected stump. “Hmm… sheesh Lance, you really brought me a tough case here. This needs surgery to remove the damaged flesh and bone, and fast. You said you found him in the alleyway next to your house?” Hunk questioned, Lance nodding confirmation.

“Yeah, around 4am or so.” Lance clarified, glancing at the clock on the wall and wincing. It was 11 on a Saturday morning, and he’d been awake the entire time, cleaning up the mess in the bathroom, calling Allura to give him a week off while explaining he’d taken in a stray Hybrid, calling Hunk for a Vet appointment for said Hybrid, calling Pidge in case the Hybrid was microchipped, and researching what Hybrids were able to eat. He was nearly dead on his feet at this point.

“He doesn’t really look feral to me. Though whoever owned him previously definitely abused him, poor thing.” Hunk sighed, rubbing the Hybrid’s ears. The Cat let out a quiet, broken purr and leaned into the touch, pleased.

“Hey, I’ll pay for the vet bill, Hunk. Just make him feel better. You should have seen how scared he was of me, at first. Then once I got him a bath and some food it was like I was suddenly God to him or something, he looked so happy. I thought he was going to cry when I showed him the guest bed.” Lance muttered, remembering the look on the Hybrids face as he allowed the Cat to sleep on the mattress. He’d grown attached to the black and white Hybrid overnight, and he was considering adopting the poor thing by this point.

The Hybrid in question mewed softly, tail tip twitching while he tilted his head slightly at Lance. Hunk smiled tightly, recognizing the symptoms of Hybrid abuse quite clearly from his best friend’s words. Pidge made a gentle, distressed chirp and extended a wing to brush against her human pal’s arm reassuringly.

“Well, once Hunk fixes him up, I’ll scan for a microchip and see what bastard owned him.” Pidge murmured, before eyeing Lance suspiciously. “Dude, you look tired as fuck. Did you get any sleep last night?” The Halfling Owl asked, poking the lanky human in the stomach.

Lance blinked blearily, lightly batting Pidge’s hand away sluggishly. “I dunno, I got home around like, one in the morning? And one to four is… uh…” he narrowed his eyes in concentration, muttering quietly in Spanish under his breath before perking up again. “About three hours or less?”

Pidge squawked in alarm and Hunk’s head whipped up. “Dude! You need to go home and get some more sleep, pronto! That’s not good for your health, buddy.” Hunk cried, startling the Hybrid into a low hiss. Hunk turned to the Hybrid and rubbed his ear soothingly, relaxing the Cat back into compliance.

“Listen, Lance, I’ll get this Cat some surgery for his arm and any internal problems he might have while you go home and get some sleep. I’m guessing you already called Allura to explain why you won’t be at work today?” Hunk asked, hands on his hips and raising an eyebrow.

Lance nodded. “Yeah, I have the week off. She said I have to bring my new companion by once he’s all better though, you know how much she loves Hybrids.” He cracked a weak smile at his best friend, Pidge snickering to the side.

“Alright. Well, let’s get the big guy here prepped for surgery. Lance, would you mind helping out? I need to put him under so he doesn’t freak out when you leave.” Hunk motioned Lance over, and Pidge popped up next to the Hybrid as he was gently laid down on the bed.

“Why Lance?” Pidge questioned curiously, eyes following the twitching tail as Hunk prepared a tranquilizer.

“Cats tend to trust those who’ve fed and cleaned them more than strangers, and I want to keep him calm while I put him under. I need to do it now, otherwise we risk the Hybrid panicking and possibly worsening his injuries. So I need all his focus on Lance while I tranquilize him.” Hunk explained, moving over to the Cat in question.

The Hybrid made a questioning chirp as Lance ran his fingers through the now fluffy white forelock.

“Hey, Kitty. Hunk’s gonna make you sleep for a little, but once you wake up I’ll be here and you’ll feel a whole lot better, okay?” Lance assured the Cat Hybrid, scratching lightly behind the soft triangle ears.

The Hybrid smiled slightly and purred, silver eyes trusting but flickering with panic and pain when Hunk inserted the needle.

The Cat made a startled yowl, jolting away from the Vet, curling towards Lance, but the syringe had already deplunged all the way and Lance watched quietly as the Cat fell into a motionless sleep, still stroking his head. Lance sighed and pulled away regretfully, allowing Hunk to rearrange the Cat on the bed.

“Good afternoon my lads! Dr. Garrett, I believe you paged me?” A cheerful, familiar redhead nurse popped into the room, twiddling his mustache and grinning at the room inhabitants.

Hunk looked up with a smile. “Ah, Coran, perfect timing. This Hybrid is to go in for surgery, if you don’t mind calling Dr. Ryner down?” The kindly Vet asked, the nurse nodding and dashing off to find the female surgeon.

“Hey Lance, we can’t just keep calling this guy ‘The Cat’ or ‘The Hybrid’ all the time. Should we name him something to call him for now?” Pidge piped up, Lance startling out of his sleepy daze to look over at the kitty in question.

Lance hummed thoughtfully and ran his fingers through the white forelock one more time, thinking. Just then, a gentle Japanese pop song floated over the radio, and Lance was hit with an epiphany.

“How about Shiro?” He said, looking at his two friends. Pidge choked and Hunk sweated lightly in secondhand embarrassment, though for Lance or the Hybrid he didn’t really know.

“Shiro? Really, Lance? You’re calling him White in Japanese? I can’t believe how much of a weeb you are.” Pidge groaned, smacking her palm against her forehead. Hunk chuckled.

“Shiro will be fine for now, we’ll just say it’s a nickname for something.” Hunk explained as he moved around the room, putting away the medical equipment he’d used to examine Shiro, as he was now called.

“I’ll think on it more when I get home, thinking is hard when I’m half asleep.” Lance muttered, swaying.

Pidge grabbed his arm to stop him from toppling over. “I’ll drive you home. It’s a wonder you got here in the first place, half asleep with an injured Hybrid. Keys, now.” The Halfling demanded, and Lance gratefully dropped his car keys into her hands.

He took one last glance at the peaceful look on Shiro’s face though.

Lance prayed for a successful surgery, for both their sakes.
Four chapters. Four chapters is when I deem it an official AU in for the long run. Don’t be afraid to send me asks about this AU! I love reading comments on my work, Anon or otherwise :3 so….. Chapter 3, anyone?

The dogs of St. Petersburg

(a sequel of sorts to this headcanon)

St. Petersburg is more crowded than Hasetsu. Even at nine in the morning, when the work rush should have been over, Yuuri can hear the low rumble of passing trucks, the occasional sharp honk, even up in Victor’s spacious penthouse apartment.

Last night, he’d been exhausted from the long trip and confused by his new surroundings. Victor had greeted him enthusiastically, affectionately…and like he was made of spun glass, liable to break at any moment. He’d made a big show of all the space he’d made for Yuuri’s things, an even bigger show of asking him if he wanted to sleep in the spare bedroom–as if they could even sleep in separate beds any more. Yuuri had yawned once, and he’d immediately pushed him to go to bed.

Yuuri still hadn’t been able to fall asleep, the occasional car horn or shout on the street waking him up every time he began to lapse into dreams. Victor told him that the sound of traffic outside will eventually become comforting, but Yuuri is still jet-lagged and culture-shocked. Most of his stuff is still in boxes, and the rest of it is heaped on the couch–“it’s okay, Yuuri,” Victor says, even though the place was clean when they arrived, “don’t let it bother you, take your time!”

Yuuri is in a strange place and his fiancé is acting strangely. He sighs.

“Hey Yuuri,” Victor calls from the front door. “I don’t want to rush you, but if we don’t leave soon, we’re going to be late!”

Since when does Victor not want to rush Yuuri? Yuuri’s nose wrinkles. “I thought we still had forty minutes. Isn’t the rink something like five minutes away?”

“It takes a while to get there,” Victor insists. “It’s not as close as it looks in Google Maps.”

“Apple Maps,” Yuuri corrects.

“There’s your problem,” Victor says cheerfully. “Apple Maps is crap in Russia. Definitely don’t use it.”

Yuuri’s glad to be here. He wants to share Victor’s life in St. Petersburg. Victor never complained about how different things were in Hasetsu–not once–and Yuuri wants to return the favor. But everything is different. The water tastes weird. The seagulls have a harsh accent. It is so cold that he wants to die. Apple Maps doesn’t work. 

And his fiancé is acting like he’ll break at any moment.

Yuuri shoves these complaints aside. It’ll all work out. He’ll get used to it. Victor will get used to it. It’ll be fine. It was definitely not a mistake to move halfway around the world.

Ten minutes later, Yuuri’s donned trackpants, gloves, a heavy coat, and has somehow managed to find the box with green tea amongst his unsorted rubble in the living room. The hot water isn’t quite hot enough, but it’ll do.

He and Victor shoulder their gear and trudge down the stairs.

It’s Yuuri’s first time seeing St. Petersburg in sunlight, and it’s almost blinding. It’s a lot more crowded than Hasetsu. The sidewalk is filled with people; cars idle in front of them, waiting on a traffic signal up ahead. To the left, there’s a cathedral. To the right…

“Wait,” Yuuri says, “isn’t that the rink right there? Two blocks away?”

“Yeah, it’s farther away than it looks,” Victor says.

Yuuri is trying to figure out if he’s lost all sense of depth perception–maybe he really is that jet lagged? Maybe his notion of proportion is skewed by the Russian latitude?–when Victor stops.

“Purga!” he says to the Samoyed that is about to cross their path. “It’s been so long!”

“Ah, you’re back, Mr. Nikiforov,” says Purga’s owner.

Victor tugs the sleeve of Yuuri’s coat. “Yuuri,” he says, “this is Purga! I’ve known her since she was a puppy. She’s seven years old, looking quite young for her age, don’t you think? Purga, this is Yuuri Katsuki, my fiancé.”

It’s a good thing that Yuuri has studied Russian introductions. “Uh, hi.” Yuuri waves at the dog.

Purga is a giant ball of white fluff tipped with triangle ears and a giant pink tongue. Yuuri is pretty sure she’s laughing at him. 

It turns out that it takes Victor Nikiforov twenty minutes to traverse two city blocks, and it’s all because of the dogs. He greets the dogs he recognizes by name–Zorkij, Lovkij, Buben, Azhur–and demands the names of the dogs he doesn’t know.

“Who is this?” he says just outside the rink. The elderly lady is holding a leash attached to what is possibly a ball of angry mange, or possibly the homeliest dog in the entirety of all Russia. One ear is tattered; his fur is patchy at best. A single canine pokes out from a drooping lip, and spittle gathers at the edge of the dog’s mouth. The dog fixes asymmetric, red eyes on Yuuri and lets off a low growl.

“Oh, this is my little Groznyi,” the woman responds. “He’s a rescue,” she adds, unnecessarily.

Victor bends down and gives Groznyi a gentle rub down his snout. Groznyi’s eyes slit shut, and when Victor rubs his haunch, his back leg kicks involuntarily.

“Groznyi! What a cutie!” Victor exclaims. “You’re a very good dog, Groznyi!”

Yuuri waits until they’re a few paces away. “You know,” he mutters, “if you call all the dogs cute, it doesn’t mean anything.”

Victor looks shocked. “Yuuri. They are all cute.”

“Groznyi is the ugliest dog I have–”

Victor gasps and claps a hand over Yuuri’s mouth. “Yuuri!” Yuuri hasn’t seen that disappointed a look in Victor’s eyes since he snubbed Minami last September. “Dogs have excellent auditory capabilities. What if Groznyi overheard you?”

Yuuri shakes his head. “Victor, I was speaking English.”

“He’s an old dog,” Victor says. “You never know what languages he might understand.” Victor folds his arms across his chest. He looks hurt, disappointed, and upset. They really are going to be late at this rate.

Yuuri looks up into his fiancé’s eyes. For the first moment since he’s arrived, he doesn’t feel homesick anymore. He’s wondered how to get Victor to stop walking on eggshells around him. Apparently, insulting a dog–any dog–will do it. This giant dork is precisely why he came to St. Petersburg.

“You’re right,” Yuuri says. “I’m sorry.”

Victor just continues to look at him.

“I’ll apologize to him when I see him tomorrow,” Yuuri says. “Do you think we should get Groznyi a sweater? He must be cold, with his fur…um…”

Victor breaks into a smile. “That’s an excellent idea!”

Victor takes Yuuri’s arm, and together they head into the rink.

Siren Song (Part 1)

Fandom: Lucifer(Fox)

Character Ship: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1262

Request: “ HEY! I saw your post and wanna request smthn. Could you do a Lucifer Morningstar x reader where she’s bisexual and when Luci first meets her he gets a weird sense that something isnt particularly human about her and after being drawn in by her charm and personality (not even noticing that they never have sex and he doesnt even miss it bc hes with her), he finds out that his initial suspicion is right and she’s a mythical creature-siren, werewolf, etc, your choice. Thanks lovely! (And plz tag me)” from @the-fastest-mutant-sith

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anonymous asked:

I love your animal ears and tails?? they're so cute??? do you have any tips for drawing them o: !! I would really appreciate a few pointers, i really look up to your art :D regardless have a good day!

hi, thanks for the message!! I’m kind of bad at explaining things but here’s how I do it

for ears: big triangles along the top of the head (make sure they follow the curve of the head to be more convincingly attached) and then fluff inside the ear in all sorts of directions

for the tail: I usually draw a nice S-curve and then pile on the fluff around it

and finally

…I have no advice for him I’m sorry

haha anyway I hope this helped a little? feel free to send me a more in-depth ask if you were looking for something specific C: have a good day!!

Every day when i look at my cats i think to myself “what have i possibly done to deserve this…” … those triangle ears…. those colourful noses… the mews… the mrauws…. the purrs…. the toe beans….


Hhhhh! For some reason Tumblr forbidded me from answering directly.

To draw The Judge, make a circle for his head, body and paws. Then add the other details. (But The Judge isn’t much of a cat because of his big eyes, head and mouth. xP)
However, drawing a semi-realistic cat isn’t different from drawing the verbose character. Your cat can vary depending on its breed, like a Munchkin who has really short legs and fluffy fur, a Siamese who has really long legs, and etc. Simply draw a circle for the head, 2 triangles for the ears, 2 almonds for the eyes, a nose and a mouth that looks like this :3 . 
To make cat poses, once again, draw a circle for the breasts and a bigger circle for the hind leg. Add lines poking out to make the arms and tail. Put little details like fur and whiskers.

Anyway, just keep practicing! Learning to draw something doesn’t happen overnight, try to give at least an hour each day to practice the shapes, you’ll get there! And thank you!