triangle choke


This is legit a conversation I heard my instructors have during our BJJ class today.


MORE BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU VOLTRON! The first one was here. This isn’t an AU, I just imagine that Shiro was like a black belt before he got captured by the Galra and once he and the paladins started training he decided to teach the others.


Basic Triangle Choke from Guard, Jiu jitsu (by Wayne Gichie)

jonnylmiller  Today I competed in my first ever martial arts tournament at 43yrs old in #brazilianjiujitsu. This is a picture of me failing to secure a triangle choke on my opponent. I lost most of my matches but one enough to earn a joint 3rd place. HUGE FUN. Thanks to my opponents (beasts) my teammates at @evolutionmuaythainyc who competed and showed up to support and especially my Coach the impressive gentleman that is @adambenayoun OSS. #grapplingindustries #ABjiujitsu #younevertoooldbitches

jonhillm  Almost Goteeeeeeeem