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do u know triangl bikinis?? like the rly popular ones? where can i buy them :D

Summer is coming, so I’m on the lookout for cute swimwear myself! I do know about Triangl bikinis, but they are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.

Instead, you can buy dupes online for less than $20 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all orders, no minimum :)

❀ Bambi (Bubble Mint) ~ Chloe (Arizona Sunset) ~ Milly (SR Splash)

While I love Triangl bikinis, there are so many other cute ones out there. If you’re a swimsuit freak like me, you HAVE to check out all of these; they’re also really cheap AND come with free worldwide shipping!

Floral bikiniColor block blue bikiniJewelled bikini

Black cut-out bikiniLeopard print bikiniDaisy bikini

As for the guys out there, I know that no one on tumblr really posts about swimming trunks & summer wear. I’m not an expert on male apparel, but if you’re a guy and you want to check out some new stores, I’d recommend THIS ONE for cool tees and other things to wear in the summer. Plus, they offer free worldwide shipping on all orders, no minimum :D