trials and tribulations of my high school life

Title: Transported

Artist:  Tarabottiwrites

Author:  Manningstar

Rating (art/fic if different): PG-13

Word Count: 8,500/17,000 (in progress)

Warnings: None

Fic Summary: The only way Blaine finds release from the trials and tribulations of life as a closeted high school freshman is by losing himself in the emotions and sensations of playing the cello. But when his cello takes on a life of its own, Blaine learns to find courage through love. 

Link to Art: See it here

Link to Fic: Read it on AO3 

Author’s notes: Thank you so much to Tarabottiwrites for creating such an inspiring and beautiful piece of art. As soon as I saw it, I couldn’t get the idea for this story out of my head. I also am incredibly grateful to Wowbright for providing great insights as beta for this fic and also to Gigisplanetfor pitching in with additional, very helpful editing and cheerleading. And of course, thank you to the organizer of the KBL-Reversebang for being the catalyst for so many wonderful new stories and works of art in the fandom. 

anonymous asked:

What song(s) are you most excited about on the Covers with Friends album? The pre-sale just hit iTunes and I saw Simple Man with Jensen and Wagon Wheel with Rob on the track list and totally flipped! 😃 Especially over Wagon Wheel because I've wanted a longer version of it since I saw the small little snippet on Misha's YouTube 😁


REASON WHY is because i was raised with so much country music that it’s super rare for me to find a composition of a country song that i really enjoy (have u ever heard too much of something that when u hear more of it down the road it starts to make u feel physicall ill)

i listened to the preview of it on itunes and it is SO CUTE. the harmony of the chorus is so sweet bc you can pick apart who’s each part, but they blend together perfect. i love it ;u; and i love getting to hear more of rich’s voice!

i was also a huge fan of the beatles when i was in high school (I KNOW I KNOW I WAS THAT PERSON,) so when Come Together was announced i was ecstatic. it’s a lot of different elements of different parts of my life merging! c:

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What’s your relationship with the Supernatural cast? I’ve caught bits and pieces of it in your posts, but I can’t say I’ve got a clear view of it.

friendly/business acquaintances with some! but i can guarantee a lot of them are really down-to-earth people who understand the trials and tribulations of trying to break through in the arts, so they’re all pretty supportive of artists that’re super active within the fandom. so i play the occasional email/dm hot potato

so i’m on a first-name basis with a handful of the lovely spn cast, but you probably won’t see me hanging out at any of their up-and-coming family bbqs

(actually, i should shoot jason a quick message abt that. if i did the COVER of covers with friends, does that mean i too have been accepted into this friendship circle? it’s all middle-aged men. i’m not a huge fan of whiskey or golf, so again, probably won’t be hanging out a lot, my 90′s dad humor aside)

differently-flawed  asked:

Who inspired you? Who put all those beautiful thoughts in your mind? Who keeps you going?

Thank you for this question… just thank you. 

There are people who will never see their name in big lights.  People who’s name never got to be shared amongst the billions, or not everyone got the chance to see their souls and how beautiful they are as humans.  But people who deserve to.  For me, that’s my father and my grandfather. 
I WISH so badly to put into words how much they have impacted my life.  I wish you guys could meet them. 

My dad, he is the best dad in the world.  He struggles with life at times, and I can see that in him.  He carries so much weight, all the time. He’s the reason I want to be better.  He’s the reason I ever accepted myself for who I am.  I remember telling him as a kid I wanted to be a scientist, a vet, a singer, a dancer, no matter what it was, and he would always say “as long as your happy, that’s all the matters”.  He always told us kids to chase our dreams, and if it meant he had to get up at 6am to drive us to practice, or sit and listen to horrible singing, he would do it.  He always believed in me.  He still does.  He reads all of your guys comments on my videos, he calls me when he comes up with awesome video ideas, he’s my biggest fan in life.  He always has been.  He loves his kids more than anything on this earth. I’ve always wished he could love himself like that.  Because he deserves that kind of love.  When I’m sick, he drops everything to bring popsicles and advil.  When I was young and would have nightmares, I would go sleep on the floor beside his bed and he’d reach his hand down and hold mine until I fell back asleep.  It’s the hand I still reach for when things get rough.  He would run to the moon and back if we asked him, and he wouldn’t even make fuss.  My dad taught me to be humble, but believe in myself.  He taught me that no matter what, at the end of the day all that matters is if you were kind.  He holds so much weight on his shoulders, he carries so many of us, holds us all together and doesn’t even see how amazing he is.  He’s not perfect, but he laughs at it, he embraces it, and he’s always honest and real about it.  He’s my best friend and my biggest role model. 

My poppa, God I miss him.  He was superman.  He kept getting so sick, and somehow he always made it through.  Because of that, I think I always just believed he would be around forever.  He was so stoic, so kind, and everyone knew it.  I had never met a person who didn’t like my Poppa.  I would fake sick to go hangout with him and my nana.  We would build bird houses and he would just have this smile on his face.  Before he passed, he had the slowest, worst computer in the world, and he had my Youtube bookmarked.  He would watch everyday, every video.  He never always told me too, that’s the amazing part.  He just did it out of love.  He just always wanted to know what his family was doing and that we were happy.  That’s all he ever needed to fill him up everyday.  I want to be like that.  I would always lay on his shoulder and feel home.  Feel safe.  He had his trials and tribulations in life, and instead of ever using them as excuses, he used them to make him stronger.  A better person.  My sister and I would go over at night when I was in high school and just sit in their bed till 1am and talk about life.  I remember telling him I didn’t like drinking much, and he looked at me square in the face and said “me neither, maybe we should try pot.” He was just Superman.  He was supposed to live forever, but when he didn’t, I don’t think I’ll ever fully recover from that.  I don’t want to.
I can’t just accept that someone like him was only around for just a chapter of my life.  He will be forever written on every page in some way. 
When life goes to shit, and I’m having the worst possible day,  I always think of my Poppa and just how proud he would be no matter what I was doing, and I keep going for him.  
Funny enough, he raised my dad, and when missing him hurts too much, I go see my dad.  He doesn’t realize how much of my Poppa he carries in him.  There needs to be more people like them in this world.  More men like them. 

So if you’re still reading this, thank you. 
Thank you for letting me put their names in big lights even for just 5 minutes.