HL triathlon/sports anime/fitness au because I can! Research is hard work so let me have a long post for this :)))

Running leg

  • Miong, Kawit Brigade
    • always has the expensive gear and refreshments
    • can you feel the electrolytes
    • has time to run and fix his hair
    • muscles of note: he is a lean dorito, his entire fine torso, shoulders, lean arms and forearms
    • specialty probably: 100m track, final sprint can take him to the lead nbd
  • Toñito, Artikulo Uno
    • round brusque tito
    • he doesn’t even work out at a gym he just carries heavy stuff around a lot 
    • big big angry man do not provoke
    • his skin shines in the light of the sun fight me
    • muscles of note: biceps af, hamstrings, glutes, obliques, pecs
    • specialty probably: 400m track, consistent with his speed so he does not tire easily despite his size so he is v good with long distance running
  • Alejandrino, Team Hot Dads Bagbag
    • the guy who made the jerseys probably misheard him
    • but ur fave uncle did not mind Manuel probably did tho
    • he sweats a lot so towels towels towels
    • has time to work out and trim his beautiful facial hair i mean look at him have u seen him not on point
    • he doesn’t get sunburns he just turns red like ur typical mestizo baby probably and goes back to glowing snow white after!!!! dermatologists hate him
    • muscles of note: obliques, glutes, calves
    • specialty probably: 100m track, occasional hurdles if he feels like it, always the power start so he gets tired after a few laps

Cycling leg

  • Pole, Kawit Brigade
    • Miong spoils him with rly good gear 
    • he bikes on his spare time when he wants to let loose
    • smol fragile baby must protect
    • he bikes to secluded quiet places to study and read books
    • muscles of note: cheekbones are not muscles but hey, lean arms and slender legs, but his calves are killer and he has secret power thighs
    • specialty probably: road races as domestique (rides close to the team leader to block the other teams) or puncheur (specializes in rolling terrain with short but steep climbs)
  • Paco, Artikulo Uno
    • precious roll of newly baked bread too good too pure for this earth put him back in the oven where he will remain unharmed
    • when Toñito is carrying heavy stuff around, Paco helps!!!
    • Paco actually spends time at the gym so he can keep up with Toñito (in case he needs help) also bc he enjoys staying at the gym
    • Ang Alamat ng Biceps ni Paco Roman
    • helps Rusca and Jose with their upper body workout bc the poor ensaymadas like running and leg work more
    • muscles of note: THOSE QUADS, THOSE HAMSTRINGS, THE GLUTES, THE WORKS, also obliques and biceps!!!!!!!, pecsss
    • specialty probably: road races as domestique and climber/climbing specialist (rides especially well on highly inclined roads, such as those found among hills or mountains), he probably goes casual mountain biking on his free time who knows
  • ManuelTeam Hot Dads Bagbag
    • he regrets not being the one to talk to the person making the jerseys but what can he do haha
    • forever suffering kuya
    • had to ask Paco to take care of Jose’s work out routines!!!
    • the Bernals love their leg work 
    • We Are Sorry Kuya Manuel 5.0 (how many times have u suffered in our fics and hcs we’re gomens)
    • muscles of note: he is also a lean dorito, powerful shoulders, lean arms, lean but powerful legs (where does he keep his muscles we don’t know)
    • specialty probably: road races as sprinter (sudden bursts of speed to accelerate to the finish line) and time trialist/chronoman (can maintain high speed for a long period of time)

Swimming leg

  • Goyong, Kawit Brigade
    • #LanguyanSaLingayen
    • he is spoiled by tatay Miong
    • his training regimens are facilitated by coaches and stuff yeah
    • spoiled child pls fite him
    • forever wet look also
    • i can hear all the fangirls from within a hundred mile radius
    • muscles of note: triceps, legs probably, the small of his back
    • specialty probably: 100m free, 400m relay (free leg), he always swims the free leg with the front crawl (primary style), his secondary stroke is backstroke (he likes looking at the sky/ceiling)
  • Rusca, Artikulo Uno
    • he is so carefree look at him
    • he also eats a lot to compensate the intense training Paco gives him
    • but Paco ends up being too considerate tbh
    • he loves being in the water this bby aww
    • he probably makes Paco go to the pool with him
    • Paco can only float tho
    • Jose and Rusca teach Paco to swim hahahaha
    • cuties
    • muscles of note: biceps (slight), glutes, obliques, calves
    • specialty probably: 100m breast stroke, 400m relay (breast stroke leg), 100m free, he swims the free leg with either front crawl or breast stroke (primary style), his reach/arm span increases at the last few meters (breast stroke)
  • JoseTeam Hot Dads Bagbag
    • he either rly loves their team name or he likes seeing his kuya pissed off hahaha
    • he doesnt mind either bc he doesnt get to wear it haha
    • hangs out with Rusca a lot!!!
    • mostly to annoy Goyong hahaahaha
    • they play pranks on each other!!!! (on Goyong HAHAHAHA)
    • sometimes they go to Goyong just to annoy him so they can swim at a nice in-house pool
    • he likes Paco’s training regimens but Rusca complains a lot so he tends to side with Rusca and just end up playing instead of training
    • Paco tolerates them too much haha bbys
    • muscles of note: the real lean dorito, dat shoulder to waist ratio okay, pecs, obliques, calves, SERRATUS MUSCLES (he worked hard on these the most), back muscles
    • specialty probably: 100m butterfly, 400m butterfly, 100m free, 400m relay (butterfly leg), he does butterfly (primary style) because of his breathing expertise (or so he says) also flexibility (kuya Manuel said it was the hardest so he did it haha), he usually does front crawl or butterfly on the free leg

Whenever I tell people that my family is from South Africa, one of the first questions I’m asked is usually: “Wait, there are Jews in Africa???.” After biting back my knee jerk retort of “WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU THINK EGYPT IS?,” I  say: “Yes, my parents, grandparents, and some of my great grandparents were born in South Africa.”

Jewish immigration to South Africa is a little known chapter in the larger story of the Jewish Diaspora.  Some of South Africa’s Jewish population came when the country was first being colonized from communities in the Netherlands and Portugal, but most Jews came to South Africa in the late 19th and early 20th centuries from communities in Eastern Europe.  99% of Eastern European Jewish immigrants moved West to America and the United Kingdom.  I am descended from the 1% that moved south to Africa.  My family came as refugees.  My mother’s ancestors uprooted their family from Lithuania to save the boys from service in the Tsar’s armies and certain death.  My father’s ancestors came from Russia a decade later, fleeing persecution under the Bolsheviks.  Our story is not uncommon.

The South African Jewish community was, like the rest of Apartheid South Africa, segregated and isolated.  The Apartheid government was virulently anti-Semitic and were Nazi sympathizers.  When my father did his two years mandatory service in the South African military, his dog tags were stamped “JEW/JOOD.”  He was the captain of the gymnastics team and still the coach called him their “little lucky Jew.”  Drill sergeants referred to him as “fokken jood.”  My grandfather had such a difficult time getting work as a Jewish doctor, he briefly moved to London (he moved back because it was even worse there).  So, Jewish South Africans closed ranks and protected their own. As usual, the new world didn’t promise much more than the old. 

The Apartheid government did not actively persecute Jewish people in South Africa. They were too busy murdering Black Africans and they needed everyone who was at least vaguely white passing on their side.  Some Jewish South Africans bought this as actual acceptance. Others saw through it.  Many Jewish people acquitted themselves with honor in the struggle to end Apartheid. ALL of Nelson Mandela’s defense lawyers were Jewish, with the exception of Bram Fisher.  ALL of the white/white passing Rivionia Treason Trialists were Jewish: Harold Wolpe, Joe Slovo, Denis Goldberg, Lionel Bernstein, Bob Hepple, and Arthur Goldreich.  Goldreich and his family hid Nelson Mandela and many others on his farm, Lilliesleaf at grave personal risk to him and his young family.  Joe Slovo’s wife, Ruth First, was murdered by the Apartheid government’s secret police while her husband was in exile.  Harold Wolpe’s wife Ann Marie was a journalist and was badly harrassed by the police and was even briefly imprisoned. Helen Suzman was the lone voice of opposition in the Apartheid parliament, enduring unchecked sexist and anti-Semitic rhetoric on the floor of parliament.  Mannie Manim and Barney Simon created the Market Theatre in Johannesburg. For years, it was the only space in South Africa where the races could mix and make art together.  They also helped Harold Wolpe and Arthur Goldreich flee the country, disguising them in costumes borrowed from the theatre.  We could have done better, but I am exceptionally proud of those who did fight and die to end the centuries of injustice in South Africa.

The relationship between South Africa and the Jewish people is a complicated one. We came as refugees, but too many of us mimicked the colonizers.  My parents left South Africa in 1986, hoping that America would be a land of equality and justice (HA!).  My brother and I grew up hearing stories of the Jewish people who stood up and fought. They were to be our guide.  They said: “May you be like Harold and Arthur and Joe. May you be like Ruth and Helen and Ann Marie.” May we all follow their example.

2016 Orlando Pride Preseason Roster

Goalkeepers (3): Aubrey Bledsoe, Ashlyn Harris^, Julia Kantor**

Defenders (9): Laura Alleway^, Monica Hickmann Alves^, Steph Catley^, Kristen Edmonds, Maddy Evans, Cami Levin, Toni Pressley, Jackie Simpson**, Samantha Witteman*

Midfielders (8): Becky Edwards, Leah Fortune**, Kaylyn Kyle, Sierra Lelii**, Kim Reynolds**, Lianne Sanderson, Lauren Smith**, Dani Weatherholt*

Forwards (8): Josée Bélanger^, Christina Burkenroad*, Jamia Fields, Sarah Hagen, Chelsea Leiva**, Alex Morgan^, Jasmyne Spencer, Allie Wisner**

*2016 NWSL Draft Pick
^Not Currently in Camp

Austria and Germany Disagree on Future of Poland

Stefan Burián von Rajecz (1851-1922), Foreign Minister of Austria-Hungary 1915-1916.

April 14 1916, Berlin–The Central Powers had occupied Poland for over eight months now, and the question of its future was beginning to be a pressing one.  This was true not only for the state of post-war Eastern Europe, but also for the current administration of the country.  Germany wanted to free its troops from having to occupy and garrison Poland–and, if possible, wanted to recruit Polish troops to fight in the war.

Austria-Hungary had a long-standing interest in Poland, due to its large Polish population in Galicia.  However, there were multiple schools of thought as to how to handle the country.  Some favored a “trialist” solution, making the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary a Triple Monarchy of Austria-Hungary-Poland.  However, the Hungarians disfavored this notion, as it would weaken their status within the empire; Emperor Franz-Joseph, ever cautious, did as well.  The “dualist” solution would involve Poland being added to the Austrian half of the Dual Monarch, with Hungarian politicians pushing for the addition of Bosnia and perhaps parts of of Serbia to compensate.

The Germans had no such annexationist aims, as they had no desire to govern a large Polish and Jewish population directly.  Initially, they had been fine with leaving Poland to the Austrians, but in early 1916 Chancellor Bethmann and others changed their minds, worried that Austrian annexation of Poland would leave Austria too dependent on its Slavic population, making them a less reliable ally in the future.  Bethmann instead favored a model closer to that which had already been envisioned for postwar Belgium: essentially, a German puppet state with no independent foreign policy and strong economic ties to Germany.

Bethmann informed Austro-Hungarian foreign minister Burián of his opposition to Austrian annexation of Poland at a meeting in Berlin on April 14. The Austrians found Bethmann’s proposed solution distinctly unappealing; any sort of independent Poland would leave Austrian rule in Galicia untenable.  Burián wrote that Austria-Hungary must “either lose Galicia or bring Congress [Russian] Poland into some close relationship with the [Dual] Monarchy.”  The talks ended the next day, with no resolution in sight.

Today in 1915: British Defeat Turks at Shaiba

Sources include: József Galántai, Hungary in the First World War; Randal Gray, Chronicle of the First World War; Neal Stephenson, Cataclysm.

Reserves beat Derby 3-2

There was a reserve team game on Tuesday. Jeff Schlupp, Franck Moussa and current under 18s captain Tom Hopper got their names on the scoresheet and below is the team.

Speculate now on the trialist. Oh and looks like Chamberlain is back from loan!

City (4-4-2): Weale; Oakley (Balazovic 46), Peltier (Teixeira 46), St. Ledger (Aristoti 46), Kennedy (Berner 69); Moussa, Abe (Trialist 65), Johnson, Dyer (Chamberlain 65); Howard (Ayina 46), Schlupp (Hopper 65).


Meet Your 2014 Houston Dash: Forwards

Lindsay Elston (#13) was signed by the Dash after being a trialist in the preseason. Elston was a four-year starter at Washington and a member of the United States’ U-18 and U-20 teams.

Ella Masar (#30) was selected by the Houston Dash in the 2014 Expansion Draft from the Chicago Red Stars, where she scored three goals in twenty games. Masar attended the University of Illinois and appeared in the US Senior, U-20, U-21, and U-23 teams.

Tiffany McCarty (#12) was selected by the Dash in the 2014 Expansion Draft from the Washington Spirit, where she scored two goals in twenty-one games. The Florida State alum appeared in the U-17, U-18, U-20 and U-23 teams for the United States.

Stephanie Ochs (#22) was selected by the Dash in the 2014 Expansion Draft from the Washington Spirit. Ochs graduated from the University of San Diego and played for the United States’ U-23 team under Houston Dash head coach Randy Waldrum.

Kealia Ohai (#7) was the Dash’s first pick in the 2014 College Draft. The forward out of the University of North Carolina has appeared in the United States’ U-15, U-17, U-18, U-20, and U-23 teams.

Rafaelle Souza (#6) was selected tenth overall by the Dash in the 2014 College Draft. The Ole Miss forward aspires to be a permanent fixture in Brazil’s national team after having several appearances on their U-17 and U-20 teams.


There can be only one!! Tony Martin crushes the Stage 20 time trial!! 

Martin confirms his time trial domination!

Martin had to wait a long time in the race leader’s hot seat but could finally smile and celebrate after Nibali crossed the line.

The German is arguably the greatest time trialist of his generation. He has suffered throughout the Tour, thinking of the final time trial but produced a superb ride to win.

During his ride the “Panzerwagen”, rolled along in his usual imperturbable fashion, pushing a 58-tooth chain ring and passing rider after rider in front of him, including a surprised looking Joaquim Rodriguez (Katusha), who had started six minutes earlier.

“I thought I was more tired but I managed to keep a good tempo from start to finish, I didn’t fade, I’m happy with my performance,“ Martin said, after climbing onto the stage winner’s podium.

“It’s true, I knew the course well and I had to wait for two weeks to get here. Luckily, I had won a stage already, so it eased the pressure.”

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