(via BPAL Debuts New Dark Crystal Scents At DragonCon)

What do Skeksis smell like? Well, according to BPAL’s Facebook Page, they smell like:

  • skekZok the Ritual-Master - An incense of deception: frankincense, opoponax, hyssop, champaca, and opium poppy accord.
  • skekUng the Garthim-Master - Brute force and destruction: vetiver, smoke, steel, and dragon’s blood resin.
  • skekTek the Scientist - Metal and stone beams of dark light: hyssop, black currant, black viola, passionflower, and myrrh.
  • skekNa the Slave-Master - The essence of vile gluttony: an abundance of spices, sweet cakes, thick creams, and opulent liqueurs mixed with the scent of whip leather and rusted padlocks.
  • *skekSi jazz hands!*