trial period starts now

a nice fan fic

an alarm suddenly blared throughout the halls of watchpoint gibraltar, startling our group of heroes from their peaceful breakfast

 “upupupupupupu” said talonbear, who was monobear in a reaper mask “a body has been discovered! the investigation period starts now. after that, we will have a trial to discover the culprit” everyone looked shocked. who could the dead hero be? and was one of them really a murderer?!

“oh, god!” screamed mercy, the Super Overwatch Level Medic, running into the room. “genji shimada, the Super Overwatch Level Playboy, has been murdered!”

the other heroes exchanged looks of shock, horror, and grief. “who could have done this?!?” demanded hanzo, the Super Overwatch Level Killed His Brother, his voice full of rage