trial of billy jack

The Billy Jack movies are not things that I would describe as “good.” I would hesitate to even describe them as “competent.” Actually, it’s honestly a bit of a stretch to describe the Billy Jack opuses as movies, as opposed to assemblages of amateur footage into what can generously be described as narrative form.

But just because the Billy Jack movies are dreadful does not mean that they are not important. These morbidly fascinating time capsules were bafflingly popular. Billy Jack was the fifth-highest-grossing film released in 1971, and 1974’s The Trial Of Billy Jack was the third-highest-grossing movie of that year, beating out Young Frankenstein and fucking Godfather Part II. And it accomplished this feat despite being almost three hours long and borderline unwatchable.

Since I’m pretty sure you’re never going to watch a Billy Jack movie, and equally sure you probably shouldn’t, I therefore feel it is imperative to share five reasons the Billy Jack series is the most insane popular, influential blockbuster franchise you’ve never heard of.

The Most Underratedly Insane Film Franchise Ever Made


The magisterial Acid King. Note Lori S.’s t-shirt. That’s actually the poster image for The Trial of Billy Jack (1974)—a tripped-out consciousness expander that’s one of the ultimate Heavy Metal Movies, arguably even more so than the original Billy Jack (1971). 

I love Acid King. I love Billy Jack in all forms. I am ferociously on the hunt for this t-shirt in men’s XXL (any help out there?)