trial by fury

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“A Court of Wings and Ruin” by Sarah J. Maas and “The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy” by Rick Riordan come out on the same day: May 2, 2017!!

also May 2, 2017 will be the nineteenth anniversary of The Battle of Hogwarts

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(from your local sky pirate)

  • Trials of the Fury - ilvl 220 is required for entry, lvl 60. This is the version of Diadem strictly for Disciples of War/Magic.
  • Trials of the Matron - ilvl 179 is required for entry, lvl 60. This is the version of Diadem for Gatherers, but a endgame PvE class is required for entry. 
  • Both trials are accessed with a Mission Ceruleum Voucher, attainable from Jaquoinie, the Mission Quartermaster located at the Airship Landing, near the Astrologian’s Guild aetheryte in Ishgard. 

While I haven’t done Trial of the Matron, Trials of the Fury is done as follows: 

Missions Objectives > Fate Grinding for Loot > Praying for Emergency Mission to spawn.

3 Mission Objectives are given to the queued party upon spawn, marked by orange circles upon the map and are very specific fates or quest mobs that you have to kill to progress your group’s rating. Completing all of them will put you a percentage of completion and reward you with Loot when they are all done. Afterwards, you will be left alone in Diadem with your group with no clear objective. DO NOT DROP PARTY!

You’ll notice there’s a lot of time left in your duty instance and that doing your objectives takes only minutes to complete. That is because once you complete your objectives, you are left to wait for hyperelectricity weather! To pass the time, you’re to do fates for their lockbox rewards, to trade them in for new i265 gear. This is the part where you Fate Grind for Loot. (i280 weapons drop from Emergency Missions.)

Similar to Palace of the Dead, Lockboxes can be traded in at a Lockpicking Vendor for random items! 40 Damaged Lockboxes are required for 1 piece of loot, whereas 1 regular Lockbox can issue 1 piece of loot.

Now is the tricky part. “Kharn! You mentioned waiting for hyperelectricity weather? Why!?” 

That’s because hyperelectricity unlocks the super secret boss fate we all saw in the trailer at the center of the map. It’s random, and the Haillenarte NPC will extend the timer on the duty by 15 Minutes and alert everyone of an EMERGENCY MISSION to complete it. Weather progresses over time, which is why I recommend Fate Grinding for your new i265/280 gear until the instance boots you itself.

House Haillenarte Pilot: Pray do proceed with caution. The energies of the Diadem have become ever more volatile, and the cause is said to lie in the drifting arrival of that Mhachi ruin…
House Haillenarte Pilot: This isle, this…missing gem, has anchored itself near the Crown Jewel. ‘Twould seem that the ruins themselves are impenetrable until a path is forced upon by a storm of hyperelectricity.
House Haillenarte Pilot: Such weather is rare, but I shall be certain to alert you via linkpearl should a window of opportunity present itself. We must not waste any chance we have at divining the isle’s secrets…not to mention claiming its treasures!

Also, if you wish to get to the lower level of Diadem (beneath the purple mist) you must look for AETHERIAL GAPS! Clicking on them will shoot you below the mist to do special fates and hunt Notorious Monsters. 

Aetherial Gaps can also be found near caves, which’ll send you inside. I haven’t found them all, so I can’t tell you where they all lead, so happy hunting!

[A final note!] If you see Mirage Snails (aka Pure White Crystals) or Pure Black Crystals/Dark Crystals, they offer buffs when charged and will sometimes charge in the middle of FATES happening upon or around them. Touching them will take all their aether and siphon it into a buff for the person that touched them. Only a finite amount of people can grab it and must wait for it to recharge at random. 

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Goodbye, everyone! I’ll remember you all in therapy! ✨


Sooo, year’s over. I’ve seen (mostly) everything. No1curr, but…

Top 10 Films 2015 (US Release)

  1. Carol (Todd Haynes)
  2. Clouds of Sils Maria (Olivier Assayas)
  3. Mad Max: Fury Road (George Miller)
  4. About Elly (Asghar Farhadi)
  5. 45 Years (Andrew Haigh)
  6. A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (Roy Andersson)
  7. Tangerine (Sean Baker)
  8. Phoenix (Christian Petzold)
  9. Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem (Ronit Elkabetz, Shlomi Elkabetz)
  10. It Follows (David Robert Mitchell)

Honorable Mentions: Saint LaurentThe Assassin, Room, Spotlight, The Duke of Burgundy 

  • Me After ACOTAR: Though I have a lot of fun reading Rhys and Feyre's scenes I think Tamlin is ultimately the better choice for her
  • 6 Months Later: I really liked
  • Rhys and Feyre's banter *re-reads all of their scenes in ACOTAR*