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[ 29th September 2016 ] hello hello!! Here are my bullet journal spreads for September + a monthly for October! I’ve been crazy busy revising for IG’s next month and all i want to do is wrap myself into a human burrito ;-;;;

( credits to @arystudies for the lovely printable and @peachystudy for the spread for the last week of september! )

I had a thought that Danganronpa fandom is kind of like IRL Danganronpa game

1. Class Trials
Before a game’s release, everyone discusses who will be the mastermind, culprit, victim and the final survivors. This discussion part is much like class trials with lots of word bullets going around.
2. Free Time Events
Everyone draws fanarts, writes fanfics and headcanons about characters, having good time.
3. Investigation time
Analysis with magazine articles/game leaks.
4. Punishment Time
The actual game is punishment time for us all.
5. Victims
The guys who couldn’t bear their fave characters deaths, storylines or witch-hunts within the fandom and leave the fandom are victims.
6. Mastermind
It’s always Kodaka. But there are other accomplices such as Komatsuzaki and etc.
7. Survivors
The guys who goes through all these story&fandom chaos and wait for the next installment with hope.
8. Monokumas
Translators. They speak on behalf of the mastermind(Kodaka), they provide us with stuffs from him. Although it’s the translators we see more often, they’re manipulated by Kodaka, just like how Monokumas are manipulated by the mastermind.
9. Fandom Positions
SHSL Hope - The optimistic guys who hope that their fave characters will be alive.
SHSL Heir - The guys who remind Naegis that this is Danganronpa, and is pessimistic about their fave character’s survivals(normally because they’ve been through too much).
SHSL Shaman - Their guesses are pretty accurate. Are they from Chunspike?
SHSL Writers - The genius headcanon/fanfic writers.
SHSL Doujin Artist - The godly fanartists
SHSL Detectives - Makes ingenious deductions even from the smallest hints
SHSL Swimmer - Is ready to enjoy anything and looks forward to fanservices. However, when her fave is severely attacked/misunderstood, she will fight the whole fandom until the end.
SHSL Idol - Polite bloggers who seem to enjoy everything but definitely has favorites. They will fight for their faves when attacked, but unlike Aoi, they will die out of the fandom when pushed too far.
SHSL Programmer - Programmers who datamine or gather a lot of info at once.
SHSL Fashion Girl - Cosplayers
SHSL Baseball Player - Usually a newbie to the fandom and is excited about attractive characters. However, after seeing what kind of cruelty DR had in store, runs away.
SHSL Luck - Meme generators. They’re very funny.
Something like that lol. I think I’m SHSL swimmer type though lol.
What are you guys??

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The Past Can Hurt

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Steve and Bucky x Reader

The Past Can Hurt

Prompt: Could you please write a Steve/Bucky imagine where the reader has had a troubled & bad childhood/past & has PTSD/panic attacks and a mission triggers something that causes her to have a really bad panic attack. Steve/Bucky help her. Steve/Bucky x r

Warnings: Troubled past, mentioned torture.

They say that experiences change who you are as a person. They always say that. Maybe because it’s true. What we’ve done and where we’ve been end up shaping us, forging us into heroes…or villains. You knew without a doubt that it was your past that had molded you into an Avenger. Without your troubled history, you wouldn’t be standing with the team, hijacking a HYDRA base.

But with this mission came flashes of the past. This particular HYDRA base was the place you had been raised, where they tortured you with chemicals and tests, needles and pain. You could picture each of the doctors and scientists. You knew all of their names, and their vile faces were seared into your brain, stuck there like a tattoo. Permanent. Irreversible.

You, Steve, and Bucky walked through the halls. The others were in separate parts of the building, searching for the files they came here for and destroying anything they could along the way.

Without warning, you froze in your tracks, staring at the door at the end of the hall.

“Something wrong?” Steve asked, looking at you with concern. Bucky watched you with troubled eyes. He had an idea of what was wrong. You nodded slowly, never taking your eyes off of the gleaming metal door.

“What is it?” Bucky asked, his voice rough, but his eyes soft and gentle.

“This is where they…” Your voice broke off. “The room where they…”

“We don’t have to go down here if you can’t handle it,” Steve told you softly. He put a hand on your shoulder. “Just say the word and we’ll do what we need to.”

“I…I think I can handle it,” You told them, not wanting to interfere with the mission. The team had a plan. You didn’t want it to be screwed up because of you. “I’m fine,”

“Okay,” Steve nodded. “We’re not going to push you.” You took a breath and followed Steve and Bucky down the hall. You turned the handle on the door and walked inside. Memories flooded your mind, everything rushing back all at once.

You yelled out, falling to your knees and holding your head as each individual moment struck you with its pain all over again. Every shot, every electrocution, every trial by fire, every bullet wound, everything.

“(Y/N),” Bucky knelt beside you. He knew what you were going through. It happened to him every time he saw something to trigger his horrific past. “(Y/N), look into my eyes. You’re fine. I’m here. Steve’s here. You’re safe and loved. No one is going to hurt you as long as we’re here.”

Tears streamed from your eyes as they tentatively met his. You closed your eyes, squeezing them shut.

“So much pain…”

“I know,” Bucky said. He gripped your shoulders firmly. “Look at me. (Y/N), you have to look at me.” Slowly, you opened your eyes. “There you go. We’re here. No one is ever going to make you feel like that again. I promise.”

“T-thank you,” Bucky helped you to your feet and enveloped you in his arms. Steve wrapped his arms around you from behind and they both held you there in a super-soldier sandwich.

“You’re safe,” Steve said softly. “Now let’s get out of here.”

“Okay,” You agreed.


It was much later. You were sitting on the couch when Steve and Bucky each sat beside you.

“You doing okay?” Steve asked gently. You nodded silently, not quite sure what to say.

“I know what it’s like,” Bucky told you. “What you went through. It’s not fun, and it sure as hell ain’t easy. But if you ever want to talk about it, I’m right here.”

“Thanks,” You replied. “I needed that.”  

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Finally received my Leuchtturm 1917 today - very excited!  I went ahead and set it up to be my 2016 bullet journal.  I’ve been trial-and-error-ing a Bullet Journal since August, and I think I’ve really figured out what works for me.  Ready to start this year with a very organized bang!

I am really pleased with the quality of this journal in general, though I am a little disappointed by the thinness of the pages.  It’s very easy to see the ink not only on the other side of the sheet, but on the previous sheet.  The paper is of really great quality and I definitely like the index pages at the beginning of the journal.