trial 'verse


the trial of hannibal lecter, the chesapeake ripper

history is being made. the most notorious serial killer in the world has been caught, but he is still spreading like a feverish plague - even more so now than before. hannibal lecter. hannibal the cannibal. the chesapeake ripper. doctor lecter. his name is on the lips of the people - the newsreels, the tabloids, the internet, the men and women and children can’t stop whispering and screaming about it. about him. he’s a monster. he’s a god. he’s like no one we’ve ever seen before. 

and we’ve been eating out of his hand like dogs. and we won’t stop.

girlonadragon  asked:

I adore the whole concept of the trial 'verse - the potential is boundless and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. I was wondering if there's an agreed tag to follow and/or contribute to, or are we just going with "trial 'verse"?

[publishing bc i have had a few questions about this]

Man, if you contribute to trial ‘verse I will love you forever and ever.

And of course everyone is welcome to contribute! I mean, ’trial ‘verse’ is really just short hand for speculation about what will happen in the future of the show’s universe during and after the trial of Hannibal Lecter, with a particular focus on the media/reaction of the public.

Mae and I have tentatively made this blog for all our trial ‘verse feelings. It’s some kind of Frankensteinian hybrid of a properly organized collection blog for everything made about/for trial verse, as well as me and mae tag-spiralling about trial ‘verse on innocent articles or posts.

So there will be lots of mixed media things relating to Hannibal ‘verse, but largely with a focus on things that have relevance to and/or inform or influence trial ‘verse.

[We’re also going to trial-run including other possible, tangential futures of post-trial Hannibal, such as my darkest timeline fugitive ‘verse (which I see Mae has just reblogged one of) etc. So AU constructions of trial ‘verse, and the consequences/aftermath of those AU constructions are very very welcome!]

The blog is still very much a work in progress, so bear with us as we figure out our systems and organization and suggestions are of course welcome!


if you make something for trial ‘verse, or meta/ramble about trial ‘verse, maybe tag the blog name ‘hannibalmedia’, we will try to collate and collect everything people make for trial ‘verse on that blog?